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My Flock 16
My Flock
By Gary_Q
This story is a work of fiction. None of the events described happened, nor do any of thecharacters exist. These stories may contain suggestively erotic behavior betweenconsenting males, both adult and minor, but do so to better express theemotional youngest nonnudes
feelings of the characters, not to suggest an adult theme. They wouldbe rated between `PG' and `R'.The author reserves allcopyright in this work and all material contained in young toons free it. Stories, or parts of them, may be printed, linked, electronically recorded orreproduced ONLY for personal use. The reproduction of or linking to any part ofthis site by pay web sites is expressly forbidden.
Chapter Sixteen
The suspense that hung over the pasture was all but suffocating as I tried to very young nakedgirls
calm down
and evaluate the sincerity of Roberts' offering. Even if his offer of an apology was in earnest, I
had to wonder about his attitude, how much of a bigot he was. Are you really stupid enough to
go to work for someone like this? I sweet youngest incest asked myself. Erbert squirming against my neck distracted me slightly, and my eyes drifted to the
Platinum haired youngster I knew Roberts' had brought here from South America and adopted so
tightly clinging to my side, his beautiful baby face buried in my stomach. As I stroked the back of
the lad's thin head I glanced away to clear my eyes and was zapped with the worried faces of a
pasture full of youngsters, probably seventy to eighty percent clearly of Hispanic decent. I knew
most of which had been rescued from the same streets Pieter had been, and wondered how much,
or maybe how many million dollars Roberts had contributed helping them. "Can we talk, will you give me that?" Roberts asked. "You guys go finish your ride, let Mister Miller and Doctor Roberts frre young fuck talk," Cindy
suggested as I accepted the cedar twig from her husband. "Let's go guys, it's almost curfew," Adam ordered toward the young pubescent nudes pasture. "Everyone!" he
barked toward our kids. After a series of quick hugs our boys turned and shuffled toward their horses. Erbert dug
his claws into my chest when I young girl gallery tried to hand him back to Johnny, but reluctantly allowed his
young master to put him back into his fanny pack. "Horses too!" Adam snarled. When I glanced around Diablo was standing between me and the pasture gate, a shadow
of what I was sure was Ginger trying to hide behind her. Zoe and her colt were standing next to
Zeus, I would have sworn the big mare was trying to look nonchalant. "Everyone! Ginger, Diablo!" Adam barked. Ginger let out a loud snort and galloped toward the boys, but Diablo stood motionless. I
was distracted by some commotion and turned to watch Zoe nudge Hijo toward the other mares
with foals and turn back to stand next to her stallion. I closed my eyes and slowly shook my head
as she and Adam engaged in a brief staring contest, but she let out an even angrier snort than
Ginger and trotted away. A big crimson neck leaning over my shoulder from behind made me jump, but didn't stop
Diablo from tucking my shoulder into one of her snout snuggles. Either my snicker or the slight
head nod I gave Adam told him she could stay, and he mounted Zeus and rode away toward
Cindy. "I mis-spoke earlier and I am sorry," Roberts began. pics youngest nudity I considered his comment and statement for a second. One side of me said to accept his
apology, or at least hear him out. I looked over the army of youngsters mounting their horses and
riding away. With his education he's not ignorant enough to be that prejudiced, I thought. young ts porn How
much of his personal fortune has he dumped into saving them? But, would you be able to work for someone with his hypocritical, or at the very least red
neck attitude? the more realistic side of my brain injected. I still wondered how good it would
feel to punch him perky young tits
out. This isn't going to work, cut your losses and run, before you screw up
anymore. "Apology accepted, Doctor," I mumbled and turned to the gate. "But, this isn't going young thumbnail gallery
work." I told his symbolic Olive Branch. "I don't think I could work for a bigot." came out
before I realized it. I started toward the gate but Diablo cut me off, planting her thousand pound
frame squarely in front of the opening. "Christian, I'm not a bigot!" he exclaimed. "I'm not a bigot, I'm young sex list
a, a frightened old
mother hen! Please, hear me out!" I took a deep breath, and turned back to face him. "I'm just
trying to protect my son, all of our kids!" I'm not sure if something drunk young
in his face, or the quick calculation that told me my middle-aged
backside was too wide to fit between the fence rails, and that Diablo wasn't going to let me out
the gate made me nod my head at him. I started to walk back over to him, young pussy incest but as close to the edge
letting my temper think for me I knew better, and stayed far away that I was out of range to
punch him out. "I know you have been told of my son Pieter's history, or at least part of it," he began.
