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From: Sean R
Subject: The Missing Piece of a Piano - 6The Missing Piece of a Piano
By: Sean RobertsAuthor's Note: Please send all feedback to seanr_13yahoo.caBar 6He steps from her snow covered porch into the foyer young nudes 12yr of her
house. Faye's mother, who is slightly taller than Faye, had
opened the door for him. He was ready to shake her hand the
moment he saw her but youngs modles
she immediately insisted he come inside
out of the cold. When the door had been shut their hands meet."Call me Ruth," says Faye's mother. younger photo toplist "Faye will be down in
a--""Daniel!" She comes quickly down the stairs, dressed
casually in jeans and a white shirt. He can young nude sweety
see the darkly
tanned skin of her neck young lesbian teen and face. He has never noticed this
colour before, but it stands out more prominently because of the
white young teens russian of her shirt.He meets young british nudists
Faye's father, who then leaves to call his son.
They sit in the family room, sipping soda, when he walks young jeezy shirt into
the room. Daniel nearly drops his drink young hairless when he sees a set of
bright, blue eyes and long, blonde hair. The hair is not as
long as Keith's was, but is in need of a cut. The boy's
appearance make Daniel say "Keith!" in a loud whisper.Both the boy and his father stare at Daniel until Mr. Evans
says, "this is Seth.""Sorry Seth. 18young You remind me of someone." They R young shake hands
and they all stand to go into the pic young free dining room. Seth is as tall
as Daniel though he is only fifteen. But he does not look older
than his age. There is no shaving stubble on his face; the look
of innocence shines from his eyes. Daniel doesn't think young naturalist galleries of him
as younger, but Seth is still just a boy.They had agreed to meet each other's parents during young slut hardcore the
Christmas holidays. He met hers young naked blondes on Thursday and she is cute pre young invited
to his place Friday. It is a slightly more formal dinner than
the lunch Faye's parents had planned. Both sets of parents
planned their meals to welcome their child's new friend into
their homes.Faye is as nervous as Daniel was the previous day, though
she barely shows it. Daniel stays close to her and makes sure
to keep the conversation going through the awkward silences that
pass between short bursts of conversation and young kid porn
sips of soda.They do not eat because they are expecting Mark home from
university that day. He was supposed to arrive stomp young buck an hour earlier,
but because of the snowy weather he young preeteen xxx
is late. boylove young
Finally they hear
the front door open.Mr. Thompson stands to go to the front and greet young asian illegal
his son
but Mark has already found them. He still wears usenet young sexe his jacket and
gloves, though his luggage has young ukrainian teen
been left near the front and his
feet are covered only in socks."You didn't tell me you adopted another kid!" Mark says
when he walks into the young incest rape room. "When you're away at university
you miss everything!" Daniel is relieved. He is glad that Mark
has come finally because he knows that he can rely on his
brother to keep the conversation going, to keep everybody's
moods light. Almost as soon as they begin dinner Mark asks
where they met."We have music together actually," verry young
Faye replies."You're taking music!" Mark responds. "Back to the--""Piano!" Daniel interrupts loudly. "I'm playing young teen dicknudists young pre the piano
now.""And he's very good," Faye says before placing adult young
a large
piece of lasagne in her mouth."You never told us you were doing music again," says Mrs.
Thompson. Faye looks Brigham discourse young
up uncomfortably. She turns to look at
Daniel, but he stares at his plate."So youngest girls sex you were saying," Mark interrupts. "You met in class,
then what?""We're both doing the piano," Daniel says quickly. "So we
met. That's it." Another silence falls over the table before
Mark once gain breaks it."Could you play us something after dinner?""She's our guest Mark," says Mr. Thompson. "She doesn't
have to--""I was talking to Daniel," Mark says, staring fixedly at
his brother who does not look up from his plate."I don't think so," Daniel says. "Mom this lasagne young penetrations is
really good.""It is good," Faye adds."Thank young nudist sites
you," says Mrs. Thompson."Daniel," Mark says, seemingly oblivious to Daniel's
efforts to change the subject. "If you're playing again, why
not the violin?""You play the young nude index violin?" Faye says quickly, turning to
Daniel. Before he looks up she has a napkin against her lips to
wipe off a small bit of sauce."No," Daniel says, staring at his brother. "I tried it
once, I was never very good." Daniel looks back at his plate."What are you talking about? He was amazing sex young boys Faye," Mark
says. "You mean he never told you?""Faye," young erotic list
Daniel interrupts, turning to his left. "Mark
doesn't know the difference between music and some inexperienced
kid trying to play something. So to him I probably did play
really well.""Oh," she says, almost in a whisper. They are all glad for
the food in front young teen feet
of them. young hairless incest It gives them something to do when
they do not want to look at each other. The table again falls
silent, and this tie Daniel does not want his brother Carpenter cy young to break
it."To everybody you played really well," Mark says."How did your exams go Mark?" Mr. Thompson asks his son
with an unflinching voice."What the fuck young kids seks is your problem? young swimsuit modle Can you just leave this
alone?" Daniel christine young galleries says heatedly, staring directly at his brother."No I can't. You play really well, and I young interracial
think you should
start again.""Mark," says Mr. youngest sex girls
Thompson. "I don't think that this is youngest teens porn the
right time to discuss it." Mrs. Thompson asks Faye if she would
like some more soda while Daniel gives his rebuttal."I think that you should young free nudists
go fuck yourself." Daniel stands.
