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Innovative solutions for tutoring blended Moodle for language teaching

TítuloInnovative solutions for tutoring blended Moodle for language teaching
Tipo de PublicaciónConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2010
AutoresVaca, J. M., S. Dominguez-Noriega, J. E. Agudo, and G. D. Puerto
editarWati, Z., I. Jung, and J. Luca
Conference NameGlobal Learn ASIA PACIFIC 2010
Año de publicación05/2010
Conference LocationPenang, Malaysia
Número ISBN1-880094-79-7

These days, on-line language learning has become extraordinarily popular within the field of Education. Based on this recognition, in this article we present the Moodle platform as a virtual tutor capable of managing the organization, collaborative teaching, support and the evaluation of on-line language courses. Consequently, by offering a categorization of tools already created by Moodle users and a number of other modules currently underdeveloped by our group, we aim to ease the on-line teaching of languages addressed to distance education and b-learning programs.