He turned and stared for a second or so at the dust cloud made by the teen cam young
herd of horses riding away,
and took a deep breath as he turned back to me. "Most of the boys here are from similar
backgrounds, nothing like Pieter's but horror stories that until a year, maybe six months ago I
thought only existed in the twisted minds of B grade shock-thriller movie authors. If you knew
what all has been done to him, or them, you'd, , ," he drifted off. "What you cant know is how horribly these atrocities effect the child, the children. I know
Carl, and Mike and Bobby have been abused, but, well, you have no idea." He took another deep breath and looked away. I considered responding, even revealing
some of my boys past, but he seemed to recover a little before I could. "After all that I, well my family went through with Pieter I swore I'd never allow him
anywhere near anyone that could hurt him, or even intimidate him. I vowed the same regarding
the other boys we have taken in, if I had my way we'd seal them in a perfect world bubble until
they grew up, far away from anyone that could harm, or even frighten them." This is an MD? Cut the shit, where are you going? Or are you going anywhere or just
rambling? I groaned. "Your friend Mister Young frightens me, I cant russia young nakedgirls imagine how badly he'd intimidate Pieter,
or the other boys we are caring for." I opened my mouth to cut him off, but he continued before I
could. "I know you used to ride motorcycles with those gangs and such, Carl Junior even has a
couple of pictures your twins gave him of you when you were young." They what? I all but gasp. "Considering your job and everything, and how the boys worship you I know your not
really one of them anymore, but, well, Tim, young and hot Mister Young, , , I don't care what his credentials
show, he belongs in one of the motorcycle gangs, riding one of those noisy things. "Look at him, his size, his eyes frighten adults, his voice belongs to a gang boss not one of
our social workers! He scares me every time I encounter him!" Is this dude real? I wondered. Is he that caring, or that easily, , , "Let's go for a walk
Doctor," I snarled before I realized it. young tgp porno I young amature gallary
turned to walk down the pasture fence to the front side of
Adam's house, but Diablo stepped in front of me, presenting her saddle stirrup. She let out a snort
and an instant later Roberts horse was standing next to young kiddie nudes
him. "Well, maybe a ride," I quipped. She young teacher sex
damn sure knows how to break the tension! I
thought as I swung into her saddle. I made a mental note to kiss Adam before I went home when I
noticed his saddlebags, condensation dripping off of them on Roberts horse. I couldn't help but
wonder how calculated Diablo's and Adam's actions were as I felt a little of the tightness in my
neck muscles relax, and the tactful side of me I had learned dealing with ass-holes at work slip
into my thoughts. "Let me be sure I understand you Doctor," I began as Diablo ignored my prod and strolled
ever so slowly down the fence line. "Are you are judging Tim based on his leathery complection,
his piercing eyes, or his deep voice? He's six-four, does that make him too intimidating to be
compassionate? That outweighs all of his accomplishments?" "Christian, that is not what I meant, I, , ," he started to answer. "Let's apply your criteria here," I cut him incest young sister
off. "By those standards, a quick look at Mike
and Bobby's shaved heads tells me they are both Skin Heads, or White Supremists. Adam, with
his long hair young rape porn has to be a dope dealer and radical protester type, maybe even a activist, a youngest small pussypics terrorist!"
His face told me I had his complete attention. "As far as the Banditos you are incorrect, I am still one, once you join you are one for life,
just like your college fraternities. Neither Tim or I are active anymore, but we are Banditos." I
had to pause and wonder about Diablo's timing as we rounded the corner of the house and Dad's
van, then Adam's Jaguar came into site. "Have you ever heard of Roland Jenkins?" I asked. I let him ponder the question for a
second or so before continuing, "I'm sure your wife has, he is Dean of the Law School at Saint
Mary's University, he is also the current President of the local Banditos chapter. "As far as being a Biker, I guess I haven't grown up as much as Tim has," I declared. "See
that thing parked next to Adam's status symbol?" I asked, pointing to my new motorcycle. "I
bought it earlier today. Tim drives a Ford pickup, and a station wagon, but the last I heard
Professor Jenkins rides one very similar to mine." I had to fight back the urge to punch him off young teenage his mount when he all but gasp, "At your age
you still can ride that thing?" You're next bitch! I thought when lesbians young xxx
Diablo let out a whinny that I
would have sworn was a chuckle. "Let me explain myself, please hear me out," he begged. He looked back toward Adam's
house, then back at the vehicles parked in front of us for a second or so. "Let me tell you a little
about myself, where I'm coming from. And please allow me to finish. "This world, with abused children, unthinkable horrors that they have been subjected to is
really new to me, something I never could have dreamed existed until I met Adam, and Johnny
and my new son. Both of my parents were very successful physicians and business people, the first
time I set foot into anything but youngest preeteen porn
very exclusive private schooling was when I began my residency,
and that was at the Mayo Clinic. I thought I had reached the poverty level when Cindy and I had
to borrow the money to build our young euro teen first house, and that was from my parents." He took a deep breath and glanced at me, then back to the back of his steed's head. "Ann
Richards, our former Governor, once said George Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth, I
guess I was too. Actually, she also made some TV ads, as Governor, sitting on one of young asain nudes those
things," he tittered, pointing at my Hog. "First with Johnny, then with Pieter, it took many months, and many thousand heartaches
to even get them to young pussy cp
trust anyone, much less to love us. That is an ongoing process with all the
other boys we have rescued, something that still keeps me up nights. "Loke I said, I would like to do is seal all of them into plastic bubbles, where they only
saw the protected world I did. I know I'm acting like a Mother Hen but, well, , ," he dried his
eyes with his gyoungboys forearm and turned his face away from me. "I apologize for prejudging Mister Young, and you. Will you stay onboard? Please give
me another chance. I'll go with Cindy and Adam's recommendation regarding child young pussy Mister Young.
