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From: doned88
Subject: MORNING WOODIt wasn't as if any of us didn't know something would happen. Chuck and
Enid didn't believe pre teen gallery thumb
when pre teen girls boobs
I told them."Look my folks pre teen thumbs free
said it's ok. You two move in and we have the place to
ourselves. We just have to keep it clean so when they return everything
looks the same." I explained."You're fucking kidding me" Enid accurately voiced my own reaction when
my parents told me."Honey, you know your father pre teen porn 14
and I are going on the cruise. But we
don't' feel comfortable leaving you alone in the house" Mom said.As I was getting ready to hear that I'd have to go to stay at my
grandparents or that one of my horrible Aunts was coming to visit she
continued."We know you're old enough to take care of things but pre teen models slut we think naked pre teen models it would
be better if you weren't left here alone."I knew she was about to say an Aunt was coming young models pre teen to visit. No more
fantasies of running around the house naked for two weeks, getting drunk,
watching Dad's porn or some of my own, on the big screen."So why don't' you invite a couple of your fiends over? We need to know
their parents are ok with it of course" She added.I was too stunned to remind her that I was 18 and most of my friends
were. We didn't' need our parents approval, at least not legally."Uh ok" was the most intelligent thing I could say. My head raced with
all the pre teen nude gratis possibilities of the upcoming two weeks spent in the house with
my friends."It'll be like a rehearsal for college" Mom said smiling with
satisfaction I hadn't argued with her. Why would I?"So who will it be?" she askedI knew at world pre teen sex once who it would be. Enid and Chuck had practically lived in
the house anyway. They always came over after school when we were in high
school. We had many late night horror movie and pizza parties pre teen showers and in the
darkness that midnight provided we snuck out to the pool and removed our
shorts to go skinny dipping."Boys it might be a good idea to turn off the pool lights when you do
that" Dad told us after one of the times. We expected him to give us crap
about going naked in the back yard that time. We made sure the lights
were turned off after that."Fine they're good boys" My pre teen photo gallery Mom said about Enid and Charles as she called
him. I wasn't sure she'd approve since once in awhile she mentioned they
were femal pre teen
always there, always eating dinner with us and always hanging
around.I was surprised she actually liked them that way."Shit man do you know what we can do?" Chuck added to Enid's response."Ye yea but nothing gets broken, if we mess up stuff we clean it up, we
replace food and drink" I began to set up the rules Dad had outlined for
me."BEER" Enid interrupted me."Especially the beer and liquor" I added pre teen passwords knowing I had already coveted
the beer in the frig."PARTY TIME" Chuck said standing up and twirling his t-shirt he had taken
off earlier."Uh not sure about that" portal pre teen
I said "maybe a small one, pool party that kind
of thing" I said as I began to pre teen pissing
realize the responsibility I was being
given.The folks left the house as we three stood in the driveway wearing only
our swim shorts. We waved. Enid grabbed my butt and wouldn't let go. The
horsing around began even before the folks cab had turned the corner.We virgins pre teens ran into the back yard and dove into the pool to begin our two weeks
of occupation. boys fucking pre teens
Grilled hamburgers and five more friends showing up later,
we were having a party.Enid and Chuck had been busy on the phone even before they showed up with
their backpacks and books."Gotta study" Enid said. He was taking some pre college courses at the
nearby community college."Fuck that" Chuck responded with his usual low priority for schooling.I understood. College loomed ahead for all of us like a facade rather
then a doorway to our future. We three would be going to different
campuses despite our desire to stay together as we had been since grade
school."There'll be time" I assured Enid "We'll make Chuck do all the cleaning,
since he'll probably make the mess anyway" I said.The hamburgers grilled easily enough. The crowd laughed, cursed, swam and
sunned the afternoon away.Most decided to stick around for pizza and a movie. My Dad's big screen
TV was well known as a magnet for such gatherings anyway. He got it
during pre teen labia
my senior year in high school and I became instantly popular.As Vincent and Mary left signaling the last guests to go, I sighed. There
was cleaning up to do and I was ready to accept the "let's do it
tomorrow" response I'd hear.Instead Chuck and Enid were already busy throwing pizza boxes away,
fluffing pillows, and taking garbage bags of pop cans out the back door."Wow great guys, naughty pre teens
