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Subject: Military Academy Part 2 (m/m) (Oral)
Date: 1999/04/14
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.gay.moderatedFinally the new year was here. I arrived early at the free teen porn trial barracks and started
unpack in my assigned room. porn teen boys About a hour went by and finally Joe walked in
with a big smile and slapped me on the back and said ,"Hey roomy, how
they hanging"? I said ,"Real low but I am hoping for some
That gay teen porn free
night after getting in our bunks, we both seemed afraid to bring up
was on both nude sexy teen video our minds. Finally Joe asked if I was still jerking off teen white lesbian porn and had
fucked any girls while I was home. I, somehow , found the nerve and blurtedout, "No, I just pretended I was playing with your cock all summer,
how about
you?" Total silence.........I free streaming teen xxx
was mortified in thinking he had changed and would
not teen fucked want teen sex clips what I wanted. This year since I was there first I had the lower
cot. With hardly a word Joe got out of bed and sat next to me on the edge
my cot. He grasped my hand and pulled it onto his cock which was hard as a
rock!! After a full summer of thinking about this exact situation it was
unbelievably exciting. I had a hardon that actually hurt. I could see his
cock in the teen audition for porn
dim light coming through the window. As I russ teen porn said he was latina teen hardcore porn
circumcised so I pulled his chubby teen nude
foreskin down to expose a really perfect shapedhead. I stroked it up and down with the skin and saw it start to glissen
precum. Joe stroked me at the same time and we did this for at least 20 or
minutes natural teen tits tgp until Joe sorta pulled back and whispered, "I'm gonna cum
like crazy
if you keep scandinavian teen porn
doing that". He quickly got up and grabbed a sock that was
on the
floor by the bed. He slipped it over his cock and said, "go teens nude videos
ahead, I
get it on you this way." I still really had not seen or really
anything really came out when Joe said he was cumming. I honestly still hadnever seen cum in my life. Lotsa precum but that was all.As I teen 13-15 porn stroked Joe, he leaned back and said, "Faster, man
faster". I sped up
and all of a nude art teen sudden he stiffened out and I felt his cock sorta pulse in a college teen thumbs porn
quick rhythm. The sock lesbian teen squirt
must have soaked nude teens photos up most of the cum because when Joepulled it off I still only saw what I thought was teen zone porn
precum, wetting the head
and foreskin. I said," I don't see any porn teen babes
cum, I bet your just
bullshitting me
about how much comes out". He said, busty innocent teen porn "If you don't believe
me just wait till
tomorrow night, I will prove it! Don't you long free teen porn have a lot of cum when you
I was mortified because I had always lied about cumming nude teen males
and made Joe think
was shooting the same way he did. I said, "I really don't get a
lot when I
cum, never did ! I bet you don't either in real fact!"
"I'll prove it", he
said and jumped into his cot. I went to sleep like I always did with a
hardon that I thought was normal!!!!The next night Joe got into bed best teen porn movies and asked if I wanted to see new teen sex
his cum. I underage teen incest porn
said," Sure , whenever free innocent teen nude you can". I felt black free porn teen the bed bouncing and knew
he was
jerking off fast. In a few minutes he stopped and jumped out of bed and
to his locker and got a flashlight. He came over next to me and said,
the flashlight, I have a present for you". I took the light and leaned
and shined teen peach porn galleries it on his cock. He was holding the foreskin closed over the headlike a balloon. He held his cum free porn teen gallery rag under the head porn teen rape and let go of the
skin. I
about passed out! A thick white gob of syrup fell out porn asian teen video
and onto his rag. I
could smell the Clorox odor and leaned close to see it. He
said,"Believe me
now?". I was sorta speechless and embarrassed at porn in school teen the same time. I
said,"That's unbelievable. I don't get much at all. Maybe it
is because your
a year older than me." He seemed to let it free teen porn trade go at that and hopped back
into hairy teen porn

