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Competence-based portfolio for Primary Education

TítuloCompetence-based portfolio for Primary Education
Tipo de PublicaciónConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2011
AutoresGenerelo-Pérez, M. G., J. E. Agudo, and M. Rico
Conference NameePortfolio & Identity Conference
Conference LocationLondon, UK
Palabras claveadaptive portfolio, competence-based learning, primary education, rubrics

This paper describes the use of an electronic portfolio for the evaluation of basic competences in Primary Education through personalized goals and assessment which measures the students’ level of acquisition in the aforementioned skills. Likewise, the acquisition of such competences will be more effectively fulfilled through the adaptation of content to the user’s profile and the integration of personalized goals. In the light of the above mentioned premises, we state that portfolios are educational tools that facilitate a reflective assessment of the learning process and increase students awareness of their progress so they become more deeply involved and take decisions in the pursuit of more effective learning.