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From: Hosed Dude
Subject: Making Snowmen Part 1This is a story that will deal with acts of homosexuality between
consenting men. If this is illegal with your age or location, please do
not read further. Also, this is not going to be just a one of jerk story,
and this chapter contains no sex, but don't worry, there will be lots of it
and soon. Enjoy!**I had found the ad in preeen bbs the back of a snowboarding mag. "It's not just a
Job, it's an adventure" the bold letters exclaimed. "Crystal Mountain Ski
Resort, Now Hiring for nn bbs forum
the Winter Season. Jobs Include Guest bbs rori 2007 imgboard Services,
Maintenance, Instruction and more. High Pay, Room provided." And then in
big bold letters "FREE SKIING and SNOWBOARDING FOR STAFF." I called the
number and found out that they were an isolated resort in the middle of
nowhere Alaska. Having just graduated from college teen bbs and my English degree
leading me right back into the bookstore I'd been working at for three
years, I jumped at the opportunity.So the first week of November, I found myself standing on a small airfield
outside of Anchorage, with about 7 other guys, 3 of naked skinny girls bbs which were college guys
like me, the other four a few years older, and much more bundled up,
obviously having a new star models bbs
bit more experience with the bbs child porn pic
trip than us younger guys.
We were all waiting for the plane that would take us to bbs teen young naked the mountain. As I
leaned against a wall, pulling my arms inside my parka, trying to get
warmed up, one of the older guys approached me."First time, huh?" He reached his arm out to free bbs lo me, and I slipped my hand
under the tail of my coat to shake his hand. "I'm James, that's Mark,
Foster, and Liam," he said pointing to the other three older guys. "We've
all been working at Crystal for four years now, so if you need any help or
anything... ask one of cosplay bbs lesbian us. We're all a pretty friendly bunch. And bbs girl boy pictures
name is?""Steve," I told him. "I thought there'd be more of us," I said looking at
the small turnout of people."Well, there's a few folks who live at Crystal year round, or at least
somewhere within a three bbs little girls hour drive, but as far as the seasonal help,
there's not much needed. Crystal is so isolated that it makes for a pretty
expensive vacation. The lodge only houses about five sets of guests at a
time, but damn do they pay big for it. It's the thrill of a mountain whose
powder is hardly touched. ""Plus the rich folks like to feel like it's dangerous, being all alone in
the wilderness. bbs small tits Nevermind that we have a five-star chef, three Jacuzzis,
and pretty much any alcoholic beverage ever invented," the guy who James
identified as Mark said, stepping into the conversation."Yep, roughing it, the most luxurious way you can," James added. After he
said that, we were all approached by the pilot who informed us the plane
was fueled up and ready to go, so boylover pics bbs we all loaded our stuff into the cargo
hold. Mark informed me that usually one of us would be on hand top 50 bbs cp
here to
load the guests baggage in for them, and also to provide drink service on
their way to the mountain, but that such perks weren't so teenz bbs
easily bestowed
upon the hired help. Still, young teen bbs list it was a free flight on a very nice private
jet.As we got on the plane, the heat was on enough for us to not need to be so
bundled up,so we all took our coats off and piled them up on the empty
seats. It was the first time I got a really good look at everyone since on
the ground we had all been so covered up. I wasn't in the habit of
checking guys out, but I was aware that James and Mark were both pretty
good looking guys. James especially, he had sort of a shaggy uncensored sex bbs haircut, no
facial hair, and a pretty athletic build. Once we got on the plane, the
older guys sort of grouped together, catching up on what the others had
done, and who the others had done, in the past year. Foster, who was from
Australia, was talking about a pair of sisters he'd had a threesome with
after giving them a snorkeling lesson, and I turned towards the other new
guys.Jason, Kyle, and Ryan were their names. Jason and Kyle knew dark sandra imgboard bbs
ptsc model forum bbs each other,
they had come together, from Seattle. Ryan was from Ohio, and had also
recently graduated with an English major. He and I got to talking pretty
fast and realized we had a lot in common, we both loved the same movies and
music, and both of us admitted we had bbs vintage erotica foru
a massive crush on Mandy Moore.
