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From: Jenny Kassi
Subject: Many Kinds of LoveI'm Jenny Kassi and this is my first story. It's about bisexual incest, and
contains fictionalized underage characters, including one who's a
transsexual. forschner model 40520 Have fun with it! iman black model I'd model schoolgirls
love feedback.
Rachel crept down the hall as rain echoed through the house,
dragging a ragged teddy bear behind 1911 model frames her. She cowered as lightning struck
somewhere nearby, followed by rolling thunder. After letting out a slight
whimper, she scampered to her 747 rc model
parents' cracked door. Hearing moaning coming
from the other side of the door, she hesitated for a moment. Remembering
the thunder, she stepped through, and saw her mother, nude, breasts
bouncing up and down, masculine hands on her hips. Breathing heavily, Rachel called out, "Mommy!" Rebecca opened her eyes, seeing her daughter standing in the
doorway. She forced herself to stop for a moment, despite the fact that
she had been approaching climax. "Hey, honey. Didja get scared by the thunder?" Rachel nodded. Rebecca felt herself growing more moist as she
watched her daughter suck her thumb. Her husbands behind her broke their kiss to see why she had
stopped, though Kyle continued slowly stroking John's hard cock under the
blanket. "Can I sleep young models facial in here tonight?" "Of colorado top models course, baby." John said. "Do you wanna join in?" Rachel smiled wide, showing all her baby teeth as she leapt into
bed with them. "Here, baby." Kyle pulled the covers down, saying "I was gonna suck
Papa's cock for him, but you can if you teens models nudes want. John fought off a chuckle as fitness model russia his little girl licked her lips in
anticipation before swallowing the head risky teen models
of his throbbing cock. He gasped as
she bobbed her head up and down on asia models what little she could fit in her mouth
as her tiny hands expertly pleasured the rest. His name wasn't the one on
her birth certificate, but that didn't change the way he felt about
Rachel. Besides, for all any of them knew, he was her genetic father. If he
wasn't, Kyle was, and since they were all married, it didn't really matter. Kyle watched his husband close his eyes in pleasure. He lovingly
touched his cheek, then drew him in for a kiss. John moved his hand from
Rebecca's hip to her delicate slit, tracing circles around her
clitoris. She shivered in response, sending waves of pleasure through
Kyle's cock. Kyle kissed John harder as John's hand moved further down,
maintaining pressure on Rebecca's pleasure button with his wrist, ls model biz
and he
gently started tickling Kyle's bare sack. Kyle kissed from John's mouth across his stubbled cheek, nibbling
on his ear before wandering to the side of his neck. John nude tween models moaned in response, "Oh, Kyle! Unh! Rachel, honey, I'm gonna
cum!" He felt Rachel smile around his cock, and moved his fingers back up
to Rebecca's clit, rubbing furiously. She moaned louder as he went faster,
finally sending her over the edge. John felt his own multi model babe cock begin to twitch in his daughter's tiny
mouth, his sperm flowing out and into her throat. She swallowed brazilian models teen what she
could, the rest oozing voluptuous women models out from the corners of her smiling lips. Fingers slick with model male young his wife's sweet cum, John slipped his finger
down between his husband's cheeks, fingering his asshole delicately. teen model agnes Kyle
pushed toward the thick finger, spreading
his legs a bit further apart to accommodate it. John smiled sexily at Kyle
as lilittle models pre Rachel crawled up, snuggling in her Papa's chest, while he toyed with
her Daddy's asshole. He pushed his finger in, and it disappeared. Pulling
it back out, he wriggled his digit around a bit, loosening Kyle up. Then
he started finger banging Kyle furiously. Kyle moaned in ecstasy, loving
the feeling of being finger fucked while his gorgeous wife rode youbg teen models
cock. Rachel sweetly rolled over and gave her Daddy a kiss, her face
dripping with cum, sending Kyle over the edge. After writhing in pleasure
for a few moments, he 14 nn models grew soft, his cock slipping out of Rebecca's wet
pussy. John sighed. "I still miss Gina." hotest teen models Kyle kissed John, wrapping his strong arms around him while Rachel
snuggled between them. Rebecca rolled behind John. "I know, sweetheart." She said softly. "We all miss her." "Mommy?" Rachel's voice came from her snug nest between her
fathers' chests. "Yes, honey?" "When's Mama gonna get back?" "Soon, baby." "Will child panty model