but we gotta deal with the grill mess" I reminded them."Done" Chuck said without looking up."He did it during the movie" Enid said adding a facial response imitating
my own surprise."Saw the thing before pre teenporn
anyway" Chuck said and stretchedSo the two weeks started out the best way.I lay in bed wondering what the next few days would hold but more
traumatically was the month later when my packed up Honda would be
heading to a campus 200 miles away."Hey sleepy head, Enid's making breakfast" Chuck's loud voice woke me. I
looked though my half open eyelids to see him standing there wearing his
white boxers tented by his morning wood."Wow" I offered my appreciation as I had before."Yea Tomas likes living here with you guys" Chuck said. He called his
cock Tomas; I don't know why or when he started doing that.I think I first realized he had named his erection when we three were
jacking off together in summer camp. pre teen uk porn
And I noted he only called his penis
a name when it was hard, young nud pre teens which it was most of the time during high
school."Tomas wants help" Chuck moved close and I pushed the covers back. My own
morning wood became visible since I had started sleeping in the nude free pics pre teen
year before.I knelt on the mattress and pulled Chuck's boxers off his hips."From now on, no underwear, we have the house to ourselves, so no clothes
inside" I announced the new house rule."What about outside?" Chuck said.Our backyard was private though neighbors on their second floor could see
parts of the yard."Only at night" I reluctantly added."What about the roof?" Chuck smiled.It was on the roof we three had moved from jacking off side by side to
jacking each other off and still later sucking each other's cocks."Tomas need help" Chuck bobbed Tomas in my face.I Russian nude pre teens licked it and savored the imagined taste as I moved my lips around it
and down its stalk until I gagged.My tongue moved over it inside my mouth, swirling around the head when it
was nearly withdrawn and pressing underneath the head when it was banging
against the back of my throat.'FUCK" Enid said when he appeared at the door to my bedroom. Apparently
he already naked art pre teens knew about my new house rule since he was naked except for a
tented apron he wore."Breakfast guys" He said."Tomas good breakfast" Chuck said as he grimaced in pleasure found in my
mouth."FUCK" Enid added"No blowjob" Chuck said pointing to my cock.Enid pre teen porn torrent was on the bed in seconds and wrapping his own lips around my cock.It had occurred to me that this week we three could have as much of this
cock play as we wanted. And we could do it anywhere in the house we
wanted not just in the privacy of my bedroom.Yet here we were right where we had been many many times before doing
what we learned we liked to do on the roof that sunny July in our 15th
year.I came soon, too soon since Tomas was still seeking his own moment.Enid smacked his lips and jacked his cock as he watched me suck Tomas and
when Tomas' sperm began spilling out of my lips his mouth was there to
catch the drips."OK guys come one, I made pancakes" skinny pre teen Enid said as he hopped up."What about you?" I asked seeing Enid's apron was still tented."Later, besides we have two weeks" he said as he underage pre teens left. I watched his
bubble butt asscheeks move."We gotta do something about those" Chuck said looking at Enid's
departure, "yours too I think""Maybe" I said"Oh ho, so now it's maybe" Chuck said alert to the fact my usual "You
wish" or "when pigs fly" or "when hell freezes over" response had
changed."We have two weeks" I added smacking my own buttcheek as I headed to the
bathroom while still savoring the taste of Tomas cum in my mouth.We stood side by side holding our half hard penis emptying our bladders.There's something masculine and bonding about friends standing together
pissing. I remember getting that feeling when I was a kid and on a
camping trip. Enid and Chuck were there, so were our other Boy Scout
friends. We stood outdoors in a line holding our cocks and shooting
arches of urine in front of us.Naked, Chuck and I headed to the kitchen where bbs pre teen cp
Enid was scrapping
pancakes from the griddle and piling them on a huge platter.Chuck and pre teengirl porn I didn't hesitate forking them to our plates and covering them
with butter and syrup.Enid moved to the table and with erotic fotos pre teens a flourish pulled the apron tie
revealing his very fat erection."You can put your own butter on yours" I offered "want a hand?" I reached
over to hold his cock. I loved the feeling of his cock in my hand.I remembered when we were cub scouts and I felt it for the first time. It
got hard in my hand and was so thick my fingers couldn't encircle it. My
fingers could fit around it now."Naw, syrup now, you can play bangkok pre teen porn with it later" Enid said and sat down
pulling his cock nymphs pre teen
away from my grasp."Rub it" he pre teen panties wet had whispered in the darkness. I didn't know pre teen nude thumbs why he said that
