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From: FD Campbell
Subject: A Marine Called JustinThis is a story of sex between adult male members of the MILITARY. All
legal disclaimers apply. If this topic offends you, do not read any
further; and ask yourself why you are at this site.
If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas) and too young to
be reading such material or if you are in a locale or country where it is
not legal to read such material then please leave immediately 14 preteen nude and come back
when it is legal for you to do so. We'll be glad to have you back.
This preteen ginastica is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or
locations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental, although
it may be loosely based on real events and people.
The story is in no way meant to disrespect, demean, discredit or
dishonor the men serving in uniform. On the contrary, the author has the
greatest respect and admiration for our men in the military and it is the
author's belief that men should be allowed to serve their country
honorably, protecting all freedoms, including their own freedom to be who
they are.
If you meet the criteria then read on, enjoy, and kindly let me
know what you think. On the sites that provide for you to rate the stories
or leave comments, I value your thoughts and opinion; I would also like to
hear from you personally. Personal stories and accounts of your own similar
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A Marine Called Justin
For the first time I was nervous about seeing my best friend. We started
first grade and went all through high school together. After graduation I
went to college and Justin joined the marines. It was what he always wanted
to do; maybe the only thing he ever wanted to do. He still had his GI Joe
doll. He modeled himself after that doll. He kept it standing on his
dresser, dressed in cameo shorts and boots with its muscles bulging as an
inspiration. He always said, "Someday I'm going to look like that." He
busted his butt in the gym. We both did. By the time we graduated from high
school I was well built; he looked like his GI Joe.I didn't realize how nervous I was till I reached for the handle of the car
door. My hand was shaking. I opened the door and stepped out into the warm
June afternoon in front of the Weldon Inn. I was happy that Justin was so
agreeable about coming so far to meet me; all the way to Johnsburg. I loved
the tiny village nestled in the hills of Southern Tennessee. It seemed the
ideal place to meet my best friend to possibly change our lives forever.I preteen nn vixen
checked into the inn and put my clothes away. The room was big, with
massive antique furniture; a king-size bed, dresser, wardrobe and a
comfortable couch and chair. The room was on the third floor that looked
out over the village street and the shops. If there was a perfect place for
what I was about to do, this was it.I paced the room and looked out the window. I went down to the breakfast
room but I didn't stay. I wanted to be there when Justin got to the
room. He arrived about four o'clock. I jumped when I heard the knock at the
door. My hand shook as I opened it. And there he was. He filled the doorway
with his big frame."Hi, Colt," he greeted me with his sly, lop-sided grin."Hey, Justin." I put out my hand.We shook hands but then pulled each other into a tight bear hug. His hard
body felt good against mine. "You're looking good," he said."You look great!" I said. "Looks like you put on some more weight.""About twenty pounds," he said modestly.He had that ultra healthy look about him and the severe, high and tight
haircut that made his muscular neck look even thicker. He had a small bag
and a travel bag slung over his shoulder. I took his bag."I know you told me to wear my uniform but I didn't want to wear it driving
and get it all wrinkled. I brought it with me, though. I'll put it on later
if you still want me to," he said."Hell yes, I want you to. You can wear it do dinner," I said."So, how have you been?" he asked, looking around the room."Good.""This better be important for me to use up good leave time to drive all
this way. I could be shacked up in some nice hotel room with a couple of
babes," he said jokingly."It is important," I said. He was only kidding, of course. Justin would've
gone anywhere preteen innocent photo if he thought I needed him.We talked for a while, reminiscing about our school days and Justin asked
me a lot of questions about college. There wasn't much exciting about
college that I could tell him about. Not yet anyway. I wanted to talk about
him."There's not much to tell about college. I want to talk about something
more exciting, like the marines," I said. "Did you bring pictures?""Yeah, I brought pictures, and the unit's graduation book. Thought you
might like to look at it.""I would love to look at it," I said excitedly. I poured over the pictures
of his basic training, and the advanced school. The unit graduation book
was a pictorial of his life for the past year. There were pictures taken in
the barracks, even pictures of him on liberty. There was one picture of him
in the barracks wearing nothing but a pair of briefs. I had a hard time
turning the page, and eventually putting the book down. I was jealous. I
wished I could do what he did. He tried to get me to go in with him but I
wasn't sure I had it in me. Besides, my parents were adamant about me going
to college. His parents, on the other hand, didn't give a fuck what he did
with his life."I'm jealous as hell, you know," I said, laying the pictures aside."What've you got to be jealous about? You're the one who's going to end up
with a degree and the big bucks.""You don't think that's an education?' I said, pointing to the
pictures. "If I get in trouble, I want a Marine by my side, not some
college boy with a degree.""We're different, that's all, you and me. We always have been," he said."Yeah, makes you wonder how we stayed friends all these years," I said
jokingly."It's probably the reason we've been friends all these years. We're two
different people. We never got in each other's way," he said.I only hoped we would be friends after this weekend. I could tell Justin
was waiting for me to tell him why I'd asked him to meet me. I thought I
could spring it on him right up front and get it out of the way. But it
wasn't going to be that easy. He didn't pressure me and I didn't say
anything. Maybe I would wait and tell him preteen 11 masterbating
over dinner."There's a good restaurant across the street," I said."I need to shower first, if that's okay, wash off the road grime," he said.My excitement grew along with my anxiety as I waited on Justin to come out
of the bathroom. He hadn't taken any clean clothes in with him so the most
he could be wearing when he came out was a towel. He didn't bother with a
towel except to dry off with it. He came out drying his hair; the rest of
him was magnificently naked."Man, that felt good," he said. "Hey, is it casual over at the restaurant?""Yes, jeans preteennude
are fine, or shorts," I said.He tossed the towel over the chair and put his bag on the bed. I was having
a hard time not looking at him. He looked even bigger without his
clothes--all smooth, tanned muscles that rippled at his slightest
move. Godd, he was a beautiful sight to look at. It was especially hard to
keep my eyes above his waist. I knew even more that I had to tell him, and
less how I would. I wanted him to wear his uniform but I didn't say
anything. Whatever he decided to wear would be just fine. He pulled on a
pair of white briefs that fit him like a glove and were made to look
smaller by his sheer size. The way they bulged out in front was almost
flaunting except that wasn't what he intended. He dug out a pair of
cut-offs and started to put them on."Wait, you wanted me to wear my uniform," he said."Only if you feel comfortable wearing it," I said.He hesitated for a moment then tossed the shorts aside. "I'm going to look
like a fool wearing full dress in this town but what the hell, nobody knows
me.""Nobody's going to think a Marine in full dress looks preteen incest humiliation like a fool," I
assured him. It was exciting to watch him put on his uniform, except that I
didn't want him to cover up all those beautiful muscles. He looked so
studly handsome in his uniform that he almost took my breath away. He
caused a lot of shortness of breath as we walked down the street to the
