Grupo Extremeño de Enseñanza de Idiomas Asistido por Ordenador

Who are we?

GexCALL is based on the unification of differing scientific areas, forming an interdisciplinary core for study and research, which include linguists, computer science experts, design professionals, mathematicians and statistic experts, all working under the auspices of the information technologies dedicated to the teaching of modern languages through computer support and the design of hypermedia language learning systems.


You are now on the GEXCALL webpage, a research group specialized in language learning and new technologies. We belong to the "University of Extremadura" and also financed by "Junta de Extremadura".

From this web portal you have access to information relating the members of the group and the work they develop. If you have any questions or proposals please contact us.

Download our catalog here.

Watch our presentation here.


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