Please Christian?" he pleaded, extending his hand. I took a deep breath, wondering what to do, but his face told me he was young 15 porn
sincere. "I will,
but if you agree to sit down with Tim and young blond amateur get to know him. Not based on his appearance but his
merits, then decide of you want to hire him." "Thanks," he whispered as I accepted his handshake. "But, us Bikers have another way of sealing a deal," I added as I reached into his saddle
bags and pulled out two beers. Damn! I thought after we clicked our drinks together and he
downed nacked young girls what had to be most of the can in one swallow. Diablo let out a soft snort an instant later and turned slightly sideways, pointing her nose
to the ground. A thin stick vibrating in the grass funlumpkinsing young amateur near her frightened me when I followed her
gaze, I started to panic thinking it was a snake, until an oversized rat attached to the stick darted
away back into the pasture. This CANNOT be real, I'm losing it, shit I HAVE lost it! I groaned as
I caught a couple of glimpses of Erbert's bug-eyes. If I haven't I will soon, I groaned when I
noticed the posse of mounted horses on top of a ridge the little rat was racing toward. Welcome to Walmart's Pharmacy! Would you like a free sample of Prozac!?! I silently
practiced. They're fast acting, I live on them now! Shortly we were surrounded with kids and horses. The boys that had joined ours at Lake
Skinny Dip were missing, but it was a little hard to young hairless pussies tell as our youngsters cheered about what I'm
sure Erbert and passed on to them, and then googling over my bike. First the twins, then Junior and Timmy dove off there horses, over the top of the fence and
raced to have a closer look at my big Hog. After the petted it for tgp mini young a few seconds Jerry and Jeff
began staring at me with identical pleading looks. I didn't notice Junior answering his cell phone
until the twins glare snapped away from me to their friend and their faces brightened like new
pennies. An instant later they bolted toward the house. "Supper!" Johnny announced from behind me, causing a stampede toward the back gate. The feast Dad and Mary had prepared got the boys were so involved in their feeding
frenzy the subject of my new young slut 69 bike didn't come up until everyone was almost done eating. Dad's
reaction was much mellower than I had expected, he fired me a couple of dirty glances when the
kids started bugging me about when they would get to go for a ride on it, but didn't say anything.
