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Subject: Monterey Delights-Chapter 8Disclaimer- Standard Nifty and I will just add, if you
don't want to read it or can get busted if caught, don't.
Easy enough done and I am not responsible if you screw up.
The story is mine, and I am going to insist on its
copyright. So hereby Monterey Delights is now copyrighted
( C ) by cezmail, my pseudonym on the net. Ask permission
to post it elsewhere and I will most likely grant it, but
doing so without is a violation of child photo xxx my copyright. Thanks for
understanding.Dedication- This one I devote to a good friend who has
really given me fuck childs a lot of smiles and support from the
beginning of the Story. Paul aka Coal Black, this one is
for you. Keep hanging in there my friend.Special thanks as always for to Michael H, Bob from CO,
Skip, and Charlie G. Thank for all the emails my loyal
Thanks also goes out to all the other kind folks who have
come across my story and read it. Thanks for all the emails
and support. I am still with it and will hope to keep
writing when I can. May not always write as often, but I am
still here sexy child tgp folks.To all ilegal voyeur child
others, as before, feel free to email me with any
comments. I gladly answer any and all. You can email me at
cezmail1yahoo.comChapter 8Chris was silent for a moment, looking around, to make sure
no one would listen. I was still sweating the moment, my
heart beating faster. I wondered, was this it, was it all
over? My thoughts and heart started to amsterdam childporn
run at the same
speed when Chris finally cleared his throat and spoke." I'm sorry for the other night. I... I was just not in the
mood to get into things, and Noah was about. I know I have
been an asshole, and I want to apologize. Man, you been
good to me and I Unearthly childchild spain nude really liked what we did, but, well its
complicated. Just so much is going on you know? " He looked
at me when he said this last part.Confusion now settled in my head. What the fuck was he
going on about??! " No Chris, I do NOT understand? No
calls, you ignore child sex lola me, you child photo porn throw shit in my face, and now
you waffle the apology. Look, just tell me straight. DO you
want to be friends still? forced child incest
Do you like me, or do you just
want to get your rocks off? Just tell me straight what the
hell is going on. "I paused here to catch my breath and allow him a moment to
tell me his side. intextmasturbation children photo My heart had slowed down, but I was still
nervous. I really hated confrontations, especially out in
the open, but I wanted this settled one pics child porno way or another. I
had enough of Chris's crap and if he was going to be a
jerk, better to ilegal child tgp try to steel myself up for what might be
coming next,Chris ducked his head child pussy foto down, his childs nudist nudes face red in embarrassment
and maybe shame. " Look, I nude child russian really am sorry, Just that I am
trying to be friends with Noah and the other guys, and
well, they are kinda off the wall. Not like you. Your cool,
and I like talking with you, but I want other friends as
well. I naked childporno got a rep that I want to keep up, and you do not
fit in it. Work with me, ok> We can child nude porno still get together, and
well, do STUFF. Just that I may not childrens snow pants always want to talk. "Damn he sounded like an arrogant ass. But he still had a
face that I liked achilles tendon insertion and found attractive,. porn clip child He was offering a
friendship that sounded one sided, all on his terms, and I
had to decide, could I live with naked children foto
that. I was about to
answer when we saw the bus coming. Damn its timing. " Ok,
Chris, I need to think on this. I will get back to you at
lunch or after school, ok? Till then, well just go do your
own thing. "He child sexfoto nodded and we joined the line to board the bus. Chris
went to the back naket children where he sat with Noah, children hentai
and I sat anal children pic down
behind Ann Marie. She nodded to me, but then turned to talk
to her friend, whose name I heard was Lisa. I tried to
ignore what they were going on about and tune out the
laughs and giggles as they rattled on. I was trying to
think about Chris,On one hand, I really had enjoyed our times together, and
the night we shared sleeping together had really been hot.
But with his treatment of me, well that had been shitty.