Again, not in the darkcollection bbs blog habit of checking out guys, but I knew a few girls at
home who would have found him adorable. He wore thick black bbs nymph glasses and
had the appearance of someone who had just sort of grown out of the Emo
thing, virgin bbs petite but still maintained a little bit of its presence. Jason and Kyle
were a little shaggier, both of them had small tufts of facial hair and
haircuts that went down to their necks. They teen bbs img baord were pretty similar to most
guys I see out on the slopes back home. Jason said illegal bbs fotos they had gone to the
same high school but different colleges, and when Kyle showed him the same
ad I'd seen and announced he needed a break, Jason was along for the ride."So, guys," Mark said loudly, calling all the attention from then plane
towards him. "Which of the newbies do you think will bbs desnudas gratis be the first to make
Snowmen?""Don't be a dick, Mark," Foster said."Who's being a dick, man?" Mark replied. "It's not like they're not going
to. guestbook bbs nude
Everyone does it, every year.""And you're usually the first one," Liam baby rompl pic bbs said, laughing."Well, if we're all going to do it eventually, why waste time?" Mark said.
"It's fun.""Well if you're still singing that tune tonight, I might take you up on
it," Liam replied."What are you talking about?" Ryan asked. I wasn't sure I wanted to know."Don't worry, you'll find out," James said. "Until then it's just bullshit
from these guys.""Welcome to Crystal Mountain!" The pilot announced over the PA system,
interrupting talk of snowmen. The four older guys didn't budge from their
seats, but the rest of us all ran to the windows to look out. It was
smaller than I'd expected, basically a big lodge, which must have contained
all the services for the bbs lists russia porn
guests under one room. The mountain was beautiful
though. Just from our plane we could see some of the most amazing slopes
I'd ever laid eyes on, completely uncut from crowds."See over there?" I heard a voice from behind me say, it was James, he had
come up behind me and placed his arm on my shoulder, pointing with his
finger. "That's pedo photo bbs jap the little girls modles bbs helipad. There are some spots free porn bbs teen on the mountain the ski
lifts don't go to. The Staff is only allowed one helicopter run a season.
We usually take it in incest forum bbs toplist the last week, sort of as a last hurrah. It's
amazing, you ever done a beauty pass bbs
jump run?""No," I said, already eagerly anticipating that last week. "But I can't
wait to try it.""Trust me," James said, "you're in for a lot of new experiences up here."
He slid his arm back across my shoulder, and I could have sworn I felt him
rest his hand on it for a second, and we made extra long eye contact before
he broke it off and returned to his seat, motioning for the rest of us to
do the same, buckling in for landing.There was a small runway that stretched out in front of the lodge and once
we were safely on the ground, the older boys immediately grabbed all of
their own stuff, not needing to be instructed by anyone. We followed suit,
and just did as the veterans did. That seemed to be the smartest way to
go.I had expected it to be a little more formal than it was. In my head I had
pictured an orientation meeting with all of us getting assigned jobs but
instead James and his friends led us great toplist bbs all to a wing of the Lodge building
reserved for the staff. They led us to a hallway that had a series of
dorm-room sized bedrooms, each complete with a single bed and private
toilet and sink, but Liam informed us that the showers were shared down the
hall. Something about making it easier to do the hot water all in one
place."It gets really hot in the showers, sometimes," Mark said. Foster elbowed
him in the ribs.James took unofficial charge of explaining the laws of the bbs lolyta land to us
newbies, leading all of us into one of the dorms. sex movies bbs
He told us that none of
us were assigned specific jobs, but instead we would be trained in how to
take care of the most basic needs of the guests and be assigned shifts in
which we were on-call to service them, things like bringing them fresh
towels, cleaning their rooms, or delivering food to them from the resort's
private chef. He told us that eventually we might be considered for the
rotation in the ski or snowboard instruction classes if we proved out
proficiency during the course of the winter, but that most of the guests
here already knew their way around a slope so classes were rare anyway."You guys hit child hardcore bbs the jackpot, to be honest," James said, "The work is very
easy, the money is great and all of your food is free. amateur sex bbs board The four of us have
been coming here since we were in college and it's a fucking blast up
here. There are only two things to remember: first, the guests are gold.