Adam saved the evening by reminding everyone they would only have time to go for another
horse ride or take turns on the motorcycle, the horses quickly won out. Well, they adapt to schedules well, I snickered young lolaz
after they groomed the horses and returned
to the house an hour or so later. Each time I looked from Adam's patio into young private porno his family room a
different group of boys were hauling blankets and pillows into the room, as what seemed like an
Army Division deployment exercise progressed more and more Levi clad boys were relieved incest young
freshly scrubbed, Speedo clad workers. Camp Blanket-Nest looked as if it was all but ready for occupancy when Dad and Mary
announced they were going to retire for the evening. A minute after they disappeared into the
house Adam tapped on my shoulder and pointed toward the patio door. youngest sexy
I smiled then wiped tears
from my eyes as I followed his gaze inside. Dad was sitting on the couch with Bobby perched half
on his lap and half next to him. Erbert was perched in his lap, Buddy snuggling between his
knees. Mike hugging the old man's neck from behind as the salty old Army officer hugged and
kissed each of the line of boys that were waiting. Yes sir Colonel , hugs are unmanly, I tittered as I watched him struggle to his knees on
the carpet a minute or so later, kiss Erbert's snout and gently stuff the little dog under the covers
between some of our angels. My day began to catch up with me a few minutes after the Roberts left, and I let Adam
know I was going to bed. The boys had a corny movie playing on the TV, but were gone to the
world. I did get a tail wag from Buddy and Erbert when I tucked everyone in, but could barely
find breath sounds from the others. By the time I got upstairs I began to understand why, and I'm
sure I was sound asleep before my head hit the pillow. I'm not sure how many hours later what I at first thought was Binki or Bandit's fur
brushing my nose each time I inhaled drew busty young me slightly out of my blissful slumber. As I had done
countless times before I reached up to stroke it a few times and then gently reposition him without
really waking up, until my fingers discovered that whichever of my of my pets was tickling my
nose had either grown considerably overnight or was having massive young boys gay swelling of its skull. After
several tries I managed to convince one of my eyelids to crack open slightly and quickly snapped a
little more asia youngest fuck awake as my eye began to focus, what had to be Bandit's head young darkcollection had not only grown to
three or four times its normal size, but his beautiful young blonde pussy white hair had changed to an off-white color,
more like white gold or maybe Platinum. Yeah well, I thought as my one working eye refined its focus and I saw what I was sure
was Carl's button nose and facebow protruding from my blanket right next to Bandit, and a young teen thumb
of strawberry hair behind my youngest son. Bandit let out a soft whimper when I shifted my head
on the pillow to keep from inhaling any more of his fur. I was instantly all but wide awake when the little little young lolas dog mumbled, "Hi Pop," and Pieter's
angelic face replaced what I had thought was youngest teen thumbs my dog's, and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. "I thought you guys were sound asleep," I mumbled. "Everyone snuggled in your, nest
and everything." "I had a dream and got scared Sir, uh Pop," he whispered. I was just waking up enough to wonder where my fourth Mouseketeer was when Pieter
squirmed a little more tightly against me and I felt something push into my ribs below the covers.
A quick probe with one hand told me the headgear laden head crammed between Pieter and I was
Mark. How the hell can he breathe down there? I wondered. "I dreamed I was back in Recife, and I didn't have a, well that you weren't going to be my
pop any more," he sobbed. He took a couple of deep breaths before continuing, "I dreamed that
my family and, and living in America and, it was all just a dream!" "It was just a dream Pieter, calm down," I managed to gasp. "You are here, and, , ," "Please Sir!" he cut me off. "Boys like me aren't allowed to have families and stuff there,
and I have gotten a Mom and Dad, and a Doctor Pop, and a Pop, well and now even a Gramps!"
he softly cried into my neck. "Doctor Pop told me to make my dreams be real, but I don't want
to, ah, for this one to, , ," "Was that a dream?" I interrupted him as I kissed the top of his head. I hesitated, trying to
believe what this little boy, that looked more like a ten-year-old than a young teen speaking
beyond his years was real, and wished all this was a bad dream I was having. "You are here, and
have a wonderful family, a Gramps, and extra Pops and everything. I promise it's real. "I'm not sure what Doctor Owens, , young erection pictures , Doctor Pop said, but I'm sure what he meant was best young nudes to
pursue the dreams you, well want to happen, the good ones," I offered. "We all have bad dreams,
but we have to remember those are bad." Good show fool, you blew that one, I chastised myself. "Are you going to fight my dad still?" he whimpered. I was trying to decide how to
answer when he whined, "Please, when men fight they always kill each other!" All I had the strength to do was hug him for a minute or so. Where are you Adam! I
prayed. "Your dad and I didn't get into a fight, we just disagreed about something," I tried. Kill
each other? rang back through my head. Adam!!! "And, your dad and I are still friends,
everything is okay, I promise." earned me a soft groan. I tried to reach around and pyssy young
rub his back
to relax him, but Carl was so tightly nestled against him I ended up stroking his thin shoulder.