hotel into the dining room. Heads turned, some stared, and I wondered what
it must be like to be built like him and be a Marine on top of it. We
placed our order with a near-breathless waitress then settled in to talk
some more. He asked about my folks. I asked him about Jamie, his
girlfriend."We broke up," he said."What! What girl in her right mind breaks up with a stud-marine?""She couldn't handle me being away for sixteen weeks. I got the Dear John
about the third week into basic.""Wow, that must have been tough.""It was real tough. That's the last thing a guy needs when he already
thinks he's in hell." I asked him about the Marines and the training. "It's
hard to explain unless you've been through it," he said.It sounded like he didn't want to talk about it but I kept asking questions
till he began to open up. He told me about a drill sergeant in basic
training who was constantly on him and another guy just because of the way
they were built."It was obvious as hell," he said. "We didn't know if he was jealous or if
he was just because he knew we could take it and he wanted to push us
beyond our limits. I think he had a sadistic streak that he wanted awfully
bad to bring out if he thought he could've gotten by with it. He called
Kyle, the other guy, into his room a couple of times at night and Kyle came
out with a funny look on his face and he was never the same after that.""He never said what happened?" I asked."No, close as we were, he wouldn't talk about it," Justin said. "I had a
pretty good idea, though. The sergeant called me in twice, once for wearing
non-issue underwear, for chrissakes! Marine issue is those damned baggy
green things and I didn't like them so I opted for civie briefs, like I've
got on now. It wasn't against regs, but he made a big issue about it. He
even made me take them off so he could inspect them, he said. There was
something weird about that. I think he just wanted to see me naked; see my
cock. Anyway, he kept my shorts and I had to go back out in the barracks
naked.""It couldn't have been the first time you ran around in the barracks
naked," I said."But how did it look; I go into the sergeant's room wearing shorts and I
come out naked, without my shorts.""What about the other time he called you in?" I asked. His preteen sandra model stories were
exciting me and I wanted to hear more."Yeah, another time he yelled for me just as I was coming back from the
shower and when I grabbed a pair of shorts to put on he told me to forget
them. I had to go back into his room naked and he closed the door and the
blinds, making it look real sinister.""If he just wanted to see you naked, or any of the other guys, all he had
to do was watch you coming back from the showers," I said."Naw, it was more than that," he said. "He wanted to humiliate me; show
everybody that he had the power over me no matter how I was built.""What happened that second time?" I asked."Well, when I went into his room, he was lying back on his bunk, stark
naked except for his jump boots. He cocked one boot up on his locker and
said it needed polishing. I told him I would go get my shoe-shine kit but
he told me no, he wanted a spit shine. I told him again that I would get my
shoe-shine kit and spit shine his boots for him. He told me I could use my
tongue."My eyes flew open and my temperature shot up. "What happened then? What'd
you do?""I told him to fuck off in a nice, threatening way. I told him if he ever
called me into his room naked again, or made me strip in front of him in
his room, I would report him. Well, then he turned real nice trying to
cover his ass and act like he was just messing with my head. Well, turns
out, preteen vid tgp he wanted to mess with more than my head. He told me if I would be a
little more cooperative, he could make like a lot easier for not preteen nude me, and
downright pleasurable, if I knew what he meant. I figured it out real quick
from the way he was ogling my naked body and his eyes fixed hard and tight
on my cock. I told him to fuck off again, and he actually said that's what
he had in mind! I mean, he was treading on dangerous ground. I told him no,
and if he ever propositioned me again, I would see his ass in jail. He
dropped it. He was pissed as hell after that, but he left me alone, except
for the ways he could make my life miserable in other ways. I still think
he used Kyle to have sex with him. I wasn't about to."His attitude toward his sergeant made me more doubtful that I should tell
him the reason I'd asked him to meet me, and I tried to think up another
reason that would sound feasible. I wanted to hear more barracks stories
but when I pressed for more stories he told me about a time when he hired a
hooker for the weekend."I was given a weekend pass for being voted the best Marine in the unit. It
was the first time I'd been off base since boot started and the only
weekend pass I knew I would get so I was going to make the best of it. I
didn't get more than two blocks off the base. I went to a bar and picked up
a hooker. She was really surprised when I told her I wanted her for the
entire weekend. I got a motel room and we didn't come out for my preteensex
the entire
two days. I even had beer and our meals sent in," he said, laughing. "I was
so fuckin' horny I didn't think I would ever get enough. Geezuss, I fucked
that woman's eyeballs out."Now I was really excited; and jealous of that hooker. In a lull in the
conversation when we were eating, he asked me why I had asked him to meet
me."This isn't the place," I said, looking around."Now you've got me worried," he said."You're not nearly as worried as I am," I said jokingly.We both passed on dessert. He said it was because he didn't eat
dessert. Maybe so; he certainly didn't have an ounce of fat on him, but I
think it was so we could get back to the room where I could tell him why I
had asked him to come. I wanted to hear more of his stories but he sort of
clammed up and I knew he wanted to leave. Back in the room, I was more
nervous and chinas preteens movies unsure and I tried to stall it off."Why don't you change out of your uniform and we'll walk through the town,"
I suggested.He was glad to shed his uniform and I was glad to see him in his shorts and
without his shirt with his thighs bulging and his biceps rippling. He
slipped on a shirt and we left. He turned more heads as we walked along the
quiet street. There weren't many people out but they all little preteen teen looked. The shops
were mostly closed but the windows and storefronts were lit up with twinkle
lights which gave the town a wonderland look."Do you ever get used to it?" I asked."Used to what?""People looking at you the way do," I said.He scowled and laughed. "What are you talking about?""Come on, you've turned every head in this town.""You are imagining things," he said."Okay, we'll see. I'll give you ten bucks for every head that doesn't
turn." I purposely pointed out everyone who looked at us as we walked by
them, and not one person didn't look. "It's a damn good thing you're not
paying me ten bucks for every person who did look," I kidded him."Okay, will you stop? You're embarrassing me. Besides, I didn't have a damn
thing to do with my fucked little preteen looks.""But your looks are combined with that body, which you did have a lot to do
with.""Look how well you're built," he said. "You turn your share of heads.""Yeah, when I'm not with you," I said.We stopped at a sidewalk booth that was still open and I bought us a
coke. Pedestrian traffic was down to nothing. About the only activity was
the occasional shopkeeper closing up. We walked down a slope into the tiny
enclave of shops nestled in behind the shops on the street and sat down on
a bench. After a short silence I could sense that he was waiting on me to
say something, and I think he knew that I sensed it. I still didn't know
how to tell him. I even tried preteens nude russia to think of something else to tell him,
something besides the truth that was gnawing at me, but it would sound too
feeble. Finally before he could ask again, I blurted it out."You're not going to want to hear this, Justin, but...I'm gay."He looked at me. It was kdz lol preteen a gabrielle preteen model
look I'd never seen before and it frightened me a
little. I wanted him to say something. Anything. Hit me, or tell me he
hated me. When he didn't respond I got up and walked off, my eyes wet with