you fuck me?" Shelly rolled her eyes, pushing her boyfriend away. "What, did I say something wrong?" "You know what you said." She replied sharply. "I'm not a guy!" "I know you're not! Hey, is this about me being bi?" "You know I don't have a problem with you being bi. Don't even try
playing that card. model jorden I'm not doing anything a yuongmodels
normal girl wouldn't, though." "What? You've never fantasized about plowing my ass before?" "Shut up." "I know you have." "No, I haven't" She pushed Carl away again, getting up out of her bed, covering her
bare breasts with her hands. They were still only A-cups, but for a
thirteen-year-old she was pretty well filled out. She was glad she was
still wearing her panties, because she didn't think she could stand seeing
him stare at... "it." "I know you have, because all women do. vladmodel gallery Look, I understand. You
don't want anyone to think you're anything less than fully woman,
especially not me. But role-reversal is actually one of the most common
fantasies for women." "Really?" "Yeah, but besides that, you shouldn't let anyone else decide
what's `normal' or not `normal.' You'll always be fully woman, no matter
what anyone else thinks, because you're a woman here." He stood, prying her play boy modell hand away from her breast, putting his over
her heart. She didn't resist, instead putting her arms against his chest. "You'll always be fully woman to me." She looked deep into his blue eyes through the darkness of her
room, searching for any sign of deception. She found none. "I don't know if I can even get hard anymore petite models ukrainr with the hormones I'm
taking." He smiled, knowing he had her. "Will you let me find out?" She groaned, already knowing she was going to give in. She wanted
to. Seeing her hesitation, though, he grew impatient, starting to kiss her
neck. She felt her cock twitch in response. "Ohhh... okay." Pulling back, he looked in her eyes. "Okay?" "Okay." 13yr models nude She repeated, adamantly. He kissed her lips, tongue probing her mouth until he heard her
moan. Breaking the kiss, he worked his way down all the sensitive spots
along her neck. She sucked in air as he reached her left nipple, suckling
as he massaged her right breast. He broke off, moving to the other nipple
as his hand slid down over her panties, applying pressure as he rubbed her
cock in a small circular motion. She squealed with delight preeteen art modeling
as he suddenly picked her up, burying his
face in her crotch before throwing her down on the bed. She spread her
legs, lifting her ass for him to remove her panties. A touch of hesitation
marked her face as she saw her cock spring out. He kissed down the insides
of her legs, causing her to forget her pause. He licked her hairless sack,
gently sucking each of her small testicles in his mouth, rolling them
around. She felt herself swelling until her cock stood firmly against her
body. She gasped as he took the whole thing in his mouth, running his hands
all over her beautiful, hairless body, paying special attention to her legs
and ass. Without stopping, he reached over and opened the drawer in her
nightstand, pulling out their bottle of massage oil. Before she knew what
had happened, he had lubricated her thick shaft and was climbing on top of
her. Forgetting her earlier hesitance, she grasped her own cock,
directing it towards her muscular boyfriend's beautifully sculpted ass. He
slowly lowered himself down on it, muscles alternately contracting and
relaxing, but never painfully. Once she felt his ass resting on her pelvic
bone, she grabbed onto his thick, throbbing cock, jerking him off with both
hands as he rode up and down on her shaft, toying with her breasts. He moaned harder and louder as he bounced up and down, muscles
rippling. He threw back his head, his cock pulsing as he shot streams of
cum across her torso, up and across her blonde escorte model
face. He remained hard, looking
down, watching as she scooped his cum up from her belly, licking some off
herself, then feeding him the rest. He took his hand off her breast,
leaning in to kiss her nipple. She closed her eyes, the unexpected pleasure
sending waves of warmth down to her cock, shooting out the tip, filling his
ass to the brim. As her cock finished pulsing, he pulled himself off,
working his way up her body, straddling her, feeding her his cock. She
greedily sucked it in, reaching up with her slender finger, slipping it
back in to his cum-dripping asshole. He loved the way her jism felt as it
ran down the inside of his leg. She deep-throated his long, thick member
while massaging his firm ass with both hands. Before long, she felt the
familiar, asian model young welcome warmth of his salty cum in her throat. After he caught his breath, he rolled off of her, shimmying japan model pussy down