but I pre teen ukranian models did as he asked and he started breathing funny. "You ok?" I asked
and he told me to keep rubbing. When his fat penis shot our streams of
cum I thought it was piss. I couldn't see in the dark but it felt
different then watery piss."Taste it" he said. I didn't do it. His own fingers dipped into the
spilled cum and I heard slurping sounds. I stuck a finger in my own mouth
and didn't like the salty taste. But I kept tasting and heard him pre teen lesbian pics doing
the same. That was very long ago. I had learned to like the taste since
then."You cooked we wash" Chuck announced as we finished our consuming of
everything edible on the table. We were famished. Maybe it was the
morning exercise, the day before fun, the fact we were horny young men or
just because.Standing naked at the sink, Chuck and I washed the dishes. We ignored the
dishwasher for some reason preferring to splatter ourselves and each
other with soapy water completing our chore.Enid had disappeared. We presumed he went to the bathroom."OK what next? Our first full day occupying your house, what should three
naked, horny fuck buddies do?" Chuck said as he folded the hand towel.I was amazed how much against his reputation he was acting. He cleaned,
was neat, considerate and acting different then I had remembered him
being."I have one idea" his hand rested on my buttocks and pulled me close "I
think it's time" he said."Later" I said."Really?" he asked.My cock was expanding. I had played with my butt when jacking off even in
front of the guys. My married sister's dildo had been inside it as had a
few other things around the house. Once when jacking with Enid he
grabbed my cock pre teen fucking images and jacked it for me and used his other fingers to finger
fuck me. I was never sure if he told Chuck about that time or not. But I
liked it.I knew I wanted to get fucked and trusted Chuck and Enid to be the ones
to do it. They didn't' care if it was gay stuff or not. Hell, we'd been
jack and suck buddies for the last few years.Before that we knew things about each other that even our parents didn't
know. We examined our first body hair, seen each other sick and well,
watched each other's bodies develop and even consoled each other during
times of anger or sorrow."Later, I promise" I said and kissed him. We didn't kiss often. Sometimes
in the throws pre teen japanese models of our pre-orgasm wrestling, our lips touched body parts or
even each other's lips. But I didn't remember kissing for any other
reason.Perhaps that's why Chuck's face looked blank, maybe surprised, maybe
confused when I pulled back from kissing him."Hey guys you gotta see this" Enid interrupted the awkward moment and we
three were soon in front of the big screen going nuts over Family Guy,
then some other Adult Swim cartoons.Crumbs of munchies and crushed coke cans later we lay in our various
positions sleeping. I awoke with a bladder alarm and returned. There they
were my two best friends looking like drunken fraternity guys you see in
the annual college drunk student films.Enid was sprawled on the couch, with trails of his sandwich on his smooth
skin. His legs were pressed together and at the top of them his ball sac
and cock lazily hung down over on leg. I knew that body well and knew the
owner better then my own pre teens 8 model
parents.Chuck was on the floor his hands spread out as if someone pre teen art erotic had put them
there for some Christian ritual. His legs were spread out too as if to
beckon my mouth for his ever needy Tomas satisfaction. His head lay back
on the edge of the couch and the semi snoring sounds I had gotten used to
years ago signaled he was sleeping perhaps dreaming of one of the big
breasted girl he talked about so much. Due to Tomas hardness I assumed
that was his dream. Perhaps it was something or someone else.I always wondered, if not worried, what they thought about me. Did they
secretly know pre teen posing we were doing what gays did for sexual satisfaction? Did
they worry they were gay or that I was? And when would it stop? What day,
event, realization or desire, what woman or parent or book would tell
them it was time to "put away childish things"? Would our friendship end
with some argument about it or some sullen avoidance?It was as if the answer moved through me like a warm rush of surf like
the one we encountered at the first nude beach we went to with our
graduating class. It was a hot day and we all went to the beach. Nobody
refused the suggestion and nobody complained.All of us over fifty were there stripping off our trousers, dresses,
skirts and shirts as we ran like angel pre teen
an ancient tribe of angry hordes into
the surf. It wasn't sex; it was all of us wanting to make a grand
gesture, violating a taboo and daring some adult who had controlled us pre teen sex naked to
stop us.But in my mind there was the warmth of the water that moved over my body
that left an impression.And that warmth flowed over me at that point. I pre teen boy erection knew the answer to my
