General Objectives

The intention of the training courses and Masters by research and coursework is to cover the theoretical and practical training of future professionals, from different disciplines, in the use of technologies for the design, development and application of ICT in education (formal, non formal learning throughout life), business and public institutions.

Training through virtual learning environments, semi-or distance-mobile technology, virtual environments, digital TV platforms, authoring tools, etc. reflects the current demand for professional, educational, business and development technology transfer. Our training includes, among others, the design of multimedia environments, the development of applications for language learning, teaching content for all levels of education, the analysis of theories of multimodal communication and training regarding data protection, privacy, security of network transactions and legislative aspects that govern the use of technology in society, education and business.

The objectives are designed to link our courses with the main lines of technological development in terms of (a) the incorporation of technologies in the different educational stages that make up the learning process, (2) building and software tools for education and professional development, (3) lifelong learning and training and (4) technological development and transfer of technologies to the business sector. The incorporation of technology is a process that is developing alternative and / or complementary ways of learning and career development, this new initiative from the University of Extremadura is part of that process.

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