until he was eye-level with her. He brushed her cheek with his hand,
leaning in to kiss her, not caring that she tasted heavily of his own cum. Before Shelly fell asleep, she heard Carl whisper the most
beautiful words she'd ever heard in her ear. "I love you, Shelly." "He told me he loves me!" Shelly stood proudly, pushing her breasts
out, her nipples erect as she watched her mother
wash her lithe body in the shower. "That's great, Shelly! I'm so happy for you!" Shelly had actually
been born Charles to Gina, not Rebecca, but Rebecca had always been closer
to her. She chuckled at her daughter's appearance. "You're covered in cum!
Come on, climb in here and wash off. You... did you a condom, didn't you?" "Mommy!" "You know how I zarah bikini model feel about that, right?" "But it's Carl!" "I don't care who it is. You're not married to him, are you?" "Well, no." "Then use a condom. I'm gonna have to send him down to the clinic
to get tested, now." "I know he's clean, though." "That doesn't matter." Rebecca gently pulled Shelly into the
shower, kissing her passionately. "You know the only reason jojomodel I'm runway model butts so
concerned is because I love you, right?" "Yeah, I know." Shelly buried her face between her mother's
breasts. "Mommy?" "Yes, baby?" "Do you think I could...?" Rebecca felt Shelly's shaft press up against her leg. "I thought you weren't comfortable using that." Rebecca lifted an
eyebrow, gripping Shelly's cock, starting to pump it. "Someone changed my mind." "I might have to find a way to thank him." "Isn't Mama coming back today?" "Mmmm, you're right. I'm gonna have my hands full. Guess it'll have
to wait til another day. It won't keep me from rocking your world, though,
toots." Mother straddled daughter, pulling her to the bottom of the shower,
breasts rubbing up against breasts, tongues probing mouths, soapy hands
running over each other's wet, firm bodies. They weren't having sex,
though, they were making love, with a tenderness that only mother and
daughter could. "I love the way your cock feels in my wet pussy!" ls magazine webmodels Shelly smiled wide, feeling truly sexy. "I love you, Mommy." "I love you, too, sweetheart." They stayed locked in each other's embrace for as long as they
could muster, in limbo, neither approaching orgasm, neither caring. When the water grew cold, they were shocked out of their
stupor. The icy cold was strangely erotic, and they bucked wildly into each
other until each had cum. Rebecca opened her eyes to see Gina sitting fucking ukraine models on the toilet, spread
eagle, fingering herself. "I see my girls have gotten along okay without me." Rebecca stood, giddy with delight that her wife had returned after
an exceptionally long business trip. She helped Shelly to her feet before
climbing from the stall. Gina stood to embrace her love, teen underwear models her dress falling back down to her
knees. Neither cared that Rebecca was still soaking wet from the cold
shower she'd just taken. "Oh, Gorgeous! I missed you so much!" Rebecca buried her face in
her lover's shoulder, her arms wrapping as tightly as she could
manage. Gina, in return, showered her in kisses. "I missed you, too, beautiful!" Rebecca giggled as Gina kissed, tickled and pinched her in littel model pic every
hidden sensual corner of her body. Both had grown oblivious to the fact
that Shelly was still stood, trembling, dripping wet in the shower. She cleared her throat. "Mothers?" Both giggled like schoolgirls as they remembered they sweet russian models had an
audience, but their embrace remained unbroken. "Sorry, honey. Here, here's a towel." Gina's warm smile reminded
Shelly just how much she'd missed her. She wrapped it around herself,
though the tip of her flaccid cock always dangled beyond her wrap when she
did so. "It's good to see you looking so comfortable in your body." Gina
mused, taking note that over the month she had been
gone, her daughter's movements had gone from girlish to slightly more
womanly. Shelly pushed her breasts and hip out, striking the sexiest pose
she could muster, letting her towel slip off. After laughing at the look of lust on her mothers' faces, she
replied, car model pinto "Well, don't get me wrong. I'm still having SRS when I turn
eighteen, but Carl convinced me that there's nothing wrong with enjoying
experiences dakar models
most women won't ever get a chance at." "Well good for you!" Gina said. "Now why don't you come over here
and give your Mama a hug? I missed you." Shelly skipped over, both of her mothers extending an arm for her
to join the embrace. "Hi Mama." She said softly, standing on her tiptoes to kiss her
tenderly. "I missed you, too." preeten model nue "So," Rebecca started. "How did you get past the boys, anyway?" "Well..."