questions. We had two weeks left.Day Two came and our morning wood displayed freely as we did our morning
bathroom chores. Enid stepped into the shower with me and his pre pre teen gallery
soapy hands
moved over me head to toe.I responded in kind and began to jack him. "He said not now, he was
saving up" and moved my hand away.We rinsed and pre teen peeing stories toweled each other as we had been doing this for years,
when in fact we had never done it at all. There was some back washing and
back towel stuff, but we did that for each other on the various teams in
high school.Chuck had joined me on the wrestling team. Enid had gotten onto the swim
team. We went to each other's meets and matches. Even though we weren't
on the team, our team mates welcomed us almost like members knowing we
were close friends."Like brothers" I said out loud. Enid said "what?"Chuck yelled for us to come to the kitchen. He was cooking omelets. This
was a new side to Chuck I didn't know about. He cleaned and pre teens mpegs now he
cooked. And the omelets were not only good they tasted like food you'd
get in an upscale restaurant.This was a different Chuck or Charles. Over the years his visits were
casual, sloppy and outside of grilled hamburgers I never knew him to know
anything about food."Where did you learn to cook?" Enid asked the question that was on my
mind."Mom". She taught me early. Said asian pre teens nude
I'd have to do it sooner or later"Enid and I didn't know what to say. We had held him when she died. We all
knew she was going to die. Her cancer was detected when we were kids. But
somehow she lingered till our mid teen years. And she didn't' reveal how
much pain she was in or what suffering she must have gone through."Remember boys every day is precious, treat it like it's your last one"
her words to us when we were caught doing something naughty, I don't'
remember what, remained in my head. We didn't know she was going to die
then."Thanks Mrs. Marshall" I said toasting with my orange juice towards
heaven. Chuck turned around quickly then seeing I was being serious,
lifted his glass. Enid joined us and we three froze for a moment. We had
shared so much. We drank and talked about the soccer match we planned to
attend.By the time we got home, it was dark. We were pre teen lollita
tried which I think
surprised all of us. We went to the back yard and smoked a joint we had
obtained pre teen video clip
at the match and I stood stripping naked and dove into the pool.The lights nubile pre teens were off.Day three started late. "Your turn" was words I heard in a weird dream
that involved elephants, marching bands and Enid on Chuck's shoulders.I awoke to see the same thing Enid was on Chuck's shoulders. Chuck's
penis was Tomas as usual as was mine. Enid's morning wood was pressed
against Chuck's back."Wake up, you're the chef today" Enid said"And our pre teen model xxx dinner tonight" Chuck added laughing. He held a champagne
bottle. It was clear the two had been either making mimosas pre teen russian sites already or
drinking straight champagne.I cursed them and went to the bathroom to think about what culinary
creation I would offer them. "Fuck why am I cooking it's my house?" I
said to myself in the mirror. My cock begged for attention.Instead I loved the idea of grease spattering on it and went downstairs
to make eggs, "any way you want em" I yelled out to my two companions who
were swimming in the pool, naked, in daylight.I ignored them breaking the rule. And if some neighbor was watching from
their window, I presumed my phone would ring or cops would show erect pre teens up or
they'd be banging on the door. None free pre teen cunt of that happened as we ate my eggs,
sausages, bacon, ham and more eggs."Best scrambled eggs I ever had" Chuck said. They had taunted me for
making a breakfast so plain. So I began adding things to the scrambled
eggs I found. I was tempted to add some of my own personal sauce to the
mixture but I wanted to "save it for later" as Enid had said the day
before.Enid and Chuck washed dishes as we nasty pre teen had done the day before ignoring the
dishwasher. I did some vacuuming and dusting around the house. It was
only week one but I figured I needed to start early so it wouldn't be
difficult later.I loved my house and my parents. We didn't have the problems I saw
depicted on TV or heard at school. Sure there were arguments, screaming
matches, belt across my butt in earlier years and they had fights too.But we had a nice place, a pool, Dad seemed to work allot but so did
everyone's Dad. Mom owned a gift shop and in recent years expanded to the
internet so she was around more now.I knew I was lucky. We had hosted an International Student in my junior
year. Aman was from a country that has changed its name since then a
couple of times. I learned about his Islamic religion which was confusing
at first. But it became more confusing when terrorists began to appear