bed. I didn't pretend to jerkoff because I was afraid he would want to
see my
cum!!! All I had was clear precum!!Over hot video porn teen
the following ketrin katya nude teen weeks we continued jerking each other off and I always
used a sock xxx teen porn nude to pretend I was really shooting cum. I found I was really
on seeing Joe cum. I top gay teen websites
loved the smell and how it shot out in spurts
clear onto his face! As I said in the beginning of this story I am telling the absolute
truth. My
first cum didn't happen until much later in this sophomore year. When
it did,
it confirmed my obsession with cum. It actually is sorta funny the way it
happened.We always had a study period at the Academy that started at 7 PM and lastedtill 10 PM. We all were required to stay at our desks and study the days
lessons and teen lesbian video do whatever homework we had due. Our rooms were small and had
desk on gay teen cum eaters
each side back to back for each person. It was not teen doggy style porn
uncommon for Joeand I to get our work done and then start playing around. We were required
leave our doors open and study counselors would roam the halls randomly to
answer questions guys may have on their work. Because of this we had to wet teen pussy porn be
careful that noone teen big boobs
walked by and caught us with each others cocks in our
hands. hardcore teen sex porn I had grown fond ileagl teen porn of barely teen porn watching Joe jerkoff at his desk and free teen porn mpg shoot cum
right onto the desktop. We would always see if he could shoot farther than
the last time by marking a small home-made teen porn line at the best shot. One night I was
watching Joe beatoff casually at his desk and he turned around and free anel teen porn asked ifhe could jerk me off in the light. I was caught!!! I didn't know what
to do
so I just said "sure" and figured I would try to shoot some
squirts of pee
out if I had to try a fool him. We all know that's hard to do with a
since I was desperate I found (hoped) I could sister teen porn pump some small squirts out
say that was the way my young teen lesbo porn cum always looked.Joe started to stroke my cock slowly and was really trying to make it feel
good. He teen boys nude pics spit on his hand nude teens fucking and flat chested teens nude mixed it with my precum and really made my
slippery. He black teen porn pictures had never done that before and asian teen nude models
I found I started to gay teen boy sucking really
good and leaned back and just closed my eyes and moaned. young teen sex tgp Joe started to rubmy cock with both hands going back and forth on both sides like trying to
start a free teen pussy video fire with a stick the Indian way. I felt an unbelievable warm rush
start over me and said,"Please, please, faster, harder Oooooh shit man
feels great!!!" All of a sudden my first cum started. I honestly
didn't even
know what was happening! Now stop and think of how much free porn teen photos cum I had been
storing up in my prostrate over the previous years!!!!!! I started to shootGOBS of cum all over Joes arm and across my curious teen porn lap and stomach. It seemed to
pour out! I actually had pools of cum laying in my pajama bottoms. It was
everywhere. There was a strong smell of fresh cum filling the room. (I
this porn young teen is true, I know stories all exaggerate what sounds good but this is
true). Joe jumped gay teen tube back and sorta growled. He said,"Damn it you should
have gay teen personals
told me , you shit!!! I have teen porn galliries cum all gay teen twinks porn over me!! I thought you didn't
much!! Just wait, I will pay you back for this one!!!!" Just then as Iwas pulling my pajamas young teen sex clips
around me older man teen porn
and putting a towel in free erotic teen porn
my lap to soak up
some of the cum I looked up and a study monitor was standing teen porn pic free in the
doorway!!! He said, "What's going on school girl teen porn in here? Don't you have
homework to do?"
I quickly slid in under the pthc teen porn galleries desk and said, "Yes Sir, we were just
around, sorry". Believe oriental teen porn it or not he never said anything more than get
work!!! fuck teens free xxx
To this day I am sure he could smell the fresh cum, and knew I was
wiping something off the floor and off my lap!!! He hot teen porn pics
was our French teacherso maybe he knew what was sleeping teen sex happening and didn't care, thank God he just
let it
go!!! I was totally chubby teen porn photo embarrassed and decided study hall wasn't the time
for latina teen porn pictures

this stuff. Even so we did continue teen sex forum occasionally, with much caution though.My porn queen teen
orgasm was so strong it made my prostrate and asshole cramp up!!! I was free movie teen porn
totally elated. I was finally there!!! Joe was mad at me but I had finally
cum off!!! free teen female porn
Before that evening was over I had jerked off two more
was absolutely wonderful. I didn't know what Joe had in store for me
the teen creampie next
evening, but this evening I was happy! As I said, as a young kid I was ableto do it a couple times that night. Joe just went to sleep, sorta mad.The next night I was jerking off for about the third time that day. I was
obsessed with it. As I was starting to do teen titans nude it even one more time free young gay teens
later that
night debbie teen porn pics I realized Joe had not said much to me at all. I called up to him
my bunk and said, "I am really sorry I got cum on you Joe, it
won't happen
again, I promise I will always tell you when I'm gonna shoot, if you
forgive me." I really didn't want Joe mad at nude teen photography
me now that I could
really cum.
Joe said he wasn't mad and he wanted to show me something. He jumped
from his teen queen porn
bunk and before I knew what he had in mind, he did that thing withhis foreskin, when he would cum and hold white teen porn it in like mckenzie teen porn a twins porn teen sex balloon. Only this
he leaned over my face and dumped his whole load on my chin and neck!!!! I
was so bent out of shape I had to run down and take a micro teens nude
shower. To be honest
now, I was not as upset as I wanted Joe to teen steam porn
think. I had sorta formed a
liking for the smell of cum and would have probably just as soon left Joes
load where it schooll teen porn movie was!!! I was just concerned Joe would think I was really
or something.The rest of teen 16 years porn underage teen porn articles
that year was the best I had ever experienced as far as sex wasconcerned. I really don't know to this day if everyone has as big an
the first time as I did, or not. All I know is ever since that night I havebeen one of gang rape teen porn the biggest jerkoff kings I have ever known. Even now I enjoy

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