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An educational interface based on interactive slideshows

TítuloAn educational interface based on interactive slideshows
Tipo de PublicaciónConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2010
AutoresDominguez-Noriega, S., J. M. Vaca, P. Ferreira, and M. Rico
Conference NameIADIS e-learning 2010
Año de publicación07/2010
Conference LocationFreiburg, Germany
Número ISBN978-972-8939-17-5
Palabras clavee-learning, interactive, slideshow, web application

Nowadays e-learning developments use web portals as the primary source to manage knowledge support. However the creation of independent applications to enhance student skills is still necessary in current research, serving both as isolated tools and as constituting global platform modules.
We believe that slideshows are a useful means when exposing educational information, but we also think it lacks a certain level of interaction to make it also able to design more interesting tasks.
Therefore we have analyzed the multimedia, interface and communication requirements of slideshows and we have proposed the study, design and implementation of a web application in education. This combines the appropriate conditions for hosting interactive educational navigable content slides, and it is applicable to such areas as language learning, online tutorials or games based learning.