Reminded me child desnudas of Bubba and Dale, from Long Beach. They had
hung out with me and pretended to be friends, but in the
end, had totally turned on me and led a bunch of the 5th
graders in taunting me and trying to beat me up. The capper
was when our house had been porno vids child broken into and while only a
little stuff had been stolen, then had broken other stuff
and ground messes into the carpet. I lost a world band
radio my dad had given me, as well as a large amethyst I
had gotten at the Science and Industry Museum back xxx children sex in
Minneapolis. Never was able childporn photo free to prove who did the job, but I
personally had been sure it had been led by Bubba and his
asshole brother, Dale.My emotions were running strong as the memory flashed back
as we pulled up to school. I shut them back into the rear
of my brain so I could concentrate on class. I sat down,
but as the clock ticked the start of school, I did not see
David. Wondered what happened to him? Was he sick, or had
something else happened to keep him away? Great, not even a
friend to share the day.Omen was really on a role to make asshole of the year. Ann
Marie seem to shine as a teacher's pet, and I rolled my
eyes as she even flipped her head as I answered right on a
history question. Seem like she was two people. One was
kinda forum sex child cute and friendly, the other stuck up and
pretentious. I shook it off. No sweat off my nose. Omen I
figured was a throw back and had to be close to retirement.
That would certainly help to improve the teaching pool.
This guy was a dick.Lunch finally came to a start and I joined the line to get
some food from the cafeteria. I saw from the menu that it
was pizza. Ok, lets see how it tastes. Biting into it, sexy children gallery it
was not all that bad, for cafeteria food. I sat away from
most others, just concentrating on eating my grub, so I
could childporn paysite go stand off on the field and think. Chris was back
in my mind and I was trying to decide what I was going to
do.I did not see problem boy or his crony Noah, but I did see
John, the boy I rompl vombat child had played at the park with. He was alone
as well, just kinda walking around , not talking or
interacting with anyone. Maybe we child pron 15yo could talk and see if we
might get along at school." Hey John" I said as I got close enough." Hey Charlie. "" Up to anything? "" Naw, just hanging out. Didn't feel like playing any games
or hanging with anyone. Just want the day to be over. You?
" He looked kinda approachable now." Nope, just doing my thing. I agree, get this day over
with, Omen is an ass you know. " I looked nudes childs to see what his
opinion was." Yeah, he sure is. My brother had him for 3 grades, poor
bastard. he really hated that creep, and was really happy
when he left to go to Colton. ( Colton Junior High ) He
really likes it there. Pretty cool kids and he has a whole
lot of friends there. Well child sexe at least we only have child porno picture
another 2
months of Omen, and then summer. " He continued to just
stand there, but now we faced one another. I took a moment
to get a nice look at John. He had black hair, cut in a
preppy style, and had dullish blue eyes. He was my age, as
we shared class together, but was about 2 inches shorter
then me. Cute, though not as cute as Chris.WHAT? Could I not get Chris out of my mind? Damn he was
really into my brain. I shook it all indonesian child tgp out and childern porno focused on
John. " So John, what are your plans for the summer? "" My child defloration videos family and I are going to Disneyland and Knott's Berry
Farm. My grandparents live down there and were sp[ending 2
weeks after the 4th there. Not sure of child hairy pussy the rest. " He then
asked me. " So what will you do? "" I have no idea. Doubt we will travel much, as we just
moved ilegal movies children here. You will like Disneyland and Knott's. I went russian childrenchild sexy pussy to
both of the places last summer while in Y camp. Had a
blast. You been there before? "" No. " He replied. " At least not in some time. I think we
went when petit child hardcore
I was a kid. My brother Sean might know better.
So what do you do after school? I saw you hanging out with
David. he is kinda of a geek you know. You got childlover pic torrent
any other
friends? "His comment about David kinda ticked me off. So David was
kinda quiet and liked to draw. So what if pussies child
he was not in the
main crowds? movies child porno He had been kind to me. But I said nothing, as
I was enjoying the talk with child sexy kdz
John and did not want to be an
asshole about stuff." Well I like David, children cute nude
we talk and have fun. I hung out with
Chris, you know from the other class, when I first moved
here. He is the friend of child pussy porn Noah and the 6th graders. Not
really made friends with anyone else. Just been here a week
you know. " I looked at him. " How about you, I seen you
hang out with Noah as well. You two friends?John shook his head slightly. child blowjob videos " Not really friends. Just
hang out and get together now and then. children gallery porno
I got some friends
from my neighborhood, who go to private school, and child erotica paysites I get
along with others. My brother and his buds are cool and I
go with them when they allow. Noah, well he child naked can be rough,
but not too bad. Chris though... well just watch yourself "
The last was said child l porno
in a softer tone and I was about to ask
why, but the child bride nude bell rung, putting a stop for now in our talk.