tears."Wait! Hey, it don't change anything," he called after me.I wanted to believe him but his look told me otherwise. I wished I hadn't
told him. What purpose did it serve? Sometimes the truth sucks and this was
one of those times. If I'd kept my mouth shut we could've gone on the way
we always had without him knowing my little secret. Suddenly I felt his
powerful grip on my shoulder."Hey. It don't change anything," he said again, pulling me to a stop.I tried to wrench away, which was a mistake. In a flash he had me turned
around and backed against the wall with his arms extended on either side of
my shoulders, palms flat against the wall, pinning me in. I laughed
nervously. "This must look like we're having a lovers quarrel," I joked."Fuck what it looks like," he said. "You're not going to tell me something
like that then walk away from me.""You didn't say anything," I pointed out."I didn't know what to say. I still don't know what to say, except that it
doesn't matter," he said."It will, though, I'm afraid.""No, it won't," he insisted."You're wrong," I said. "I knew just how much it would matter after you
told me the story about your sergeant. I was afraid to tell you after you
told me those stories. I almost didn't tell you the truth but I couldn't
think of anything else to tell you that would warrant you coming all this
way to meet me. Its going to change when you to start thinking about all
the stuff we did when we were kids and you're trying to figure out
something that should have tipped you off.""I think it matters more to you than it does preteen japan nude to me," he said."It does matter to me, very much, what you think of me.""What else do you want me to say?" he asked.I shrugged. "I guess you've already said it. I only wish I could believe
it."He pushed away from the wall and let me out of the prison of his muscular
arms. I walked away and he quickly took up his stride with mine. Walking
back to the inn, I said, "You'll probably want to leave now. I'll
understand if you do.""No, not unless you want me to," he said."No, of course not," I said. "I can sleep on the couch if you want," I
offered."It's a king-size bed, isn't it? There's plenty of room," he said."You don't have to prove anything, Justin.""What would I be trying to prove?" he asked."That you're okay with it. You say you are--that's preteen 10yr
good enough for me.""But you don't believe me.""I'm trying. I want to. But you're being just too damned macho to be
believable," I said."Why are you being so defensive?" he asked."Sorry. I just can't help being surprised that you're taking it so
well. Not even a stay-on-your-own-side-of-the-bed?' or
`just-don't-touch-me?"He scowled."I probably should have followed your don't-ask-don't-tell policy," I said."You're not in the Marines, it doesn't apply to you," he said dryly."I wish I had gone in with you," I said."It's not preteen pussy link
too late to join. We might not be in the same outfit, though.""I'm not sure I could handle it," I said."The training is tough, but it's nothing you can't handle," he said."I wasn't talking about the training," I said."Oh. Being around all those guys?""Yes."We were back at the inn. We were silent as we went to the breakfast room
where I made hot chocolate to take up to sweet nymphets preteens the room. We were still quiet as
we went up the stairs and down the hallway to our room. He held the door
open for me."Is it hard being around me?" he asked, very quietly."Yes, very.""Maybe it would be better if I left," he said."If you think you want to, I'll understand," wondering if he were looking
for an excuse to leave."No, I don't want to. But I don't want you to be uncomfortable around me."I didn't know if he was going to leave or stay. I wasn't sure he knew
himself till we got in the room. He seemed uncomfortably hesitant, but he
had the cup of hot chocolate to drink and he took off his shoes. I was glad
he was staying. He sat preteen list boys on the couch, I on the edge of the bed."When did it start, being uncomfortable around me?" he asked."Sometime back in high school; I can't pinpoint a time," I replied."Sorry, I didn't know," he said."Its nothing you need to apologize for. It was my problem," I said."Your problem but apparently I was the cause of it.""Still nothing you need to apologize for," I said.He took several sips of his hot chocolate, glancing over the top of his cup
at me."Can I ask you something?" he said."Sure."" you? I mean, isn't being gay a state of mind, more than
a compelling force?"I smiled. "I wouldn't say it's either, but it's a good way of putting
it. It's like asking you if being straight isn't more a state of mind than
a compelling force. It's the state of mind that is the compelling force.""All right," he said nodding. "I think I understand that. When?" he
asked. "I mean, when did you start? Back in high school?""You're wondering if I was doing your teammates. No," I said. "It didn't
start till college. Things are more out in the open on campus;
organizations, even rallies. It was easy to meet people." I handed him the
remote. "I think you're uncomfortable talking about this; see if you can
find preteens nymphet sex a football game.He clicked the television on and flipped through the channels but there was
no game. He stopped on a channel showing Saving Private Ryan."This okay? Do you like war movies?" he asked."I like that one," I said. "I don't watch the old ones; like the John Wayne
war movies...they're such a farce.""Yeah, they are," he agreed. "Nobody beauty preteen model ever thought it strange that John
Wayne, in all the war movies he made, never showed a moment's fear." He
finished his hot chocolate and stood up. "Do you want me to sleep on the
couch?" he asked as he undid his belt."That won't be necessary," I said. I had to force the words out, I was so
breathlessly relieved that he was staying daddys little preteen the night.He slipped his shorts off and stepped out of them. He left his briefs on."Afraid to sleep naked?" I joked, for we always had when we were kids."No," he said, and shoved his briefs down and stepped out of them."My Godd," I said quietly, shaking my head, watching his tight, round butt
muscles flex and roll as he walked to the bathroom. He was so goddam
physically perfect and beautiful."What?" he asked over his shoulder."Without your clothes, your chest and abs, you look like you're wearing
amour. Geezuss, what's it like to live inside a body like that?" I asked."Don't start that again," he said.When he came back out of the bathroom I preteen xxx videos
couldn't keep my eyes off of him,
no matter how hard I tried, and he noticed."Look, you don't have to keep turning your eyes away from me," he
said. "It's okay if you look at me. I'm not homophobic." He stood at the
edge of the bed. "Which side to you want?" he asked."The side you don't take," I replied.I had a shortness of breath as I watched him crawl into bed, the way his
butt muscles spread apart, giving me nudepreteen picturs a glimpse into the crevice. He moved
across to the side next to the wall. I took off my jeans and folded them
and put them on the back of a chair. I pulled off my socks and stood in my
shorts."Afraid to sleep naked?" he chided me before I had a chance to take them
off."I'm going to take a quick hot black preteen shower," I said as I pulled off my shorts. I
needed the short break and I thought Justin needed a little time to himself
to get used to the idea that he was going to be in bed with a gay guy who
had been his best friend since childhood. With subdued hopes, I took the
time to flush out good before I showered. Not that I was expecting anything
to happen; not that anyway, but I wanted to be prepared just in case. I
also dug out the tube of Anal Ease that I'd bought in the adult video
store, and the lube. I applied a goodly amount of the deadening cream to my
ass, working it inside my hole, and then added the lube till I was slick
all the way inside. I went back out and stood beside the bed to dry
off. Somehow I half-expected Justin to pretend he was asleep, but he lay
and, I noticed, watched me dry off more than he focused on the movie."Are you sure you don't want me to sleep on the couch?" I offered."I'm not taking your bed. But I'm sure, unless you would be more
comfortable if I slept on then couch," he said. "I'm okay with it,
man. Hell, its not the first time we've slept in the same bed."I crawled in beside him and the sheet lay across our waists. I wished I