John awoke, after dreaming of a beautiful family orgy, uncensored young models feeling
incredibly horny. He rolled over to find his California King bed
surprisingly empty. kiddy model Only Rebecca lay next to him. Knowing how much she
hated to be awakened this early in the morning, he opted to instead kiss
her on the kids model sex
forehead. Besides, he was really craving cock. He walked naked
through the house, checking Rachel's room. He was satisfied to young model stacey
see his
little angel sleeping soundly in her own little svetlana model bed. His cock led him onward, into the bathroom. If he knew Kyle, by now
he'd be in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone. John wanted to look
his best when he presented himself to his husband. He showered, then shaved
and trimmed himself both above and below the belt. Eyeing some expensive
perfume he'd bought for Gina, he decided to put it on. Kyle had often told
him how much he loved it. Looking at himself in the mirror, he knew
something was still missing. It only sandramodel friends
took him a minute to decide what that
was. Slipping back into their room, he dug through Rebecca's lingerie chest
until he found a child model cunt pair of jessimodel images black, crotchless, assless panties. Putting them
on, he found a bottle of oil, lubing himself up. He walked down the hall, passing by Rachel's room again, this time
finding her awake. "Hey, Angel. How are you feeling?" Rachel rubbed her eyes, not responding right away. "I want Daddy to fuck me. How do I look?" She smiled at that. "Sexy!" "Good! I think he's cooking breakfast. C'mon." topmodel pretee He grabbed her hand, leading nonude models nude her out to the kitchen. She trotted at
his side happily. He seated her at the dining room table, padding quietly
into the kitchen. The sound of sizzling bacon filled the room. John had to
keep himself from gasping as he watched Kyle's beautiful rippling back
muscles. He was dressed in red silk pajama bottoms, and looked incredibly
sexy in them. Kyle stopped cooking, shutting off the stove as he smelled
sweet perfume behind him. A hand reached delicately in through the fly,
encircling his cock. He turned his head to see John, slightly hunched over,
playing with his growing member. Standing, John bikini cowboy models
pressed his cheek against Kyle's, half whispering in
and half nibbling on Kyle's ear. "I need you to fuck me right now." Kyle hungrily kissed John. He led John backwards into the dining
room, laying him down verry petite models
on the table as Rachel watched, fascinated as
always. He stepped out of the pajamas, giving his cock a couple of quick
tugs before pressing it against his husband's asshole. Feeling how loose
and lubed up he already was, he plunged in, immediately starting to fuck
his beloved boy toy. John wrapped his legs around Kyle's ass, pulling him in. His strong
arms were wrapped around Kyle's neck, holding him close, not allowing him
break their kiss. Kyle ground his hips into John's firm buttocks. He loved
the way John's fleshy ls magazinemodels com
rod felt as it rubbed against glamour models masturbating his abs, tickling his
belly button. He broke off the kiss to nuzzle his lover's face, tilting his head
to nibble his ear. "I love you." He whispered. chidl super models "I love you, too." Rachel watched for a few minutes longer, smiling, chewing her
hair. She gently rubbed her pussy, leaving her panties in a bundle on the
kitchen floor. Something moved in the hallway, catching her eye. She looked
at her fathers to see pree models
if they'd noticed, but little model galleries at that moment, it was obvious
that as far as they were concerned, they art model child
were alone in the world. Curious,
she stood up, padding into the hallway to investigate, still massaging her
tiny cunt.