After a minute or so I felt him relax even more against me. "And all your Dad and I were arguing about was what is best for you guys, our kids, did
you know that?" All I got for an answer was his soft exhales against my neck. "Sleep good, my
little angel, I love you," I whispered as I kissed the top of his head. "I love you Pop," Carl's voice mumbled a I felt a soft kiss on my forearm. I reached behind Pieter, but only found a mass of headgear straps instead of my youngest
son's soft hair. "I love you, all of you," I whimpered. I started to pull my hand back and wipe the
tears from my eyes, but just closed them and enjoyed the brief visit to heaven I had been granted. What at first sounded like a heavy rainstorm outside interrupted what had been an
absolutely wonderful sleep. Oh shit, my new bike, she'll drown! young girls nn I groaned. I had to blink and
cover my eyes as I sat up and saw the bright morning sunlight shining through my shy young teen bedroom
window. "Come on! PUSH! Harder, let's see if we can fill it!" Johnny's high pitched squeal added
to my confusion. I had just convinced my eyes to focus and adjust to the bright light when I heard a series
of giggles followed by a toilet flushing. Just as I sat up in bed all four of my Mouseketeers burst
out of my bathroom at the same time, as giddy as a bunch of ten-year-old girls. "Hi Dad!" Carl screeched making my ears ring. Before I could react I was slammed with
a russian young horny four way snuggle and an onslaught of kisses I was sure would leave permanent facebow bruises
on my cheeks. "But, we gotta go! They're already in the pool and stuff!" gallerie young Johnny proclaimed. Instantly
they flew out of my lap and flashed toward my bedroom door like a covey of Quail. Okay, whatever! I thought as I watched their Speedo clad bubble butts disappear into the
hall. I bet I can fill that damn thing! My bladder announced as it demanded my legs rush it into
the bathroom. I had to take a couple of long, slow breaths to absorb all of the wonderful aromas filling
the lower story of Adam's house as I descended the stairs. Mary and Dad forum young fuck
were rushing around
the kitchen like a pair of five-star chefs preparing a State dinner for Royalty, but somehow I
managed to dodge them and pour a cup of coffee. I had to smile when I looked out the patio door to see if Adam was up, and saw the pool
filled almost to overflowing with happy kids. I saw Adam relaxing in one of the loungers and
started to open the door when my parental alarm went off. Kid missing, two kids missing, it
alerted my still half-asleep brain. I quick recheck verified that the mass sleeping nest the boys had
made last night was gone. "Do you know where Mike, and Bobby are?" I asked toward the clatter in the kitchen. "They're upstairs in my bed," Dad answered. "They appeared early this morning." I nodded and started out the door. I was about to close it when Mary added, "When we
woke up this morning we couldn't make them up, so we let them sleep in." I stumbled over my own feet so badly I almost fell as I digested her comment. When WE
woke up? young russian gays Dad, you dirty old man! I didn't know you still had it in you! I quipped. Adam was a little more business-like than I expected, or was awake enough to handle
when I joined him. "We had to move our board meeting to later this morning, Carl has an
emergency surgery scheduled for just before lunch," he began. "It's also you first formal Board of Directors meeting. Here is a copy of the agendum, you
might feel more comfortable if you review it before we began." Even a long sip of coffee didn't calm the knot forming in my stomach as I glanced over
the two page printout he handed me - At work even brief discussion of the number of items they
had on the agenda would have been an all day plus meeting, even with younger post thumbs working through lunch and
supper it would have taken well into the night to weed through all of it. "Oh, and your Dad called Tim and asked them to join us earlier than we had planned,
Roberts young russians naked would like to chat with him for a few minutes before the board meets. He's item
sixteen." My brain seemed to swell slightly as I considered which of the panic questions I should
ask first: Was Tim still in the running? Was I? 'Formal Board of Directors meeting', what
should I wear, I don't even have a tie out here! What am I into? I tried to form into one short
question. "Oh, and Mary agreed to take Tim and his wife, and Gramps, I mean Sam, on a tour of
your campus while we meet. That will let them see our operation, and give us a few days to make
any changes to you and their homes if needed." he interrupted my terror. "I didn't expect anything this businesslike," I managed to mumble. "I'll have to go
change, what would everyone else, what would you suggest I wear?" He surveyed my faded tee-shirt, swim trunks and bare feet for a second or so. "You look
fine like you are Christian," he answered. I could feel his eyes focusing on my beer belly as he
chuckled and added, "Just don't take your shirt off during the meeting, Cindy gets excited easily,
and it would delay the proceedings." I responded with a one fingered salute before I realized I had. A couple of minutes later a flurry skinny kids darting across the patio distracted both of
us. "I think breakfast is ready!" Adam tittered as a wind gust from the door hit both of us. The boys had just finished clearing the breakfast dishes and were drifting one or two back
downstairs after changing into their riding clothes when Adam's gate bell chimed. Here we go! I
thought when I heard Tim's deep voice on the other end of the intercom. At first I was surprised when Mary escorted Judy inside without her husband. It only took
me a second, and a look at her somewhat discussed expression to realize where Tim was, young
I young teenie tgp think
Timmy picked up on it young polish nudist at the same time. I excused myself and followed the flock of kids outside,
and as expected porn to young my friend was standing next to my free cartoon young bike, his jaw on his chin. "Yeah Dad isn't it neat!" Timmy hooted as he pushed against his dad's thigh. "It's Pop's!