were on the other side of him so I could watch him. We watched the movie
for a half hour or so."This is going to give me nightmares," he said. "I always have nightmares
when I watch war movies.""We can turn it off," I said, reaching for the remote. I switched the TV
off and the room was cast in a soft glow from the streetlights below."Do you know any gays in the marines?" I asked quietly."Do I know any? No. But there are a couple of guys that I suspect might
be.""What makes them suspect?" I asked."The way they look at me. Sort of like you, when you were trying not to
look.""Do you tell them its okay to look, like you told me?""No, I would never put myself in that position or put them on the spot.""What about your buddy, Kyle?" I asked."Are you asking, is he gay? I don't know, and I would never ask him. I
just know he hasn't been the same since the sergeant has taken such an
interest in him.""The sergeant tried it with you but you backed him off. Why wouldn't Kyle
do that?""I don't know. But it doesn't matter one way or the other. We're still
buddies."We were in bed together for the first time since we were in high school,
him stretched out with his arms flung up over his head. Part of me wouldn't
let me look at him, but I couldn't help it. Justin noticed again."I told you, it's okay to look," he said. "I'm not uncomfortable with you,
Colt. I wish you wouldn't be so uncomfortable with me.""You don't know how much I appreciate you saying that, but its not the same
with us," I said."Maybe not, but can't we get past it?" he asked."I don't know, and I don't know how you mean that. You don't know how 3d preteens free bad I
want to get my hands on those muscles," I added in a hoarse tone."It's okay to touch my body. A guy appreciates having his muscles admired,"
he said again."I wasn't exactly talking about admiration," I said. "It'd be like eating
one peanut. I couldn't stop with just a touch."" wouldn't have to," underage preteen porn
he said."Are you saying....?""I don't know," he cut in quickly."Have you ever done anything with another guy?" I asked."No. I almost did in a restroom of a bar preteen nudist showers one time, a guy was coming on to
me, but I was afraid he might be a plant.""Do the Marines do that; conduct sting operations?" I asked."Yeah. They cruise gay bars and rest rooms and try to catch you in the
act.""It doesn't make a difference that dark portal preteen
you're not the one doing anything?""Hell, no. The whole thing is to catch the Marine in a compromising
situation. They usually let the other guy go if he's not military.""Was it a gay bar?" I asked.He hesitated. "Yeah, it was. A buddy and I wandered into the place without
knowing it was a gay bar. It was called the Leatherneck. With a name like
that we assumed it was a Marine hangout.""Did you stay, after the almost incident in the rest room?""No. Hell, no. We got the hell out of there. That's sudden death if they
even see you coming out of a gay bar.""Even if you wandered into the place by mistake? Anybody would've taken the
Leatherneck as a Marine hangout.""They don't give you the benefit of the doubt," Justin said. `Even if they
do on a first offense, you're watched like a hawk from then on."I got up out of the bed and adjusted the blind to let in more light,
leaving the sheet pulled down below his knees."What're you doing?" he asked."You said it was youtube molested preteen okay to look at you. I want some more light." I went back
and sat on the edge of the bed, pleasantly surprised that he hadn't
bothered to pull the sheet back up. "You look great in this light.""This is embarrassing," he said, throwing one forearm over his eyes."Why?""You're just sitting there looking at me," he said."You said I could.""Okay. Look all you want," he said, laughing. "I'll close my eyes."I studied every inch of his magnificent body. My eyes lingered over every
hill and valley and curve of his muscles. "Don't take this the wrong way,
but you are an absolutely drop-dead beautiful stud. And being a Marine
makes you all the sexier.""You are the only guy self shot preteen in the world who could get by with calling me
beautiful," he said with a lopsided grin, looking out from under his
forearm."Could I get by with this?" I asked as I placed my hand on his thigh, my
fingers barely inches from his manhood draped over his heavy balls."You're probably the only one who could," he said."It's ironic; I'm almost trembling with excitement and you're lying there
with your eyes closed like you're not feeling a thing," I said."You don't know what's going on down there," he said."What is going on?" I asked as I rubbed my hand up and down his thigh."Guess. An itchy, tingly feeling.""Want me to stop?" I asked."Not necessarily.""That's not a very definitive answer," I said."No, you don't have to stop," he said huskily.I reached higher and rubbed my hand across his rock-hard abs then reached
over to flatten my hand over his chest muscles. I felt a tiny shiver as my
fingers trailed across his nipple."You attained your goal," I said as I slid my hand back down to his abs."What goal?""You look just like your old GI Joe doll."He laughed and his stomach muscles felt like a small, warm
earthquake. "That was such a dream of mine.""You body is like a stone statue," I said. I brought my hand back up to his
thigh, working it harder into his crotch, alongside his balls. His big,
rubbery cock lay on the other side of his balls. "You must know what I want
to do," I said hoarsely."I've got a pretty good idea, but why don't you tell me," he said, sounding
a little smart and cocky."I want to go down on you. I want to make love to every inch of your
body. I want to make you feel things you never imagined," I said."I know...or, I guess I know....I mean, I assumed it was something like
that," he said.I let my eyes rake over his body, fixing on his manhood. "You were always
the most impressive guy in the locker room, but it looks like preteen amature nudist you've
outdone yourself since then," I said.He smiled from under his forearm."You know I'm curious. How big are you?" I asked, eyeing his huge cock."Two-thirty-five," he replied."Not your weight," I said."Oh. You'll find that out for yourself if you keep rubbing my thigh like
that.""I'll tell you one thing, I could never be in the same outfit with you," I
said as I kept rubbing his thigh "I couldn't handle seeing you in the
shower. I would spend all of my time bent over picking up the soap." I said
it jokingly but I wanted boys preteen tgp him to think I meant it."About the second week into training when everybody's been without sex,
that would be a very dangerous thing to do," he said. Then he laughed. "The
standing joke is, if YOU drop the soap, it doesn't mean anything. If
somebody else drops it and you pick it up for `em....well, you don't wanta
do that. Actually, if you drop the soap, a buddy preteen superr models will usually hand you his
bar so you don't have to bend over and pick it up."I was getting a hardon--not that it mattered; he knew what I was, how I
felt about him, but somehow, it was embarrassing to me. I quickly assessed
the situation in my mind. We were in bed together, we were naked and he was
letting me rub my hand up and down his bare thigh, and he sure as hell
wasn't homophobic! He saw my hard cock then."Looks like you're getting that itchy, tingling feeling, too," he joked."It's more like a throbbing sensation," I said, pushing it down between my
legs. It sprung back up like an iron rod on a steel spring."Damn, dude, how big is that thing?" he asked.I was pleased that he was so admiring but I doubted I could come close to
matching him."About as big as you are right now, without a hardon," I said. Then I
braved a move. I cupped his balls. He didn't flinch. Rather, he spread his
thighs wider for my hand, as an invitation. His balls were heavy, and they
felt full. His cock lolled to the other side and lay against my wrist."You know, I'm almost afraid to do this," I said as I gingerly touched his
rubbery cock."Well, you have, and you're still in one piece," he said. "I'm not going to
get mad or anything. I wouldn't be letting you go this far if I was going
to get mad. Hell, I wouldn't even be here, I would be on my way back to
base.""No, afraid beyond that," I said. "Saying you're okay with it isn't the
same as afterwards, when you've got your rocks off and you start thinking
about what you've done."He opened one eye and grinned. "Are you going to get my rocks off for me?"
