Avanza - 4play Project

Broadband, fixed telephony, mobile telephony and television in areas without access to telecommunications by traditional operators

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This project is based on the approach of conventional fixed telephony, mobile, broadband and television service solutions, based on standard end user terminals of the market, through specific solutions to be developed integrated in satellite communications, based on the sharing of resources, which allow the optimization of services in a low cost environment.

It is developed in four phases, with their respective milestones:

  • Research and development of a satellite communication solution, multiplatform for both terrestrial and maritime services, defined for the integration of multiple services with demand for symmetric flows guaranteed in shared environments, where the scarcity of resources and high latency of satellite communications present large difficulties.
  • Research and development of IP telephony solutions with adaptive management of codecs to suit the instantaneous characteristics of bandwidth, variation, latency, jitter, packet loss and micro-breaks of the links characteristic of satellite links, through the development of distributed management solutions.
  • Guarantee the satellite interoperability of IP telephony services in mobile data networks, through iPhone and Android phones. The mobile IP access will be made from Wifi networks and from microcells with 3G coverage of mobile operators, through Fem2Cell technologies.
  • Research and development of a video-on-demand management platform, which allows the integration of television and video channels, through the satellite link, using the free capacity of other services for transmission, through the development of predictive algorithms for the behavior of users, and reagents depending on the available capacity.

The project proposes a multidisciplinary research in order to ensure that both the technical results and the intelligent solution are adapted to the needs of users, both small or isolated municipalities, and passenger ships, as well as end users who access the services through its standard market terminals, where technological developments have the challenge of optimizing all processes aimed at achieving low-cost solutions.


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