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GexCALL is based on the unification of differing scientific areas, forming an interdisciplinary core for study and research, which include linguists, computer science experts, design professionals, mathematicians and statistic experts, all working under the auspices of the information technologies dedicated to the teaching of modern languages through computer support and the design of hypermedia language learning systems.



Fotografía Mercedes Rico

Mercedes Rico

Linguistic area coordinator

Dr. Mercedes Rico is a Professor at the Department of English Philology at the University of Extremadura (Spain), institution where she teaches English for Computer Science & Telecommunications, Communication Skills in Engineering, English for Projects Managers and Multimodal Discourse for more than 25 years (undergraduate /postgraduate levels). She has been the Director of the Research Group GexCALL (http://gexcall.unex.es/en) since 2003, a group based on the unification of various scientific disciplines working together on the integration of technologies into the teaching of modern languages through the design of adaptive hypermedia systems, e-learning platforms, virtual environments, MALL and gamification. Dr. Rico has supervised 10 Doctoral Theses and published over 50 indexed articles & chapters. She has also coordinated and participated in more than 15 research funded projects (Regional, National and European) and has authored or coauthored more than 60 presentations at national and international conferences.

Email: mricogar@unex.es

Fotografía Héctor Sánchez

Héctor Sánchez

ICT area coordinator

Dr. Héctor Sánchez joined the University School of Merida, University of Extremadura in 2002. He is currently an assistant professor of Computer and Telematic Systems Engineering Department at University of Extremadura. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of the Basque Country in 2002. His main research thrust is computer based education. His research interests include computer based educational games, adaptive hypermedia systems, elearning platforms, virtual environments and ubiquitous / multi-device educational systems.

Email: sasah@unex.es

Fotografía Gemma Delicado

Gemma Delicado

Gemma Delicado holds a PHD from the University of Chicago (2006, EE.UU). She also obtained an M.A. at Western Michigan University (2001, EE.UU). She attended Kalamazoo College (1998-99, EE.UU) and was a visiting researcher at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2004, Barcelona). Currently she is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Extremadura where she also teaches Spanish as a foreign language. She was awarded the Teaching Excellence in the Humanities in 2018. She was Associate Dean for International Affairs and Mobility (2012 to 2016). She is currently the Resident Director of the Purdue Northwest (EE.UU) study abroad program in Spain and the ICRP (The Integrative Cultural Project Coordinator) for the Kalamazoo College (EE.UU) study abroad program in Caceres, Spain. She is now the Director of Mobility and international strategy of the University of Extremadura (2019-present). In her faculty, she also coordinates several innovation projects on CLIL. She has attended a great number of conferences and published two books, several chapters and numerous articles. She has been involved in 3 European k2 projects (NELLIP, LIME and IDEAL) and also a Marie Curie Action (IRNet) based on IT and education.

Email: gdelpue@unex.es


J. Enrique Agudo

J. Enrique Agudo is a Computer Science engineering specialist in intelligent systems applied to educational contexts. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Extremadura. At present, he works as computer science teacher in Suarez de Figueroa High School in Zafra (Badajoz) . His most recent research involves work on educational ICT applications, adaptive hypermedia systems, reinforcement learning, e-learning, technology enhanced learning, computer assisted language learning, Internet of things and educational robotics.

Email: jeagudo@educarex.es

Fotografía Ignacio Portero

Ignacio Fernández-Portero

Ignacio Fernández-Portero is a scholar from Spain. He holds a Ph.D. in English Language Teaching from the University of Extremadura (2017) and two Masters´ degree from the same University: one in Teacher Training for Secondary Education (2011) and another one in Research in the Humanities (2011). His areas of expertise are bilingual education, special educational needs and curriculum design. He has been a member of GexCALL since February 2015 to the present and member and Secretary of AELFE since June 2017 to the present.

Email: ignaciofp@unex.es

Fotografía Remedios Hernández

Remedios Hernández-Linares

Remedios Hernández-Linares is an associate professor in the Department of Financial Economy and Accounting at the University of Extremadura (Spain). She received her PhD from the University of Cantabria (Spain). Her primary research interests include family businesses, business strategy, entrepreneurship, and higher education learning. Her work has appeared in Scientometrics, Family Business Review, Journal of Family Business Strategy, European Journal of Family Business, Croatian Journal of Education, Computer Applications in Engineering Education, and in books as The Routledge Companion to Family Business, Handbook of Research on Digital Marketing Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics, or Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Internationalization.

Email: remedioshl@unex.es

Fotografía Noelia Plaza

Noelia Plaza

Noelia Plaza graduated in English Philology from University of Extremadura. She works as a teacher and consultant in Valencian International University and as an Associate Teacher in Rey Juan Carlos University, where she teaches Didactics and English for Specific Purposes. She also teaches general and business English in the private sector and carries out research on innovation in teacher training and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology.