He's gonna take everyone for a ride on it, he promised!" the lad bragged. Tim glanced blurry eyed at his son, then me and back to my Hog, a hint of saliva trying to
drop out the corners of his still agape mouth. He blinked a couple of times then ever so slowly
reached out and touched her leather seat a couple of times as if checking to see if it young ukrain girl
was young porn 15 real. He
stumbled next to the big machine and gently petted the underside of her gas tank for a second or
so. "You did? Dude, I don't believe it," he mumbled. "Its, well, dude! Can I ride her?" his
normally salty, base voice all but begging. "At least start her!" he whined. When I offered the key he stared at it for an instant, clearly still trying to believe what was
happening was real before he accepted it. He recovered quickly and swung onto the bike, grabbed
the handle bars, balanced her off her sidestand, and settled onto her seat like he was relaxing into
his favorite chair. "This cant be real," he mumbled as he reached very young wmv down with one hand and gave her fuel
tank's underside a gentle grope almost as if he was petting a puppy. "Yes," he groaned as he
fumbled at inserting the key in the ignition switch. "Take me Dad! Please!" Timmy screeched. "Please, please Please!" he cried, grabbing his
dad's forearm. Tim gave me a slightly dirty look when I held out the helmets I had just retrieved from
Dad's mini-van, but accepted one and nodded to his son to get the other. Before I could say
anything he used his toe to unfold the kickstarter's pedal and with a hard stroke brought the big
bike to life. His face reminded me of the twin's faces Christmas mornings as he dropped her into
gear and circled her around the front of Adam and preeten hot young
Dad's vehicles and back onto the driveway.
Timmy's expression was at least as priceless as he hugged his dad's waist, his facebow and huge
grin reflecting out from under his helmet looked almost like the face shields motorcross riders
wear, but made of bright stainless steel. Yeah, I did make a good investment, I thought as I watched my best friend turn and tell
his son something I couldn't understand, and Timmy's blinding grin get even bigger as he grasp
his dad's mid-section even tighter. Oh God, NO! I prayed an instant later when Tim opened the throttle and reved the engine
a couple of times, released the clutch and launched my brand new bike into a steep wheelstand. You are dead! Go on and crash her, or when I get a hold of you you are so very, very
DEAD! I decided as he shifted into second, then third gear, my brand new front wheel still about
three feet off the ground, my factory fresh engine screaming japanese young pussy
its guts out. I resisted the urge to mass strangle the other boys as they cheered Tim, and had to bite my
lip to keep from exploding at the chorus of horses neighing from the pasture fence. Oh, great! I
groaned when I turned to fire the horses a dirty look, verry young fucking and saw Cindy and her husband watching
the show from their horses. Just as I had decided things couldn't get any worse Tim came roaring back up the
driveway, again on one wheel. Timmy was standing on the bike's back foot-pegs, his thin butt
probably a foot off the seat chubby young cunt and hanging onto his dad's belt with one hand and waving his other
little over his head. Should I kill him for abusing my new bike, for endangering his son right now, or wait
until he finds out the opportunity he just screwed up? I wondered. A high pitched screech that sounded like an air raid siren and made my teeth rattle
distracted me. Well, maybe I'll get in line to kill him, I groaned. Please Judy, don't let any blood
splash on my bike! I silently begged as she charged toward us like an Tiger class she-cat on the
attack, her eyes firing what I was sure were poison darts at us as she closed the distance much,
much faster than I wanted. Quickly the front yard, I think all of south Texas fell silent. I was about to turn and beat a hasty retreat from the charging she-monster when a big pair
of hands grabbed my shoulders from behind and began maneuvering me around like a human
shield. As close to death as I felt I was a little relieved when I noticed presidential young bloodz
my Hog was sitting quietly
on her sidestand, but that relief didn't last long as I was thrust between the big creature behind me
and Judy. "I made him wear a helmet Honey!" Tim whimpered in sex child young
an almost tenor voice. He shifted
his human shield, me, a little more directly between his attacker and himself and added, "And we
just rode young pussy porn
up the driveway and back!" Oh God, what a way to die, I groaned as I felt Judy's eyes drill through me. "Tim! Tim, how could, , ," she snarled. She took a deep breath as her face flashed crimson
and the veins in her forehead bulged so far out I was sure they were going to burst. "I'd like to
speak with you for a minute, privately," she growled. Nice knowing you, I thought when my best friend whimpered a soft 'Yes Dear' and
slithered behind his schoolgirl young gallerys wife toward Adam's house, his shoulders slumped over so far he young russian blowjob looked about
a foot shorter. I recovered enough to pluck Timmy, who was hiding behind his dad with both hands
locked on Tim's belt, away. "I think there is a horse waiting for you," I tried as I turned him
