Services to institutions and companies

GexCALL offers the following services to institutions and companies:

Development of software for learning, accreditation and homologation of levels in modern languages (A1, A2, B1, B2)

  • Creation of language learning and assessment platforms for the IMT brand, Interactive Multimedia Training (Interactive Classrooms).
Aulas interactivas


  • Creation of multimedia material and educational contents, especially for the teaching of languages.


  • Design of Virtual Worlds (Second Life) for university teaching.
Second Life GexCALL


  • iSPY: Language teaching platform for mobile devices aimed at Secondary Education and Vocational Training.


  • Creation of audiovisual content and animation. We are experts in graphic design, 2D and 3D animation and in digital productions. We work on content for Educational TV, WebTV, Web and mobile.
Contenido Audiovisual y Animación


Advice and solutions to companies

  • We provide services for the implementation of any e-learning solution.
e learning


  • Integral solutions in design: logo design, corporative image of companies, brands ...
Diseños GexCALL
Logos of the Oficina de Medio Ambiente (UEX) and the Centro Universitario de Mérida. Designed and won in competition by Eva Mª Domínguez
  • Automatic translation services.


Training. GexCALL Training

  • Online courses of approved languages with European levels (A1, A2, B1, B2) for academic and professional purposes.
Cursos online


  • Training in Technologies. We offer ICT training (Java, HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript, Android, Arduino / mbed, etc.), the use of different tools related to teaching (Moodle, Flash, JClic, Atenex, Learning objects, etc.).


Recording service of audio locutions

  • We have a professional sound recording room perfectly conditioned and soundproofed.
Sala de grabación