he asked without a smile, but with a twinkle in his eye."I want to. But I'm afraid to.""You're still going to be my best friend, no matter what you do or don't
do." he said."Will I?""You know, it pisses me off that you doubt me after all the years we've
been friends. Damn! What do you want me to do to prove my sincerity, kiss
you?"I laughed. "That would be a cold day in hell," I scoffed.It was one of those times when the wrong thing to say was exactly the right
thing to say. Justin suddenly pulled me down to him and kissed me squarely
on the mouth! It was a hard, no-nonsense kiss. I was stunned. It wasn't a
kiss of passion or anything like that between two guys. He was just sending
a message, sort of like a Mafia kiss."There, if that don't prove something, I give up," he said.I sat there, still stunned speechless."You act preteen dream top like you've never been kissed before," he said, laughing."Not by you. Not by a guy," I said."Well, it wasn't that kind of kiss," he said rather defensively. "I just
wanted to get my point across.""You certainly did that," I declared."I love you like a brother, you know that; it was that kind of kiss," he
said. "And I don't want to ever have to prove myself again.""Yes, and you know I love you, only....well, it runs a little deeper than
that.""Don't," he said in a husky voice. "Don't complicate things.""Would it complicate things?" I asked."Yes. It's already pretty complicated. Don't throw anything else at me that
I have to sort out and deal with.""I haven't overwhelmed a Marine, have I?" I chided him."Being a Marine has nothing to do with it," he said. "It's all pretty
overwhelming to me as a man, though. I just want to keep it where it's at.""Oh. You're willing to let me take it to the next higher level....but you
don't want any emotions.""No more than there has to be," he said. "We've found the playing field;
just don't throw out any new rules.""I'm not sure I understand that," I said."Whatever happens between us tonight...""Wait, let me guess; whatever happens between us tonight, in the morning it
never happened, right?" I put in."Something like that.""That's not possible," I said. "Maybe for you, but not for me. I'm already
too deep in emotions. I have been for a long time."He held up a restraining hand. "I just don't want to explore those emotions
with you," he said. "You said you wanted to make love to me. I don't want
it to be like that. You can look at me, touch me all you want, hell, go
down on me, have all the fun you want, but....""But you don't want to feel anything," I cut in. "You sound like you're
afraid.""No, I'm not afraid. If I were afraid, I would be packed up and out of
here." He reached out and placed his hand over mine on his thigh. "Look,
nothing has to happen, Colt, and maybe it would be better if it didn't. We
could just lie german preteen nudity
here together and talk like we used pre teen port to. I don't care if you
touch me, I don't care if we lie together, in close and tight, skinnydipping preteen girls but it
doesn't have to go any further.""If that's what you want," I said."No, I'm not saying that's what I want or don't want. I'm just saying we
could. I'm saying that whatever happens--or doesn't happen--well, I'm okay
with it, either way, and I want you to be. I know it must have taken a lot
of courage for you to have me come here and tell me. I respect that. I
admire you for it. But I want you to know that it takes a lot of courage on
my part lay myself open for you, for lack of a better way to put
it.""It must have taken a lot of courage for you to kiss me like that," I said."No, it was easy, it was between best friends. But I've never done anything
like that and I wouldn't for anybody else in the world. I guess what I'm
trying to say is, I'm here, willing to play ball, but the ball is in your
court."I eyed his cock, now stretched up over his belly, covering his navel and
reaching for his pecs, in its final throes of erection."I think you're the one complicating things," I said as I reached out and
laid my hand on it."I don't mean to," he said. "I just don't know how to express myself on the
subject.""You're expressing yourself just fine," I said hoarsely as I wrapped my
hand around his cock. "God, I can't get my hand around it.""I guess that doesn't leave much hope for your mouth, then," he said with a
warm grin."I'll think of something," I said. I lifted his cock straight up. It was
huge. It would have been monstrous on a lesser man but it belonged on him
with his magnificent body. "Damn, Justin, I want you so bad it hurts inside
me," I said."I don't want you hurting," he said as I worked my hand tiny horny preteens
up and down the
thick, warm shaft."This thing must be hurting you, its so hard," I said."I get used to it," he said.I uncrossed my legs and crawled over his thigh. He spread his legs wide to
make room for me. I started to stretch out on my stomach but I would have
had to rise up too high to reach his cock so I sat back on my haunches in a
crouch. I jacked him slowly and cupped and played with his balls. "You've
got beautiful balls," I said. He smiled and chuckled. The head of his cock
swelled out about the size of a baseball and I wondered if I could get even
my mouth around it. In the soft light I could see the precum oozing up out
of the wide slit and I instinctively leaned down to lap it up."Ohh," he gasped, surprised. I was pleased, even with that tiny gasp. I
wanted to make him moan.I wet my lips and leaned down and slid them down over the bulbous head,
locked them around the rim and moved down a few inches till the head was
smashing against the preteen little virgin opening of my throat."OHhhhhh, Geezusss!" he moaned softly.I began sucking his cock. Each moan fueled my desire to give him more
pleasure. My own was undeniable. I was almost trembling with want and
desire for him.He reached out putting a hand gently on my shoulder. "God, that feels
good," he whispered."I'm glad. I'm trying," I said."You don't have to try very hard," he said in a shaky voice."Not that it matters, but....I wish this was my first time, too," I said."It doesn't matter that it isn't," he said.I worked my hand up and down his preteen hardcore jp
slick cock, gazing at it with such deep
emotion that I almost choked. "I'll never forget how I felt when I looked
at your pictures you sent without your shirt, and in your shorts.""You're not trying to tell me my pictures turned you gay," he said."No, you don't turn gay. You either are, or you're not. It just took me
awhile to realize it. Thinking back, though, I think I knew it when we were least when we were teenagers.""Should I be pissed at all the time we wasted?" he asked jokingly."I'll try to make up for it," I said as I went back down on his cock. I
sucked him with a reverence, like I was on my knees worshipping a god. I
was, in a way. He was my idol, and worthy of my homage and worship and all
the pleasure I was able to give him. He began writhing in the bed,
clenching his butt muscles to drive his cock into my mouth. Both his hands
were on my shoulders now, moving around my head and down my arms. He
squeezed my arms and I flexed the muscles for him to feel. He squeezed
hard, as if in appreciation for my muscles."Ohhhh...Ohhhh, Colt, suck it...suck it, buddy...Goddd, you don't know
wonderful that feels."I tilted over to one side and we rolled over onto our sides. I slid down in
the bed so I was comfortably face-to-face with his manhood. I opened my
