Grupo Extremeño de Enseñanza de Idiomas Asistido por Ordenador

LIME - Project Overview

LiMe, a Key Activity 2 Languages Multilateral Project based on the development of an interactive virtual learning platform for Language Learning (English, Polish, Italian, Spanish and German - the official languages of the project partners-), tackles teaching and learning of languages and cultures through media exploitation for migrant learners. Supported by the Lifelong Learning European Programme, and conducted by VHS Cham (Germany), the project partnership’s aim is to help migrants develop language and cultural competences (from A2 to B2) into the host community by providing them and language trainers with interactive tools to decode language and culture as portrayed in various types of media.




  • To analyse the existing plan of provision of language teaching for migrant learners.

  • To identify socio-cultural elements that influence the language of media.

  • To identify patterns of using media in language teaching in order to create a training package for teachers.

  • To identify good practices via developing a virtual learning platform that will contain an array of exercises/tools from media (press, advertisement, radio, television, internet etc) as a central point of reference for both learners and educators.

  • To test developed tools and training packages with respective target groups in order to achieve high quality final products.

  • To disseminate and mainstream the main results and products regarding language teaching among various target groups: learners, teachers, educational institutions, stakeholders, other organisations responsible for integration and language acquisition.



The project activities are divided into seven work packages, having each package its own working plan, deliverables and quality control assurance activities. The major milestones of the project which are foreseen are:

  • Contextualization and good practice research focusing on the social cultural aspects of each country.

  • Development of the virtual learning platform for both learners and educators. The authentic resources will provide opportunities for learners to gain insights into the target culture and participate in the community and will enable teachers to exploit current and emerging media to provide authentic language examples that typically reflect socio-cultural attitudes, practices and customs, all essential to the successful integration of migrants.

  • Mainstreaming of the results within the educational community and European level.



A virtual platform that will focus on the use of various media and their relevance to language learning (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV movies, internet, books, social media etc.) and a training package in all partner languages that will provide support for language teachers and trainers in teaching languages with use of media.