internationally. They didn't seem to believe in what he told me pre teen twink models
about.He was smart, smarter then me. pre teens fucked movies
And his cock was huge. It was
uncircumcised the first one like it I had seen up close. "In our religion
we can't do what you do" he said but he did. And he taught me many things
about giving oral pleasure to someone whose cock was pre teen nude artistic like his.What he also taught me about was the kind of sex men had with boys in his
country. "It is dangerous for a boy like you to visit alone" he said. I
asked why as he lay on top of my back for the second or third time, I
lost count."Blonde boys are seen as infidels. And it's ok to treat them like women"
he said.It was ok with me too. He fucked me different each time. It was as if
there was a world of sensations he knew about and tried. Even the first
time, though there was pain at first, something deep inside came alive as
he rubbed his expanded penis in and out of me. The sensation afterwards
wouldn't go away. I felt it for days so when pre teen nudity pics he asked if I wanted to do
it again, I was naked and on my bed in seconds.It was my secret. I never told anyone not even Enid or Chuck. I realized
then I was different then most guys in school. I was the word we used to
yell out and degrade guys or make fun. We even called our friends that in
fun, cause we were friends and could do that. But I wasn't sure Enid or
Chuck wanted to know the truth. They would worry that they were too and
I'd loose their friendship. And sure, that pre teen model webrings
included our familiarity with
each other's sexual needs but it was more then that I'd loose.When Aman left, I cried. I had pre teens xxx photos
made a friend pre teen modeling pic and lost him. I had found
myself and lost a lover at the same time. pre teens nude blogs We wrote, we continue to
correspond thanks to the internet. But when a written letter arrives, I
know he's put on paper what he dares not put on the Internet. I usually
jack off after inserting the dildo I stole from my sister when she
visited."Ok we're done, what are you up to?" Enid appeared. Then he grabbed a
bottle and rag and went upstairs "going to clean the bathroom" he said
then yelled "Chuck get the towels and do some laundry"Chuck didn't respond but the next time I saw him he was carrying arms
full of towels and some other laundry. "Got anything to wash?" he asked
me.We'd been mostly naked for almost three days now so there was no laundry.
"I guess we should do the sheets, I'll get em" I said.I retrieved my sheets and the ones from the russian pre teen movies twin beds in the guest room
where Enid and Chuck had been sleeping. I started to get them from my
parents king size bed too but stopped. I knew my mom had put clean sheets
on it before she left. I laughed. She was the kind of person who would
clean the house before the maid came.So there we were washing and cleaning. By the time our various chores
were completed it was evening. We had pre teen ass
started late that day anyway."Steaks, protein is good for tonight" Chuck announced. I didn't object.
Enid helped get some of the salad ingredients together.We moved about the covered patio getting the grill cooking, setting the
patio table and looking forward to an easy going low key dinner, just the
three of us, drinking, eating, reminiscing and whatever we decided to do."Better put on an apron" I advised Chuck who had become our resident
chef."Why because of the neighbors?" Chuck asked. We were pre teens nude china naked we hadn't'
even thought about it, we just were."Naw I don't want you to burn that cute little Tomas" I said.Chuck came over and waved Tomas in my face "You can call it cute but not
little, you've never complained before"I kissed Tomas who was rising to the attention."no no none of that got to save it for later" Chuck said.I had heard that phrase from Enid the day before and a couple more times.
I realized they were planning something. I didn't know what.The steaks were cooked to perfection. The gilled onions and mushrooms
surprised me. I didn't' even know we had them. The beer was imported.
Dad loved imported beers. The salad itself was something special."Christ I'm one lucky guy" I said out loud "not only do I pre teenager rusas have the two
best friends in the world"Enid and Chuck toasted the statement but I continued"But I have two great chefs as well" I toasted"And two cocks to suck" Enid added"And more" Chuck said smiling then laughing. Enid joined him and although
I was confused by their private joke laughed too and lifted the bottle in
a second toast."We ignored the comradity of washing dishes by hand and instead prepared
the ignored pre teen art sex dishwasher to do its thing.We sat on the couch digesting and watching some tabloid news show making
remarked about drugged actresses and drunken singers. And one by one we
moved to the bathroom to do what nature demanded. I was the last one."OK tonight we're going to do something special" Enid announced to me.