mouth and he gave me his cock. He moved his hips back and forth, pivoted on
one hip, feeding it to me."Fuck that looks cock going in and out of your mouth," he
said.I wanted to tell him how incredible it felt. After a short while he was
getting more animated and he suddenly rolled over on top and arched his
body over me. preteen panties nonude "Let me do some pushups," he said as he assumed the
position. I whimpered with excitement as he began doing push-ups on top of
me. I placed my hands on his hip bones to prevent him from impaling me on
his cock, but he was able to force me to take more of it than before. His
hard abs stretched and pulled and rippled beautifully over my face. Godd,
how could he not know how beautiful he was? He fucked my face like he was
fucking a girl, using all of his cock that he could with my arms blocking
him. I wanted to move my hands and let him plunge his cock into my throat,
but it frightened me. After a long while, after countless pushups, Justin's
body began to tremble. I was afraid at first that he was about to cum, but
it was just the strain on his muscles. He shoved himself up and lay over on
his side again."I think I just beat my personal best for pushups," he said, sounding out
of breath.I nuzzled lower and licked and kissed his balls. I sucked one into my mouth
and he gasped and moaned and I thought I hurt him but he put his hand on
the back of my head."Oh, fuck...yeahhhhh, suck `em," he whispered. "Suck my big balls."I could only get one in my mouth at a time so I moved from one to the
other. I licked back under them and he lifted his left leg up wide for
me. I went back to his cock but alternated to his balls once in awhile. He
liked that. I was thinking beyond the moment, of what I would do when he
shot off. I had tasted my own cum on more than one occasion and only
occasionally took another guy's load; I had never really developed a taste
for it. I wondered if his would taste like mine. Either way, I didn't want
to leave him high and dry, or stop at the crucial moment. I wanted to
finish him off, as he deserved. A short time later the decision was upon
me. Justin pulled his cock back and wrapped his fist tightly around it."You've had me so close, so fuckin' many times...I need to know,
what...what you wanta do.....""Give it to me," I said, without hesitation. The decision was made without
me realizing it."You want my load? In your mouth?" he asked, sounding surprised."Yes." What else asian preteen modles could I say? The words were out--they were my words--and I
had to honor them."I, ought to know, I...well, I cum quite a lot," he said as a
warning."Nothing I can't handle," I said bravely."Okay," he said. His cock seemed to take on a new life. The already
engorged thick veins pumped blood through his cock into the head which
swelled incessantly in my mouth with each throb. Justin pushed the head
harder and harder against my throat as his lust mounted. I tried and tried
to go down on it but I felt myself gagging every time."Hey, you don't have to swallow it whole," he told me."I want to so bad," I said in a whimper."Maybe if you let it go down so it's more rubbery, you would be able to
handle it," he said.I smiled. "Are you sure you haven't had somebody doing this to you before?""Scout's honor," he said."You weren't in the boy scouts," I reminded him."Do you want me to hold off and take a break and let it go down some?" he
asked. He didn't wait for my answer. He pulled his cock out of my mouth for
a short break. His cock never went down, even a little, but it lost some of
its steely hardness. He gave it to me again and shoved it hard against the
opening of my throat, forcing it through. In that moment of total and
absolute submission, I relaxed my throat all I could and let him shove his
cock through.Awwwhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as he slowly buried his cock in my throat till
his balls were pressed against my face. I lay wide-eyed in disbelief that I
had taken the huge cock down my throat. It was tight and quickly got
tighter as his cock throbbed back to a full hardon. I thrilled to the hard
throbbing that expanded my throat as I fought down the gag reflex and the
urge to choke. He held his cock preteen porn top100 in deep for a long moment before he slowly
withdrew till the head in my mouth."Can I do that again now that you've tried it?" he asked hoarsely.I nodded and he impaled me on his cock again. He didn't ask the next time
or the next or the next after that, and he preteen lust pics was soon fucking my throat."Ohhh...OHhhhhh...Ohhh, fuck...Awwhhh," he moaned with each buried
thrust. From the quiver in his tone I thought he might be working himself
up again. I was right. "Ohh, Colt...Mannn, I'm getting so close...Oh,
ohhhhhh, yeah, just a couple more times..." He fucked my mouth three more
times. "Aww, man, this is it!...I'm gonna shoot...OOHhhh, here it
comes...!"I pulled back off of his cock to pull it out of my throat. I was afraid I
would choke on hot petite preteen his cum spurting in my throat. The head barely burst free of
the tight opening when the first salvo spurted against the back of my
mouth."UUHnnn...OOHhhhh," he groaned. He shot with such force and power that I
imagined my head jolted back from the impact. It was a moment and several
salvos before his cum slithered to cover my tongue and give me his
taste. He kept cuming...and cuming, and I wondered where it was all coming
from, and when he would stop. With the bulk of the head of his cock there
wasn't a lot of room for anything else and my mouth was quickly filled with
his semen and it was running out the corner of my mouth. As he continued to
spurt more hot semen into the mouthful he'd already given me, I was forced
to swallow or let it run out of my mouth. I did both. In another moment of
total submission, I gulped preteen transvestite pic the thick, warm man-juice and swallowed it. More
shot out and I swallowed all I could but a lot of it ran out of my mouth.Moments passed with no sound except our heaving breathing and Justin's
continued soft moans of pleasure as his cock emptied. Then he was still. I
held his cock in my mouth. As I pure preteen models swallowed the last of his load I sucked his
cock down my throat again. It was easier without the steel-hard rigidity."OHhhhh...Awww, man, that feels so good," he moaned weakly.We lay like that awhile till I needed to let his cock go and he pulled it
free and laid over on his back."Geezussss!" he swore, putting his forearm over his eyes again. "Goddam, I
never felt anything like that in my life! That was more intense than the
whole fuckin' weekend with that hooker.""You were right about one shot off enough to white-wash a
room," I said as I climbed off the bed."I warned you," he said.I went to the bathroom to get a towel to spread over the wet spots where
his come had drained out of my mouth and soaked the sheets. Justin moved
over a little from center to make room for me to lie beside him."Thanks," he said quietly."Thanks? Don't thank me," I said."You didn't have to do that....take my load the way you did. Man, I was
fuckin' surprised you swallowed it.""So was I but no more surprised than taking your cock all the way. I
wouldn't have believed I could do that.""Aw, man, that was incredible. This whole thing was incredible. I've never
felt so completely drained and satisfied. I just hope you got something out