Carl woke up, his mind still in a haze from the night before, his
ass filled with nubiles models his girlfriend's cum. Coming to his senses, he realized it
was already morning. His parents had no idea where he was. "Fuck!" He sat up abruptly, looking around the room for his clothes. They
weren't where he left them. Scrambling out of the bed, he wrapped a sheet
around his naked body, peeking out the door, looking both ways down the
hall. There was a light coming from under the bathroom door, and what
sounded like talking coming from the kitchen at the other end. He took a
deep breath, trying to keep himself from panicking. He couldn't understand
why Shelly had taken his clothes. Mustering up the courage, he finally stepped out into the hall,
making his way toward the kitchen. He kept his back against the wall,
creeping along, closer to the whispering. He poked his head around the
corner, and his jaw dropped to the floor as he saw two beautiful Adonis's
making love, right on the kitchen table. His cock stood erect, tenting the
thin blanket, which did nothing dating teens model to hide his model sweet nonu shame. Every nerve in his body
was on fire with passion, and he longed to run out and ogle the two
gorgeous men. He ducked back around the corner, closing his eyes, trying to
regain his composure. When he opened them, he saw a little girl fingering her clit. He
froze, too frightened to move. Seeing his state of arousal, she giggled,
lifting perteen underware models
up cvmodelfree her nightgown, exposing herself to him. "You think I'm ayla teen model sexy, don't you?" When he didn't respond, she reached up under his sheet, firmly
grasping his cock. He cringed in pleasure, and made a feeble attempt to
pull away. She gave him a funny look, then pulled on his cock, forcing him
to follow her like a dog on a leash. As he stepped through her door, he
dropped the sheet, mumbling, "Fuck. I'm gonna dariya model
go to jail." She pulled him over to her toddler bed, which was models fashion
covered with a
Disney Princesses bedspread, pushing him down on it. He felt cum leak out
of his ass as he sat down and she pushed his feet up on the bed. She climbed on the bed, straddling his gay model ads
leg, rubbing herself against
him as she took his cockhead in her mouth. She sucked him for a few
minutes, enjoying the look of pleasure on his face. Standing up, she squatted over his long, firm cock, grasping it
with both hands, rubbing the tip against her teens model ls vulva, biting her lower lip,
her eyes focused unyieldingly on his own. sandra modelcom
Neither noticed as the pics little models door opened behind him.