"Let's go Faye," he says. She looks around at everybody else on
the table. They do not give her any hint about what she should
do. Daniel does not wait for her to stand. He walks away from
the little teeny young dining room knowing that she will follow. He begins to put
on his shoes when he hears her behind him. He does young writers journal not say
anything until they go outside."I'm sorry Faye," he says. "I'm really sorry about that.
I don't know why Mark's being such a dick. He's not usually
like this.""Daniel you're crying," she says. He picture young hardcore was not aware of this
until just now, and he turns away to wipe his eyes. "What is
this all about?" She touches his arm. She wants to young kdz
hug him, to
comfort him, but she does not because she wants him to be able
to speak to her."I'm sorry about dinner," he says. I'll make it up to you,
I promise." She knows by his tone that he young girls tights will say nothing more
to her. He waits for her to leave before climbing into his own
car.*Three pussies sexe young
amateur young 20 hours young inocent cherry
later he is in a club in the city. He barely
remembers young angel porno the drive he just spent in a daze. uncensored young He has not
bothered to remove his jacket which he now regrets as he pushes
his way through the crowd. At the bar he orders a shot of
something and drains it quickly. He then young boy orgasm repeats this before a
familiar voice yells his name into his ears."Daniel! What are you doing young nude bodies here?" yells Steve Miller."Needed to get away," Daniel yells vicky young porn
back, over the sound of
the music. Daniel is led back to the group, to the friends who
helped him to forget after Keith died. He lights a cigarette
and greets all of the familiar faces. He misses them as much as
they do him. He has a few more drinks, and a couple more
cigarettes, before he feels a hand on his shoulder. He smiles
when he turns around, but it young swedish girls
disappears young flashers
immediately. Not
because he does not want to see her but because she is the last
person he expected to run into at such a place."Ashley," he says. She does not hear him for the music.
She only sees his mouth young pre xxx moving in the shape of her name.
Suddenly she throws her arms around him. cute young forbidden Daniel's friends look
uncomfortable; they do not know who this person is. Ashley
takes a quick, disapproving glance at them. "What are you doing
here?" Daniel yells above the music, surprised to see her at the
club he knows his friends are used to."What are you doing here?" she replies."I--I ...""Let's get out of here," she says. He asks her to give him
a moment. 16 sex young He tells his friends that it's important, that he can
not get sweet young cunny out of leaving. They young female nudes are disappointed but he promises
to keep in touch; not like the last time he left.Ashley drives him to a nearby coffee shop. The sign
outside is red with yellow letters. young brasilian porn
Because of it everything
inside--the counters and the chairs and the tables--all appear
red and yellow to him. She quickly orders coffee and they sit
down across from each other. Neither young young nude of them has spoken very
much."Daniel ..." she starts."I'm sorry Ashley." She moves some of amater young teens her straight,
shoulder length brown hair backwards. It does not bother her
but she needs something more to do with her hands than hold a
cup. "I would have told you I was coming but I decided at the
last minute. I literally decided about three hours ago and
drove down.""It's okay Daniel," she replies. "The young tpg girls important thing is
that you're here. Is everything okay?""No. Mark's being a dick. But other than that
everything's fine. How are you?""Can't complain I guess. My parents miss you too you know.