toward the pasture fence. Junior, then Jerry and Ronnie surrounded us in a group hug as I did. "Mom's gonna kill Dad!" he cried as Junior took his helmet off for him. I tried to think of the best way to answer and reassure him everything would be okay, but
only managed to mumble, "Maybe not." I glanced up toward the house, and tried to ignore what I verry young free was sure was smoke coming
from Judy's ears. "You guys go get the horses saddled," I tried. "Go with Junior," I said as I
kissed the top of Timmy's head. Timmy kept glancing back toward the house as the boys led him away and stuffed him
between the fence rails. Zoe and Hijo, then a horse I was fairly sure was the one he had been
riding surrounded the group as soon as they entered the pasture and seemed to distract the
youngster as they prodded he and his friends toward the barn. "Good God, that thing is awesome," Roberts voice rang from behind me. When I turned
he and his wife were standing next to my Hog. "I always assumed only stunt motorcycles, like you
see on TV were that powerful. You don't ride like that, do you Christian?" Yeah well, Tim sure screwed this up, I thought. I considered a couple of answers, Tim had
blown his chances and probably mine. "Not often," I answered. He caught me completely off balance when he just mumbled, "Impressive," and started
toward the house. Things were much calmer than I expected when I joined the other adults inside. Tim downblouse youngest teens was
still alive and only had a slightly sheepish look on his face. Judy seemed to have calmed down, but
her expression told me it still would not be a good time to cross her, or her baby chick. When she
asked where Timmy was I earned a somewhat threatening look when I told her he was out riding
horses, but I felt a little relieved when I didn't see any claws protrude from the ends of her fingers. Cindy did a great job of tactfully separating Tim and her husband from the group. The incest hard young
of them only talked privately for about five minutes, and after a few other teen verry young
adults arrived, to my
surprise all on horseback, we all refilled their coffee cups and adjoined to the patio. Mary's usually nondescript face was precious when Adam suggested she take his Jaguar
to drive Dad and the Youngs to the Boys Ranch for their tour. Is it time for THAT Son Father
talk? I asked myself when she bubbled, "You drive, Sam!" and Dad's leathery old face lite up like
a new penny. Despite the many years of fast paced activities at work I was totally unprepared for the
flurry of activity that the board meeting involved. I had to shake my head several times to keep
my brain from overloading as they flew through item after item on the agenda, approving a
hundred-five thousand dollars for what was probably going to be Tim's new house even
authorizing a blank check to get the house built on an accelerated schedule. Ten or so items later,
in about that many minutes, they authorized Cindy to 'recruit' Tim, open ended salary, just hire
him. I was still trying to mentally catch up young masterbation pics when they voted to put a hundred-thousand dollar
limit on the ten new horses and needed tack I was being tasked to buy. "But, , ," I tried. "If you need more money go ahead with the purchases, we'll approve it. Oh, and here are
your cards, they each have a 250 K limit," Cindy interrupted, handing me three credit cards. "But quality Arabians, and mares only, no stallions. Next item," Adam added. I was about to try an objection, even come clean that sweet young virgins
I didn't know a horse from a donkey
when a loud whinny rang from the pasture, followed by an equally loud snort. Yes, we need to
talk! I groaned as I saw a now saddled Diablo and Zeus staring at me. "I think we have another yes vote!" hairless young pussy
Adam tittered toward his mount. "Next item." We were almost to the end of the program, and had spent more money in about an hour
than most ten hour budget meetings I had attended on base, when my cell phone began vibrating.
As I had done God only knows how many times during upper level meetings at work I
nonchalantly glanced at its caller ID. When I saw Dad on the ID I decided it could wait. An
instant later it vibrated again, this time with Tim's name and number appearing on the caller ID.
The flashing icon in the corner of the display telling me I had another call, a second one young lesibain teens
from Dad,
frightened me. "Please excuse me for a second, but this could be urgent," I apologized as I climbed out of
my lounger and started into the house. I was about to answer Dad's call when still another call
showed up, this one from Jerry. Dad's ring ended before I could answer so I chose Tim's and pushed talk. "Christian!
About time!" Tim exclaimed so harshly I had to pull the instrument away from my ear. "Mary
collapsed a couple of minutes ago, and she's just barely breathing!" he yelled into my ear. I turned back toward the half dozen or so doctors on the patio and called for Adam when
Tim added, "Now Sam is turning pale and rubbing his chest, he don't look too well! I tried to call
911, but I have no sunny young slutsyoung teen slut idea where I am! Get some help, quick!" "Adam!" I screamed. When I turned he was talking on his cell phone ignoring me. amature young "Doctor Roberts, get that!