We gathered our bodies to join the masses as we made our
way back to class. not really talking. I still had not seen
Chris and wondered what had happened to him.Noah was not in class when we got back, and this was
surprising? Wonder what happened to the red head? Oh well,
no skin off my nose, unless Chris was off with him. Even in
that case, I still had not made my decision. The last
comment by John got my brain working again and I did not
pay a lot of attention to Omen.As the day wound up its way to the photo child porno
end of class, I decided
I would give Chris another chance. child tits girls Maybe he would get
better and we could be good friends, but if not, well at
least children ass fucking
I gave it a try. But I would be on guard and not
totally trust him. I was getting cynical for an 11 y old. I
would just watch and if he started to be too much photos childens nudes of an
ass, I would stop talking to him and stay friends with
David and others. John seemed cool, so maybe he and I could
get child naked pics together and hang out.Bell finally rung and I got my books into my backpack for
my home work. The bus ride was without any incidents and
once I got home with my sister, I saw mom was gone. Looked
for any notes, but found nothing. Christina was off to her
friends, so I had the house to myself.I thought about it and decided to give David a call. I
looked for childsex clips where I had left the paper with his number, but
was not able to find the bugger. Then I prevent child pornography
thought to look in
the phone book and getting to motels, found the main
number. child super seks
Well this way his parents could transfer the call
for me at least,After it rung a few times , a strange voice answered asian child porn
the motel. I paused, and then asked. " Hi, I'm a friend of
David. Umm the son of Erma and Riley. Is he there? "The voice replied. " No, I am sorry. They are gone for a
few days. I am a relief manager. Would you like to leave a
message? "" Do you know where they went? What happened? "The voice, which I thought now was a man, said, " forbidden childsex Sorry, I
don't know and could not say even if I did. I will be happy
to take a message and your number though. "I sighed, Damn, David was someone I could have really
talked to at this moment, but seemed I could not have that.
" Ok, just pass along that Charlie called and was thinking
of him. " I gave my number again and hung up. What to do
for the day?I grabbed some chill sex pics cookies and a soda, and nudes child fotos
just sat back to
watch some cartoons on KATU, channel 2. They had a decent
selections of cartoons, including one that I had followed
down in Long Beach, Battleship Yamato. I munched on my
food and drank the soda as I vegged out, a little
depressed. I could still not call Chris, so even if I had
wanted to meet up with him, I couldn't.The night Vintage chili recipes went by and the next day was again a repeat.
Chris was not at the bus stop, now was Noah, so again I was
in limbo. During lunch John children pics
and I talked some more and he
seemed like a cool child beastiality porn
chilly porn guy. We both liked science fiction and
bike riding, Towards the end of lunch I asked him. " hey,
do you child lesbian xxx think you want to meet up after school? Maybe go
bike riding and check out the tourists? "" Yeah, I would like that. I will give you my number and
you can give me yours after class. I got no paper or pencil
on me now. " He smiled and I thought , yeah, wed can just
hang out and have some fun.Class ukrain child finally ended and as we exchanged numbers, we got on
our buses. John lived up in Alta Mesa, ilegal child photo a rich neighborhood
on the rear side of the college. he said to call about 4,
as he had some chores he had to do before he could go out.