"On the kitchen table?" Shelly asked, obviously aroused as her cock
stood out from her body at full attention, and her small balls were pulled
deep into her smooth, soft body. "Kinky!" "You know," Rebecca stated, "It's been a while since we've had a
family orgy. I think we're long overdue." Gina smiled, and her nipples became erect. Rebecca swatted her daughter on her firm, round ass. "Go get your
sister crayola model magic and meet us in the Dining Room." Shelly didn't young japanese models hesitate, walking down to Rachel's room, playing idly
with her erect nipple as she went naked through the hall. As she got
closer, she saw a sheet from her bed sticking out from the door. Pausing,
she eyed it curiously. Looking back, she watched her mothers saunter toward
the kitchen, hips swaying seductively, hands wandering over each other's
bodies. Shelly wanted to taste pussy. She opened the door and found naturist teenmodel
Rachel rubbing Carl's thick throbbing
cock nude male model
against her tiny vulva. Raising an eyebrow and crossing her arms, she
said, playfully, "Rachel, are you trying to steal my boyfriend?" Carl jumped about a foot off the bed, sending Rachel tumbling
backward between his legs. Shelly dashed over, scooping her sister up. She
was relieved to find her laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. melissa pretreen models She
turned to ukrain naked models
Carl, laughing herself now at the horrified look on his face. "Are you okay?" She asked. "You're not filipino models teens gonna tell anyone, are you?" She looked datingservicesmodels at him like he just amature young models said the stupidest thing she'd ever
heard. It hadn't occurred to her until that moment that he was one of those
sexually repressed people her parents had told her about growing up. "Are you kidding? You should try fucking her ass sometime!" She
said atom model science in an exaggeratedly rough tone, holding Rachel, who was still
laughing, so that her cockhead was tucked between Rachel's ass cheeks. "Are you serious?" "No," she replied, more sincerely this time, "she's still too child model brookeshields small
and that could hurt her. But, seriously, my parents won't care. We're about
to all get it on. Besides, I'm pretty sure it was her idea." She shifted Rachel male teen modelz to her modelingschoolgirls hip, where her little sister ground her
pussy excitedly, then extended her hand, helping him nudemalemodels up. "I'd love it if you'd join us." Shelly backed into Carl until his
ever-hard cock was tucked neatly in her crack, the head throbbing somewhere
around the middle of childmodels boys her back. She reached around, probing at his asshole
with her free hand. "What did you do with my clothes?" he finally managed. "I couldn't
find them when I woke up this morning." "Silly!" She replied. "You kicked them under the bed last
night. Now are you going to fuck me, or teenmodel 11yo am I ella model imagefap going to have to beg you?" He swallowed. "Okay." She led him out to the kitchen, where her parents were all wishing
each other a very hearty good morning in the best way they knew how. pretten girl models
"Look what I found in Rachel's room!" she called out. "Fuck, he is cute!" Kyle said, still enjoying John's tight
ass. Gina and Rebecca had joined John on the table, the former enjoying next door models
mouthful of his cock. Rachel wasted no time, climbing on her Papa's face,
grinding on his open mouth as she suckled her Mama's tit. "You know, I really should be getting home," Carl said,
nervously. "My parents have no idea where I'm at." "You teen thumb models
know," John said to Carl, pulling Rachel off his mouth for a
moment, "Your Dad's a real hot fuck!" Kyle chuckled, pinching John's ass. "What Sugarass means young models video to say,
here, is that your parents aren't as backward as you seem to think they
are. They just models child bikini
didn't want you to feel like they were pushing you into
anything, and since you never came on to them, they never tried anything
with you. Gina called your mom this morning, because she heard that you had
sex without a condom. You'll be glad to know you're clean. If you're gonna
have sex with us, though, you have to use a condom with anyone else,
period." He said sternly. Shelly started lubing both her cock and ass up. Seeing Carl
starting to shrink, she latched onto him, playing with him until he was
hard again. She nibbled on his ear, whispering, "See? Everything is okay." They all watched dasha lsm models as Shelly lovingly built Carl back up, certain
they advertizments models were all seeing the future happen before their eyes. She led him
behind her Daddy, grabbing a stool so her cock was level with his ass. "Daddy," she said, enthusiastically, "I'm gonna fuck you!" "My little girl's going to fuck me?" he repeated, emotionally. "Hey, I thought I was your little girl!" Rachel said, jealously,
taking her mouth off of Gina's nipple. Her Daddy gave her a passionate kiss in response. "Sweetheart,
you're both my little girls, and you always will be." Shelly lined her cock up with her Daddy's ass, luxuriating in the
sensation of pre pedo model
Carl's wonderful, pulsing rod youngest girl models in her own. She started thrusting, her erect nipples rubbing against her
father's back as Carl massaged her breasts, then leaned back, kissing her
beloved. "I'll fuck you whenever you want," she said, her voice soft and
breathy, "but you'd better not leave me once I've had SRS." Carl smiled, responding, "I wouldn't dream of leaving paradise."
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