Most of these people are pretty laid back, here for the slopes just like
us, but once in a while we get some real arrogant fucks that we just want
to tell to piss off. little bbs sexy But we DO NOT. Get it? The reason the rest of us
can live the sweet life up here is cause these people pay the Mountain tons
for it. If you are the reason that a guest leaves and russian teen nudist bbs
takes his money with
them, you will be out of here, on the same flight. Guests are gold, that's
rule one.""Rule number two is that under no circumstances, NO circumstances, are you
allowed to fuck one of the guests. These rich daddies don't want anyone
stealing their daughter's virtue, or reaping the benefits of the plastic
surgery they banked on their trophy wife. As adut bbs laid back as the Mountain is,
if you are caught having sex with a guest, You will be japanese bbs xxx fired. And here's
the rub. If you are fired for violation of rule number two, you don't get
a flight home.""What?" asked Ryan"Rich daddy ain't gonna want you on the same plane as his baby, newbie,"
Mark said. "and damned if the resort is gonna pay for the fuel for your
private jet flight home.""Then what do we do to get home?" Kyle asked."Closest town with a bus terminal is about a half a day's walk from here,"
said teen image bbs Liam. "Or about two hours if you can convince someone here to take you
on of the snow machines. Course convincing them is the hard part.""They can't make us russian child bbs walk that far on our own," Jason said."No, but they model bbs pedo can refuse to let you partake bbs rape in the privileges contained as
an employee of Crystal Mountain," Foster chimed in, "Like the bed, bbs kiddie porn and the
food. Soon you'll decide to walk on your own.""How about none of us fucks a guest and it won't be an issue for anyone," I
said."Smart tgp bbs european
man here," James said pointing to me. bbs teen model pass "Anyway guys, there's nothing
else we need to go over tonight, it's been a long day of traveling for all
of us, so let's all get unpacked, get settled in, and we'll grab some
dinner."With that we all sort bbs gallery children of scattered like little kids in a vacation home,
picking out our bedrooms even though they were all the same. Out of an
unspoken respect we let the returning guys have first pick of rooms and
then the rest of us grabbed some from the remainders. After I got done
getting my stuff unpacked, I headed out into the hallway towards the room
I'd seen Ryan choose. Down the hall Liam had come out of his room and
knocked on another bedroom door. nude virgin bbs I saw Mark open the door, and laugh for a
second before allowing his friend in, shutting the door behind them.Ryan had brought nude bbs boy a deck of cards with him so we spent the real bbs nude rest of the hour
playing War and talking about movies some more. Because we had already
admitted our mutual crush on Mandy Moore we confided our guilty pleasures
in some of her less manly movies, like bbs pubescent illegal forbidden Walk to Remember and Chasing
Liberty. bbs boys and girls Who were we kidding, sven place bbs sex Mandy Moore has never made a movie that
could be considered "manly." He had brought his laptop computer and he
showed me a folder of pictures of her he'd found on the internet. None of
them were nudes, cause she'd pedo incest bbs never pose for them, but there were some hot
magazine shots in there anyway. He showed me some shots of her laying on
the floor in some lingerie and I could feel my cock start to stir. I
adjusted myself in my pants, hoping Ryan didn't see the tent I was starting
to pitch.James came and knocked on the door to tell ileagle pedo bbs porn
us tiny pussy teen bbs
it was dinnertime, baby bbs pics sex
so Ryan
folded down his screen and dols bbs
we headed out the door, meeting the other guys
in the hallway. I shifted my erection as I stood. James and his bbs littlest friends
led all of us through the main lounge of the lodge. We had entered through
the staff entrance so we hadn't seen how nice it was coming in. It felt
more like something out of a rat pack movie than a ski lodge. It had a
grand piano in one corner and there was a full service bar on the other
side of the room, cut into the wall with elegant mirroring behind it. James
said that some of us would have to work as bartenders when we were virgin bbs pics on call."Don't worry if you don't know how to make certain drinks, the guests get
off on explaining it, svens bbs young makes them feel elite," Mark said.James showed us the back hallway that we would have to use to get around
the lounge when it was occupied by guests. And that little nude boys bbs led us into the
kitchen, which was a decent size considering the small volume of people who
it would feed. The guys explained that the guests coming in are given a
menu when they book their trip and the ingredients for their meals are
flown in on the same plane they arrive in.Foster cooked us all a bunch of hamburgers and fries, which may have been
the best I've ever had. James explained to us that each of them had
specific jobs within the resort because they'd been here so long, Foster
was the cook, Liam was a massage therapist, and Mark was a personal
trainer. James was in charge of the skiing and boarding, and general guest
services, or in other words making sure we newbies did our jobs. James
explained that for the most part the eight of us would youngest porn bbs
be the only ones at
the mountain aside from guests, though occasionally the higher-ups would
show up to make sure things ran smoothly.We spent the rest of dinner talking about our favorite snowboarding
stories. Not surprisingly, cgi teen bbs
James and his crew mostly talked about the runs
here on Crystal Mountain, where as the rest of us all had less impressive
tales about runs back home. The nice thing was that everyone seemed to get
along pretty well. I supposed that had to be the case if they kept coming
back here together year after year to spend months with a group of other
guys. After dinner we were all feeling tired from the long day, so we
headed off to bed.I'm not going to bore nude kid models bbs you with the intricate details of the first two weeks
on the mountain. In short, child super models bbs we spent the first kds pedo bbs xxx few days going through the
various places in which we'd have to work and getting trained bbs imgboard cgi dreamwiz on the
various jobs. There was everything from helping nudist nature bbs
Foster serve the food to
cleaning all the guests' equipment after runs on the mountain, and we would
all have to take turns riding in the jet to Anchorage and serving drinks to
the guests on their way to the mountain.But like they had said, nothing seemed like it would really be that
difficult to do and the environment was consistently laid back. All four
older guys bbs top sites
were more than willing to show us the ropes, though Mark kept
asking us if we'd made snowmen yet, and the other guys would call him a
dick when we asked what that meant.Our first guests arrived in the second week, the husband was an oil man
from texas in his fifties and with amateur bondage bbs pictures him was his early twenties trophy wife
complete with huge fake tits and blonde hair, and also his 17 year bbs kds child foros old son
whom all of us were convinced was probably also nailing the wife but
couldn't be certain.Like I said, the work was easy, which remained true because the family were
pretty cool and not demanding, but what was getting harder teen art naked bbs and harder was
imagining spending until the end of march without getting laid. I'd gone
that long plenty of times back at home but it wasn't so officially
declared. There's a difference between just going a certain amount of time
not having sex, and actually thinking about the fact that you know ukrainian bbs pedo
can't for so long. Plus who was to say I'd get any when I got back home?