Stat!" he barked, pointing toward me. Before I could react Roberts jerked my phone out of my hand, and Adam bulldozed into
me, pushing me out of the way as he rushed inside the house. "Prop her into a reclining position
and tilt her head back! Extend both of their necks to maintain an airway!" Roberts barked into my
phone. "Get me some vitals, , , do you know how to count someone's pulse?" I felt my throat
bounce off my rectum when he asked, "Is her chest rising and falling, is she breathing?" "Stay calm ! All of you guys know CPR, do your ABC's, what we taught you! You can
handle it!" Adam screamed into his cell as he burst back onto the patio. "Someone call Life
Flight, I want two birds in the air, RIGHT NOW!" he barked at the group on the patio. "Let's go, I have a jump kit and demand valve ventilator in the car, and a drug kit here,"
he announced, pointing at a satchel on his shoulder. "Oh shit! My Jag! They have it!" His face
flashed ten shades of panic. "Shit, ten minutes on the horses, if I pushed it four or five minutes on
the roads!" Oh Shit, No Shit, that's my dad! I thought. I considered Dad's van, but its high centered
cornering ability, zero to sixty in two weeks acceleration rate said not. "I can get one of you
there damn quick, probably quicker than your car can!" I offered. "Go!" free foto young Adam ordered, pushing a satchel into Roberts arms. "We'll take the horses and
meet you there." "I'm not getting on that thing!" young nude naturism Roberts declared as Cindy and I guided him toward my
Hog. I threw Adam's drug satchel over my neck and shoulder, and fired up my bike's engine as
Cindy helped, or better put stuffed her husband onto the buddy-seat behind me."Hold on tight!
Cindy, open that gate!" I demanded before launching us down Adam's long driveway. I fought off panic when I realized I had reached seventy-miles-an-hour in the driveway and
the gate still wasn't open. I was fighting to slow down when it began to slide open, and squeezed
through what looked like a frighteningly narrow opening and banked hard onto the road. Good
thing there wasn't a car coming! I thought as I righted the bike and dropped the hammer on her
throttle. Damn, you still have it! I congratulated myself as I leaned into the numerous curves on
the narrow road and felt the vibration of young russion nudes my ride's foot-pegs grinding against the asphalt. You're
doing this in flip-flops? I asked myself as if felt the hot sparks burn my bare feet. Roberts didn't
help much clutching my waist so tightly I could only draw short breaths. Fuck it! I hope young tan no one's coming! I decided when I saw a stop sign ahead. Sixty-five mile-an-hour, you can do it! I tried to reassure myself when I glanced down sweet young cunt at the speedometer. I
jerked the clutch lever in, downshifted a couple of gears as I laid her almost on her young girls mastubating
side and
turned the handlebars. "Yeah Girl!" I hooted when I released the clutch and the big bike snapped upright bolted
ahead like a sprinter. Oh shit, I groaned a second later when I saw flashing red lights in my rear view mirror.
Sorry Dude, but I ain't got the time, I thought as I grabbed another gear and watched the
speedometer cross the hundred young virgins portal
mile-an-hour mark. When I back off the throttle and laid us into a power-slide into the boys ranch driveway I
heard Roberts mumbling something, but couldn't tell what. I had slowed down to about fifty by
the time I rode into the ranch's main complex. A crowd of people outside the Director's
Residence told me where to go. After I killed the engine and dropped her sidestand I tried pretty young nudes
dismount, but Roberts death grip on my waist held me on my bike's seat like a seatbelt. I was about to jerk his hands from around me when I heard him mumble, "He guides me in
paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow
of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me." "Carl! Doctor Roberts, let's go!" I snarled as I pulled his arms apart and climbed off my
Hog. "You prepare a table for me, , ," he continued to Backpack explorer young chant. "Roberts, you have to help! You have too help my dad, and Mary!" I demanded as I forum young fucked
but jerked him off the bike. The thunder of horses distracted me for an instant. My stomach sank into my knees when I
realized it was the kids and not Adam and the other Doctors. It fell to my ankles as I heard a siren
wailing and saw a cop car racing toward us. I took an instant to glance and was relieved to see Dad sitting upright, stroking Mary's
forehead. Here at Walmart, we offer free double doses of Prozac on Saturdays! I offered when the
two helicopters hovering over us, and the angry face of a big State Trooper staring at my new
bike and I caught my attention.To Be Continued. . .

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