Fotografía Claudia Sanchez-Duran

Claudia Sánchez-Durán

Claudia Sánchez-Durán graduated in Primary Education and Master in Research in Social and Legal Sciences in Education from the University of Extremadura. He is currently completing his Doctorate in the Innovation Program in Teacher Training. Advice Analysis of Educational practice and ICT in Education. He works as a scientific and research staff in the Department of Engineering of Computer Systems and Telematics of the University School of Merida. His thesis is focused on the analysis of design and audiovisual resources in the educational content of Smart TV and its possibilities for teaching languages within the GexCALL Research Group.

Email: claudiasd@unex.es

Fotografía Bernardo Santano-Moreno

Bernardo Santano Moreno

Dr. Bernardo Santano Moreno is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Extremadura. He has published books and articles about different aspects of the literature and the culture of Medieval England. He has translated into Spanish several fundamental works about the Plantagenets such as Martin Aurell’s L’Empire des Plantagenêt. 1154 - 1224 (in Spanish El imperio Plantagenet. 1154-1224, Madrid: Sílex, 2012); or John Gillingham’s Richard I (in Spanish Ricardo Corazón de León, Madrid: Sílex, 2012). He has also translated into Spanish works such as Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Barcelona: Acantilado, 2013) in poetic form, William Blake’s Prophetic Books (Girona: Atalanta, 2013-2014) or the epic poem Beowulf (Madrid: Cátedra, 2019). His main fields of research are the theory and practice of translation and the language, the literature and the culture of Medieval England.

Email: santano@unex.es

Fotografía Paula Ferreira

Paula Ferreira da Silva

Paula Ferreira da Silva teaches Portuguese and English since 1997, in several levels and education degrees: high school, vocational training, university and adult teaching. She has a PhD in language teaching through online and multimedia courses, to achieve European recognition and certification. She is a member of GExCALL group and her interests range between, CALL, virtual environments, languages for occupational purposes, elearning and mobile learning. Nowadays she is a teacher at Languages Official School (EOI), in Mérida (Spain).


Fotografía Eva Dominguez

Eva Mª Domínguez Gómez

Dr. Eva Mª Domínguez Gómez is a Senior Lecture working at the Department of Didactic Applied to Music, Art and Body Language at the University of Extremadura. She graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (1986) at the University of Salamanca, obtaining her Ph.D. in Art History (2005) at the University of Extremadura. Initials (1999) she taught classes of Aesthetic and Product Design for majors in Technical Engineering, currently is teaching Art Education to students majoring in Elementary and Preschool Education. Like a research member of Gexcall, she works in Graphic and Visual section. Most of her postdoctoral research covers the field of graphic design, especially the creation and design of interfaces in multimedia environments.

Email: evadomin@unex.es

Fotografía María José Naranjo Sánchez

María José Naranjo Sánchez

María José Naranjo Sánchez, graduated in English Studies, Masters in Secondary Education and University Research, is a substitute professor of English in the University Centre of Mérida, Spain. As a member of the research group "GexCall" she has been involved as researcher in European projects mostly in the field of education and language training. Her main research areas are languages for specific purposes and ICT applied to language learning. Her last work, Studies on Entrepreneurship, Structural Change and Industrial Dynamics, has appeared in the Springer Book Series and in the book titled Handbook of Research on Digital Marketing Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics.

Email: mjnaranjo@unex.es

Fotografía Emilio Hernández García

Emilio Hernández García

Senior lecturer in Statistic. Graduate in Mathematics (University of Extremadura). M.S. in Applied Statistic and Data Mining (UNED).

Email: ehnandez@unex.es

Fotografía Laura Fielden Burns

Laura Fielden Burns

Laura Fielden Burns holds a doctorate in English Studies from the University of Extremadura, where she also teaches in the English Philology Department. She hails from the United States, where she finished previous graduate work at UNC Chapel Hill. Extremadura reminds her of her verdant home state of Tennessee and she's delighted to live here. Laura's research interests include affective factors in language learning, including motivation and study persistence, as well as language learning in digital environments and English for Specific Purposes. She has been a member of GEXCALL since 2015, participating in several projects and publications.

Email: lvfielden@unex.es

Fotografía Alejandro Curado Fuentes

Alejandro Curado Fuentes

Alejandro Curado Fuentes is an Associate Professor of English language and linguistics, English for Specific Purposes, and Research methods at University of Extremadura. He has taught those subjects since 1995 at this institution, comprising Computer and Technical English, English for Business, Tourism English, and English for Academic Purposes. His doctoral research focused on a corpus-based study on terminology and lexical use across diffferent technological specializations (2000). Since then, his research interests tend to combine with teaching approaches to content and language courses. One example is the evaluation of students' academic performance by a data-driven analysis. Another type of research interest involves the use of technologies to investigate learning outcomes and processes. His current work attempts to analyze writing performance according to different assessment mechanisms and instruments.

Email: acurado@unex.es

Fotografía Jesús Salguero-Serrat

Jesús Salguero-Serrat

Jesús Salguero-Serrat, graduated in Telematics Engineering and Computer Engineering in Information Technology from the University of Extremadura, is a researcher in the Department of Computer and Telematic Systems Engineering of the University Center of Mérida, University of Extremadura. Currently, he is doing the Master's Degree in Management of Technological Innovation, specialty Internet of Things (IoT).

Email: jesusss@unex.es