of it, too.""More than you can ever know," I said."I'm glad. I don't understand it, but if you did, I'm glad."He crawled over me to go to the bathroom, his big cock dragging across my
stomach. I watched his tight, round butt and my mouth watered for it. I
heard the shower running and I wondered if he were trying to wash
everything away and get clean from what he'd done. I got up from the bed
and waited on the couch. He came out of the bathroom drying off. His big
cock was still fluffed cute virgin preteens
out from the warm shower, nearly hard, and I
wondered how I was able to take it all the way down my throat. I guess I
wanted him that bad."Thanks again, man. That was unbelievable," he said."Do you want the bed to yourself now?" I asked.He frowned. "What the hell is forced preteen anal that supposed to mean?""I just thought you might, now that you're drained and satisfied," I said."No," he said sternly. "No, I don't want the bed to myself. I want you
lying right there beside me, just like we always did.""This isn't like we always did," I pointed out. "I hope you feel that way
in the morning," I said as I stood up from the couch."Why would I young preteen nudity feel any different in the morning than I do right now?"He laid the towel aside and had one knee in the edge of the mattress,
crawling into bed, when I touched my hand to his hip. He paused and glanced
over his shoulder with a preteen pregnant gallery
funny, curious smile, and saw mine as I rubbed my
hand over his butt. Slowly, he removed his knee from the mattress and stood
down, still with a bewildered look. I stood behind him, rubbing my hands
over his solid butt and he clenched preteen galleries underage
his muscles for me."Godd, you've got a hard ass," I said. He laughed and thanked me. "I hope
you'll let me do this," I said in a husky whisper as I knelt down slowly,
running my hands up and down his muscular thighs. He started to turn
around, probably thinking I wanted his cock again, but I squeezed his butt
and he stayed facing the bed. I leaned in porn boys preteen and planted a wide-open kiss on
his butt."Wow! Did I just get French kissed?" he asked over his shoulder, laughing
nervously. I kissed him again, my mouth wide open, and dragged my tongue
over his smooth butt. It was a wet, hot kiss. "Oh, fuck, yeah, I did get
French kissed," he said.I lapped my tongue up and down the crack of his as and felt him tremble all
the way down to his toes. I stiffened my tongue between preteens wearing nylons his butt muscles
and lapped at the sweet, clean smell of a manly deodorant."Ohhhh," he moaned softly.I grasped the twin mounds in my hands and pulled them apart. I was nearly
overwhelmed with the beauty of his asshole framed by his taut butt
muscles. He had just the right amount of hair around it; only a wisp,
actually, more teasing than anything. His asshole was puckered but smooth
around the pucker and he clenched it a couple of times. Maybe it was
involuntary. Maybe it was an invitation. I flicked my tongue out and
disturbed the hair that was protecting his manly portal. He shivered and
moaned. Then I stuck my tongue out hard and dragged it around his asshole."Awwwhhhhhhhh!" he groaned, his head tossed back as he bent over the bed.I massaged his clenching asshole with my tongue and felt the muscular,
rubbery drawstring begin to relax. The tight muscle seemed to push out when
he clenched it, as if in appreciation, or an invitation for me to go
further. I dug my fingers into the pliable muscles around his hole and
pulled his asshole open. Wide open, I could see the delicate, pink muscles
inside, clenching and palpitating. I flicked at the satiny hole with my
tongue and he groaned again. Then I drove my tongue into his hole, hard and
deep as I could and lapped around inside of him."AAWWHHhhhh! Ohhh....Ohhhh, Geezussss! Mann...w-what're you d-doing to me!"
Before he got all the words out he laid over the bed and set his feet wider
apart and jutted his butt back at me to give himself up to me completely. I
could only imagine and hope how completely he might be offering himself but
I dared not pursue that yet, if ever. I dropped forward on my knees to give
him the best ass-reaming I knew how. I had no idea how I was doing, but it
must have been pretty good. He was squirming around on preteen bbs movies
the bed and
thrashing his butt around and shoving his ass back in my face. I
tongue-fucked him till my tongue was tired. He was clawing at the sheets
and thrashing his head around.I could feel the powerful pulsation just below his asshole where his cock
grew out of his body. It was throbbing all the way inside him so I knew it
was good enough that I was giving him another hardon. I reached between his
legs and found his cock pressed against the edge of the mattress. He
hunkered back so I could get hold of it and I pulled it back between his
legs, framed by his big balls. I sucked it into my mouth."OHhhhh," he cried.I sucked his cock and licked his balls and licked and tongued his asshole
in a steady up and down path, till he didn't know which he was moaning
about."Ohh, Geezusss!" he gasped as he rose up and turned around. His huge cock
swung out like a battering ram and smacked me in the face. "Geezuss, you're
going to make me cum doing that.""Is that a problem?""No, I just don't want to go off yet. Fuck, Colt, I can't believe you're
doing this to me. I never felt anything like it. I didn't even know I had
feelings in my ass.""I know you don't understand it, and neither do I, really, but I can show
you a lot more if you let me. I'll do anything to make you feel good," I
said. I urged him back on the bed. "Lie back across the bed." He stretched
out crossways on the bed with his legs over the edge of the mattress. I
knelt down and lifted his legs onto my shoulders and nuzzled my face in his
crotch to kiss his balls. Gradually, as I went under his balls, he lifted
his legs higher then spread them wide and pulled his thighs against his
chest to offer me his asshole again."That what you want?" he asked, peering down at me."Yesss," I said."Ohh, My Goddd," he gasped when I started tonguing his hole again."It spreads open more this way," I said. God, he tasted good. I loved the
feel of his velvety inner-ass on my tongue. Justin started pumping his cock
slowly with his fist. I tongued his ass for a while then raised up and
leaned down to suck his cock which he offered straight up for me. Then I
kissed his abs and made my way up the deep ridge that separated the twin
heaps of his abs. I licked the underside of his pecs and he put his hand
lightly around the back of my head."Ohhh, man, your tongue feels good everywhere," he said. I kissed all
around the broad expanse of his chest muscles till I zeroed in on his
tits. They here big, like pencil erasers, and turgid preteen tgp cp to the touch. I lashed
my tongue around one then clamped my mouth over his pec and sucked on his
tit."Aawwhhhhhh!" he cried out in pleasurable surprise and clasped his hand
tighter around the back of my head to press my mouth harder against his
pec. After a moment I raised up with a smile."I'll bet you didn't know you had feelings there, either," I said."No, I didn't. How do you know all of this stuff, about where a guy's got
feelings when the guy don't know himself?""I've read, and seen in magazines what they do," I said. I moved my mouth
across his chest to his other tit and began sucking on it."OHhhh, Colt...Ohhh, yeah, suck it...suck it hard...aww, that feels good."