The less I tried to think about sex the more, and it always seemed putas bbs to
happen when Trophy Wife would be around. I constantly had to shift myself
to hide an erection in her presence.Hanging out in Ryan's room wasn't picture bbs teen making things any easier. He and I had
started to watch movies together on a pretty regular basis. If the free small bbs tgp other
guys showed up it was something more action based, like Gone in Sixty
Seconds or Die Hard, but dark seductress bbs
the nights when it was just him and I we'd watch
one of his Mandy movies. Again, the more I tried not to klass bbs cp video
think about sex
during bbs amateur sex these times the more I did and I often sat with fallen bbs sex a pillow over my
lap.It was the end of week two when I finally snapped. My job that day had
been to provide the guests with fresh towels and make fruit elwebbs galleries
smoothies for
them while they were in the Jacuzzi. Trophy Wife had been sitting with
Stepson for a little while but I think his own bit of sexual tension got
the best of him because he got up and left, revealing a tent pole of his
own as he dried off with the towel I handed him and headed for his room. I
must have been really horny because the sight of his erection made me get a
little hard myself.After he left, Trophy Wife gave me a wink and untied the top of her bathing
suit, tossing it across the room. She sat for a bbs teen tgp board
while in the hot tub,
pretending girls bbs model as if she was unaware that I was watching her but of paradise bbs girls course I
could occasionally japanese teenies bbs
see her glance my early girls bbs sven way. She moaned seductively in the
bubbling waters and fingered her nipples, which were floating a little bit
up and down with the jets. She continued doing this type of thing for
several minutes as I just watched until eventually she got bored and hopped
out of the tub. As I handed her a towel she just looked me in the eye and
whispered "We've come here the past three years. I know you'll get fired pre nude bbs if
you fuck me," and then looked me up and down before adding "Too bad."And there I was an nude teen young bbs hour later in Ryan's room, he has just popped in Chasing
Liberty and we were watching the opening credits for a rumored nipple-slip
when the frustration of the day finally came pouring out of me and I
declared out of nowhere that I was horny as hell."What did you say?" Ryan asked me"I said, I can't stop thinking about anything but sex," I said."Thank god!" he said, pausing the movie. "Me too! lola bbs guestbook I have been thinking
about it nonstop ever since James told us we couldn't fuck the guests."I told him the story about the Trophy Wife in the hot tub and he told me
she'd done basically the same thing to him, making him serve her drinks in
the Lounge while wearing only her nightie."I jerked off twice afterwards and I'm still feeling horny as hell," he
said."Twice? I did it three times after the hot tub thing today," I said. "It's
not doing any good at this point. I need to get some penetration or
something or I'm going to go vintage panty bbs
all The Shining or something.""Yeah," he said and turned the movie back on. We watched it for a little
while until it got to the point where Mandy's character finally has sex
with bbs lolas her secret service agent in Germany. At this point Ryan paused the
movie again. "Hey Steve?""Yeah man?""How badly do you want to get laid?" he said."Well I'm starting to consider if that half day's walk is so bad after
all," I replied."What if there was another option?" He asked."What do you mean?""Like what if there was a way you could have sex with someone without
getting tiny bbs sex
fired?""It'd be great. But who would super lola free bbs this magic person be?" I asked. He paused
again. And rolled over on the bed, looking me right in the eyes."Me."
Hope you guys like it so far. I plan to continue this series so please
email me guestbook bbs with any feedback.
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