Before you moved you promised you'd come back every weekend. We
never really expected that, of course," she says, forcing a
small laugh. young loita pics "But more often than this.""I've missed youngsex top list you too.""Listen, you're still off for a bit, you'll come home
right?""Of course. But I don't think I can stay past tomorrow.""That's okay," she says. They finish their coffee in
silence. Ashley's parents are asleep when they arrive home. He
knows already where the guest room is and he shuts the door,
promising to see her in the morning. He removes his shirt and
falls asleep.The clock beside his bed says it's two in the morning. The
room is dark but he can make out her outline. young children sexy Her silhouette
looks baggy--the sweats she wears to bed do not show her true
figure. She sits in a chair beside his bed, watching his face
until he opens his eyes."I couldn't sleep," she says."Of course you couldn't," Daniel replies. "I remind young fist
you of
him too much. I can't think about anything else when I'm here."
He swallows and she stays silent."What I wouldn't give to hear that piano again," she
replies. "He used to bug me so much with it. He'd play at the
worst times, when I was studying young lolka or on the phone or something.
He would do it extra loudly when I fuck youngest girls
was watching television.
Once, when he younger babies nude was on the phone with you, I went and started
banging young shaven down on the keys to make noise to bother him. He told
me young lollita girl that you said to tell me that the elephant who died for the
piano is turning over in his grave." Daniel knows from her
voice that she is smiling; he knows from the story nude young cheerleader
that she has
tears in her eyes."I don't remember saying that," Daniel says."Well, I figured kiddy young porn
he made it up."She brings him a glass of water and he takes a sip. lovely young cunt He
asks her to switch off the light. It is better when he can not
see the piano in front of him. The Chopin starts. webcam teen young
Suddenly he
knows the whole thing--the right hand, young group sex the left hand, and the
pedals--which all come together to form the piece. "You
remember that piece right?" Daniel says after pressing the final
note. "His favourite one?""No," Ashley says. "I've never heard youngest xxx it before." The
light comes on and Daniel sees Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, wearing
dressing gowns, standing in the doorway. Mrs. Lewis embraces
Daniel like a son; Mr. Lewis asks him how he's doing in a
fatherly manner. The family sits down.Daniel makes small talk with them, his mind racing. No.
I've never lollipop tgp young heard it before. He looks at her repeatedly, trying
to figure out if she actually said that. Thinking about it
allows him to finally remember something about the piece.Mr. Lewis gets up to make some coffee; Mrs. Lewis follows
him. illegal young photo
Daniel stares at Ashley for a moment. Then he stands and
goes over to the piano. She says nothing while he plays the
piece through again. When he is finished he turns to her, tears
in his young boys links eyes. "I'm forgetting him," Daniel says. "I'm
forgetting what he looks like; how he used to play. But I miss
him more than ever." Ashley stands and embraces him. He hugs
her, unable to stop crying into her shoulder. The sobbing she
has started is even more comforting than her touch."I'm fusker young
sorry Daniel," Mark says young amateur blondes when youngest porn sex he sees his brother."Me too," Daniel says. He has a sudden urge to hug his
brother but he does not. Besides they young boy gallery are sitting on the couch,
the television in front of them young prepubescent nudists glowing and speaking."I-I really thought she knew. I mean you guys are the youngest sex pretty
serious.""Says who?""Oh come on. The way she was looking at you?""Yeah, sure," Daniel says, without the slightest
inclination of what his brother is trying to say. He has never
regarded their relationship as serious. The word bounces around
in his head when he calls her the following day to invite her
for dinner a second time.She youngest thumbs refuses at young offhost pics
first but eventually agrees. She arrives at
his house, an apple pie in her hands. The tension is much
higher than before, the silences between bouts of conversation
longer. Faye stares across the table towards Mark, who looks
back at free young lollitas her. Daniel does not know what to say to anybody and he
eats quietly, watching his plate. Mark, finally, cracks a joke,
and some of the tension lifts from the meal. When she is ready
to leave he walks her outside to her car."I want you to give my brother violin lessons," she says
suddenly."What?""My brother. He wants cute and young to learn the violin, and you're the
only one who can teach him. Even if you only know the basics,
it's a start. youngest fucked Please Daniel." She takes his hand into hers.
"We'll pay you whatever you want. And you can make up the
schedule. You can do as little as half an hour a week, or even
every two weeks ...""It isn't about the money Faye. Or the time. I ... it's
just--fine." She is staring into his eyes and he cannot say no.
She leans into him but he allows her to kiss only his cheek. He
does not know why young amater
he won't let her penetrate more than sex young pre that.She drives away and he touches his cheek; his skin drying
as he stands in the cold. He remembers her eyes and the feel of
her lips on his cheek. He wonders how a girl ever managed to
have such an effect on him.

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