Grupo Extremeño de Enseñanza de Idiomas Asistido por Ordenador

Language learning resources and developments in the Second Life metaverse

TítuloLanguage learning resources and developments in the Second Life metaverse
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Año de Publicación2011
AutoresDominguez-Noriega, S., J. E. Agudo, P. Ferreira, and M. Rico
RevistaInternational Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning
Start Page496
Páginas496 – 509
Palabras claveautomated avatars, bots, course design, English language, game-based tests, higher education, Innovation, innovative ideas, internet, language acquisition, language courses, language training, learner capacity, learning resources, metaverse, Moodle, online communities, online environments, pedagogical aspects, pedagogy, personalised settings, professions, role-play, scenario creation, second languages, Second Life, software applications, Spain, Spanish language, tandem learning, technology enhanced learning, three dimensional, three dimensions, universities, University of Extremadura, virtual communities, virtual platforms, Virtual Worlds, web based communities, web robots, world wide web, {3D}, {WWW} robots

Under the auspices of the {3D} virtual platform Second Life, our proposal, centred on the learner capacity to act within online environments, consists of applying innovative ideas for second language acquisition and examines the potential of various pedagogical aspects in the design of tandem {English/Spanish} language courses for specific professional sectors. To reach this goal, we have created new scenarios and developed applications (e.g., role-play activities in personalised settings, automated avatars/bots, game-based tests adapted to the virtual world, the integration of the Moodle platform in a virtual area, etc.), aimed at exploring these possibilities for language training.