Chuck nodded. "From now on you cannot speak one word, just do what we
say" he added.My cock began to grow, the last time Enid took charge of a group thing we
found vastly different positions to suck and jack each other over and
over. There was another time when he decided we would have a milking
contest jacking each other until it hurt to see which one could have the
most orgasms. I won but man it hurt the fifth time."That's right and remember we're your friends, so you can relax, you're
putting in our hands" Chuck added as he stood.Enid left the room and went upstairs.Chuck took me down to the basement and there used clippers to trip my
body hair. He clipped the hair on my head too. I always vietnamese pre teen pics wore it short
anyway, so this was just a haircut."I never knew..." I started to say but pre teen free porno he shushed me."Yea I cook, I cut hair, I can do lots of things pre teens girls
you don't' know about"
Chuck said and he patted my asscheeks.He held my balls as he shaved them smooth. He bent me over a sawhorse and
fingered my butthole and shaved there too.I was led upstairs where I was put in a hot tub of water. Enid and Chuck
silently soaped me head to toe, played with my balls, cock and butthole
rinsed me off.I was enjoying their treatment. Like Roman house slaves they took care of
their owner I thought. We drank a little but not much.I knelt as the nozzle slid into me. I listened to their instructions as
water poured from the rubber bottle through the hose and warmed my
intestines. I knew pre teen sucking cock
by then pre teen girls toplist what was going on and I followed their
instructions.It didn't matter I was on the toilet letting the disgusting remnants of
dinner and other ingested material pour out of me while pre teen defloration pics
they watched. Horny pre teen girl It
would normally be thought of as embarrassing but I didn't feel
embarrassed at all. I was their property that evening."You ok?" Enid asked me after the second enema ended.I didn't' speak, I best pre teen porn wasn't supposed to. I nodded as I wiped myself. Chuck
turned me over and washed my ass ending it with a simple "OK"I moved as they led me down the stairs. We moved to the patio and toked a
joint, not speaking just staring at the pre teenage nudist pictures
stars and the silhouettes of the
furniture, no longer used swing set, the edge of the pool.I got up to pull the cover back on it for the night, but Chuck pushed me
back to the chair.So I sat there slightly stoned watching the silhouettes of my two naked
friends working around the pool. I didn't care if neighbors saw them too.
They finished covering the pool. It was early in week one and they had
taken such great care of the house, the cleaning, and the cooking the
dishes the pool, more then I expected during their living with me. And
they were taking care of me. I trusted them more then my own parents and
perhaps loved them more too."Show time" Chuck said quietly as he pulled my arm. I stood unsteady at
first. "Is he ok?" Enid asked."Oh yea he's perfect" Chuck said as pre teen black girls he touched my hard cock and made it
get harder.The big screen lit up and the video began. A big breasted girl and a
clean cut defined guy were kissing and moving towards the sucking and
fucking scenes quickly.We drank and watched each nudes pre teens of them fumbling with hour own erections.
Another guy joined the two on the screen and the hetro sexual scene
became bisexual with both the male and female sucking cocks, fingering
vaginas and buttholes. One male was fucking the female while the other
males were licking his butthole then fucking it.They changed positions until it seemed like every sexual combinational
and act thought possible had pre teen private pedo happened. I was totally turned on. I wanted
Aman to be inside me and Chuck or Enid's cock to be in my mouth or one
of them sucking me all at the same time.The music continued as the credits rolled but we weren't watching. The
three of us were on the floor kissing, sucking, fingering and touching.
It was nubile pre teenporn like the first time we had gone beyond just jacking and sucking.That was during a camping trip we took by ourselves. We got stoned and
started to jack and then our hands roamed as they had before, our lips
moved as they had before but our hands and lips moved all over each other
that night under the stars. I think that was the first time we had made
the transition from horny teens getting off to three friends loving each
other.That night was like that, I knew what was nude pre teen incest going to happen, I wanted it
more and more we kissed, fondled and sucked.I naked little pre teen moved to the pile of cushions Chuck had placed on the floor. I felt the
cool lubricant one of them put in my butthole."Guess which one of us is first" Chuck said. I didn't respond. I was
thinking of Aman not Chuck or Enid. But the cock that stretched my long
ignored butthole open wasn't Aman's.I wasn't sure whose it was but I enjoyed it. I concentrated on the
sensations I was having on the feelings I was pre teen sex image getting and on the grip pre teens in lingerie
butt muscles had on whoever's cock was inside me. Was it Tomas inside me?