As he moaned he wrapped his legs around my waist and hugged me tight. I
didn't know whether he realized that he had pulled my manhood against his
spread butt. I grew light-headed at the prospect of doing something with
it; preteens peeing wondering that he might be inviting me, but I quickly dismissed
it. There was no way this big studly, GI-Joe marine would let me fuck him."I want you to cum again," I said as I went back to his cock."Awwwh, yeah, just keep doing what you're doing, you're gonna get another
load," he said.I don't know where it all came from but his second load was as powerful and
copious as his first. I couldn't see how his balls were able to produce so
much so fast. I didn't take his second load in my mouth. Instead, I pulled
off and jacked him off so I could watch him shoot. His butt lurched up out
of the mattress when his climax overtook him and his cock exploded with a
great, thick rope of cum that shot up about six feet then landed across his
chest and face and on the pillow. A second one hit me in the face, and it
flew everywhere after that. I didn't care where it went; I was stunned at
the volume and the power. He must've let loose with a dozen salvos of the
stuff. Once more, after a moment to catch his breath, he went in to shower
again. I re-made the bed with spare sheets from the chest for us to lie
on. I was sitting on one end of the couch, waiting on him. He came out of
the bathroom and sat on the other end of the couch."Whew!" he gasped as he collapsed and slouched down. I had to smile at his
satisfaction. "You're blowing me away," he said."Are you sorry you came here?" I asked."No. I wouldn't have been sorry even without all of this," he said. "I'm
not sorry you told me, and I'm not sorry you're gay. You're still my best
friend and you always will be." He paused and laughed softly. "Maybe even
more special after this.""I'm curious; when I had you bent over the bed with that bewildered look on
our face, what did you think I was going to do?" I asked."I don't know...I thought you might want to try to fuck me, maybe.""And you still stood down for it?""No, I didn't stand for that. I got caught up in the moment. There was no
way; preteen lesbians net I was just curious to see what you were going to do to me next," he
said.It was pure heaven, lying beside him in the quiet, soft darkness."I can't believe this is happening," I said."It's not like our high school days when we used to stay overnight," he
said."I wish it could've been like this back then. I loved to watch you in the
locker room and the showers, and walking down the halls at hot preteen model school. You were
so studly and sexy.""I guess," hard preteens tgp he said with a soft chuckle. "You know, this is like being in
our own little world, just you and me," he said, with great contentment in
his voice.Neither of said anything after that. Justin dozed off, and I lay and
watched him sleep for a long time. It was all I could not to touch him but
I only watched, till finally, I went to sleep, too. It was a sound,
peaceful sleep. I came awake to find Justin wonderfully wrapped around me,
his muscular arm thrown across preteen lesbian hentai
my chest and his heavy thigh entwined over
mine and his handsome face nuzzled against my shoulder. When he moved in
his sleep, I could feel the bristle of his beard. Godd, he was so fuckin'
ruggedly handsome, it choked me up inside. I lay perfectly still and
watched him sleep. It was the most wonderful feeling, to be so intimately
close to the man who had been my best friend since I could remember. I
couldn't recall a day when he wasn't in my life in some way; I only wished
that those earlier days could have been more like this.He squirmed in his sleep and slowly came awake as he drew away from me.
Suddenly he blinked and raised up and moved away."Sorry about that," he said with a groggy huskiness in his voice."Sorry about what?""I didn't mean to be all over you like that.""I was okay with it. It was like you belonged there," I said."I guess so; I sure slept like a baby," he said.He stretched in a beautiful symphony of muscle in motion and climbed over
me to get out of the bed. He went to the bathroom and came back to stand
at the window."We're still in our own little world; you sexy black preteens
should see the fog out there. So
thick, I can't see across the street."I was relieved and so happy with his mood; that he still thought of us in
our own little world."Hey, do you want to go for a walk?" he asked over his shoulder."Yeah, let's go," I said. I glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It
was five till two. While I slipped on a pair of shorts and T-shirt and my
sneakers, Justin put on a pair of briefs and his hiking shorts, and socks
and boots. He threw a T-shirt over his shoulder and grabbed his baseball
cap off the hook and arranged it just right on his head."Are you going out preteen nylons models
like that?" I asked."Yeah, there won't be anybody out 8yo preteen model
there but us," he said.We left the tomb-like quiet of the bed and breakfast and walked out into
the dark, cool, morning fog. He was right, there was no one but us on forum young preteens the
streets."Still our own little world," he said again as we walked along narrow,
deserted streets, illuminated with twinkle lights.Down a gentle slope we came to a small courtyard surrounded by large oak
trees and smaller bushes with several pathways leading out through tunnels
of heavy foliage and vines. Soft glows of light shown inside the tunnels,
too dim in the fog to light the way. Justin led us into one of the tunnels,
to the lamppost hidden in the foliage."This is eerie," he said as he leaned back against the lamppost. "Looks
like something out of an old London movie."My chest filled with pressure as I looked at him. He was absolutely
magnificent, standing there bare-chested in the soft light."I'm glad you told me," he said in a husky voice."Then so am I," I said. "You don't know how scared I was.""I'm sorry for that," he said. "You should've known I could handle it.""I didn't know, and I was scared shitless that it would destroy our
friendship.""Now that pisses me off, that you would think anything could come between
us," he said.A bird chirped from one of the trees, adding its voice to break the quiet
morning. I watched Justin standing there, aching inside that he was so
incredibly handsome and I wanted him so."I wish I had a picture of this, you standing there like that; it's almost
surreal," I said."Picture it in your mind and take it with you," he said."I'll take an entire album away with me from this time together," I said.He laughed. "Just don't show it to anybody.""I wish we were alone in this place, it's so beautiful, almost seductive,"
I said.Justin looked all around. "I think we are, and will be for awhile yet," he
said.Suddenly, something came over me and preteen nudist family I stepped across the narrow path in
front of him. He gave me a funny look, as if to wonder what I was going to
do. I put one hand on his hip and the other on his bare stomach as I
leaned in and flicked his nipple with my tongue."Oh, Wow!" he gasped as I sucked on his tit. "Dam, that feels good!""You've got such big tits," I said as I trailed my mouth across his broad
chest to the other one.Justin reached up and brushed his hand across his chest. "You've made `em
hard as a rock," he said.As I sucked and nibbled on one then the other of his turgid nipples, I felt
the stirring in his shorts against my leg. He pressed himself against my
thigh."Godd, I could take you righ

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