I nodded and ran to get on my own bus.Come 4 I gave him a call, but the number was busy. I tried
again, just in case I dialed wrong, but no dice. I waited
15 minutes child top defloration as I did some more homework, and it was STILL
busy? What the hell was happening? Finally, after 3 more
tries and about 5 now, I decided to try ONE more time. This
time it rang and a voice that sounded it was into puberty
"Hello? "" Umm yeah, is John there? "" Who's this? " it asked." Charlie. I'm in his class. He asked me to child asian xxx call." I
figured this was probably John's brother, Sean." Oh, childporn paysites Charlie. Yeah, John told me you might call. He had to
go out. I will tell him you called. What's your number? "" This Sean? " I asked." Yeah. So you want to give me your number? I'm expecting
some calls, ok? " Sean sounded perturbed. Guess I had
interrupted his precious social life. Yeesh.I gave it to him nude child freepics and hung up. Great, another strike out. I
was preeten childs
disgusted and so left a note to my mom that I would be
back around 6, and got on my bike. I took a pass by Chris's
place at the laundry mat, but he was not there.I rode past the wharf and did some people watching. One
boy, Maybe about 13, caught my eye. he was wearing hymen child photo
tight shorts that really showed off his legs and butt. horny child free He
was walking with his family, and they were looking all
about. Had to be childporn ru tourists. I followed for a while, walking
my bike and pictur of child allowing my mind to wonder thinking about this
boy. child porn iligal
He and his family talked in some language, that I
think was German, so parental child porns I could not understand anything. Not
that did not stop me from enjoying the view.Well I got back and my mom told me that both David and John
had called. I wanted to call both of them then, but supper
was on so had to delay. I wanted incest xxx children
to rush the meal, but Mom
and Dad wanted to talk and discuss the day, so I waited it
all out and joined in. I learned my mom had gotten a job
and started Monday,. This meant that I had to keep an eye
on my sister, or know where she would be. I was ok with it,
as I was doing this already and most of the time she went
straight to Ashley's anyway.Finally we all broke up and I went to make my calls. I
called David first, but he and his mom had gone out for
dinner, and his Dad said that David might not be back until
late, as they were going shopping afterwards. I wanted to
ask where they had all gone to the other day, but I did not
feel bald pussy child it would be right to ask Riley, so I left a message
that I would see David at school.Then I called John, but again Sean answered. Said John was
sleeping, so I had nude children humiliation
to leave another message. Damn strike
out again!!, I sighed as I hung up the phone and went to go
read, very frustrated with the missed calls and getting
together with John. Well tomorrow was Friday and with that,
I had the weekend.I had a dream that set me on edge, Something to do with
Chris. It was very sweet and erotic in the beginning, with
us naked in bed and just touching and playing with the
other. Then it nudism children pics grew kinda dark and Chris's face took on a
nasty edge, just like when he and I chilporn nude pics had talked when he left
the store. The final image I had before I lost track of my
dreams was Chris again touching me, making me hard. Damn
these kind of dreams.
Well after doing my morning duties and getting breakfast, I
was ready to head to the bus. Christina's asthma was acting
up today, so she was staying home. Fine by me. One less
thing to worry about on the walk to the bus. It was a
sunny, warm day, and for once, there was no fog to damp child pic sexy it
out., childsex xxx I turned the corner for the bus anima child porn stop and saw the
usual crowd. Ann Marie and Lisa were giggling and talking
in low voices, and others who I had not really gotten to
know yet as well. Just as the bus was to arrive, Chris and
Noah showed up.Damn, another chance to talk to Chris shot down. I went to
at least say hi to Chris, but I stopped. Something child suck feet
wrong. Noah had a smirk, not a nice one. Then he shouted
out as the bus pulled up. " Hey Faggot. "-------------------------------------------------------------Ok the end of Chapter 8. I have gotten into the very bad
habit of many writers with cliffhangers and leaving you
wondering what is to happen. I will just say, stay tuned
all. : ) I have much more to share and reveal if your all
still interested. I know I am still willing to write more.Keep the emails coming if you like, hate, or have
criticisms to my style. I am open minded and am willing to
listen to your opinions.Praise me, flame me, or just tell me where I may improve or
screwed child foto pic
up. I am more then willing to reply and we can see
what the future foto sexe children holds. Email me at, I posted a new story. It is in the gay Science
Fiction and Fantasy section, titled " Battered Barbarian
and his boy. If child in nud your interested, give it a look over.
Chapter 2 of that tale should be posted when this one is.
if you do read it, please let me know what you think.
Totally different from Monterey Delights.ThanksCharlie
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