Was it Enid who had refused to name his cock despite urging by Chuck when
we were jacking off pre teens galeries
years ago?Then it left me and another cock took its place. I wanted to watch my two
friends fuck me like this. I could only imagine the images but each pre teen non nudes
I kept seeing Aman in the mirror that was in my bedroom. I indian pedo pre teen used to watch
him fuck me again and again getting more turned on by the sight of what
was happening then just the feelings involved."We're gonna cum but this is just the first time" The voice said. I
wasn't sure which one it was but I nodded and felt my own cock head leak
as each one increased their fucking action. I knew their sperm was pre teen erotic models
me. If I was a girl I'd be pregnant from the mixture of their sperm and I
wondered what the child would look like.I felt the second cock inside me next and there were no words I knew what
it was doing as the owner banged against me so hard I almost fell over
the cushions."Shit" Chuck's voice identified himself as he pulled Tomas out of me."So how were we?" he asked."Nice" I saidI sat up making sure the cum that would probably leak out of my expanded
butthole ended up on one of the towels that they had thoughtfully laid on
the floor."God that was nice" I added.Above me on the couch Chuck sat his bare legs on ether side of me. I felt
his hands on my head ad Enid sitting next to me was petting my sweaty
chest."Want more?" he asked."Hell yes I've wanted this for years" I said admitting more then I had
planned to.The night continued. I was on my back looking up at Chucks bulging pecs
as he fucked me while Enid played with my nipples.I sucked Tomas while Enid fucked me.I was moved to I braced against the couch my leg lifted by Chuck so Tomas
could get deeper inside me and sucking Enid's cock.The thought that they both seemed to know what they were doing far more
then I thought they would, flashed across my brain.I didn't want the night to end. polish pre teen
I wasn't sure how many times their cum
loads were shot into my throat or ass that night. I know that by the time
we went up the stairs both my jaws and ass were sore.As we three stood side nasty pre teens by side in front of the toilet, I knew the rest of
the two weeks would be full juoppojarmo naked pre teen
of more new experiences and experiments that
we each were willing if not wanting to occur.We started to go to our separate bedrooms and I stopped them leading them
instead to my parent's bedroom.We used that king size bed for one more flurry of sex though not the best
or most satisfying we needed to orgasm before we lay in a pile indulging
in the sleep we needed badly.Morning wood was in evidence the next day and I sat on each of the other
two riding them till their owners grimaced during their orgasm.Enid pushed me hentai pre teen pussy off him and climbed on top of me surprising me as he
maneuvered his own ass till my erection was warmed by his ass. He moved
jacking my cock while Chuck bent over me and kissed me.It was a illegal pre teen russian kiss unlike the one I gave him before. Our underage pre teen pussy
open mouths shared
tongue and tastes of all the cocks that we had russian pre teen lingerie each sucked that evening.As I let my body become theirs yet again, my voiced the answers to my
question that I had realized earlier.This would be the final two weeks we'd have together. Our lives would
change. College ahead would introduce new friends and new lovers. It
didn't matter if we were gay or not, we had had these years together, we
three were very lucky indeed.And there would be statues erected for years to come each morning, it
would be our morning wood, a reminder of who were together.=========EpilogueChuck became a chef on a cruise ship. Enid a computer whiz at some office
near Seattle and I worked in Los Angeles.I had a lover, Chuck did too, and Enid got married to a female when we
got together for one last weekend in my house. My parents had passed on
and I had to sell.We laughed, barbecued, went swimming bareass in broad daylight and that
evening fucked and sucked like we were bbs photo pre teen
still 18.I hope that in pre teen tittie
years go come we get together again and again, despite
lovers, family, age and life events.And each morning as I look at my hard cock, my morning wood I think of
them, of Aman and the man who life had brought into mine sleeping beside
me with his own morning wood.
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