INTERACTIVE CLASSROOMS 2.0: An e-learning platform for teaching languages for occupational purposes

Recognition of professional competence over the last few decades has become a key issue for member governments of the European Union. As a result of this demand, the purpose of the project herein presented is two-fold. On the one hand, official recognition and certification of foreign language levels, for both general and specific purposes, as based on national and European guidelines, frames the content and development of the first of the main objectives we pursue. On a professional level, the users of this proposal consist of individuals with specific language learning needs, be those beginner levels established in the project, be those refresher levels of previously learned content, or simply those pertaining to lifelong learning.

On the other hand, the second cornerstone on which this project is based is that of utilizing information technology as the means of support through which the education for linguistic certification takes place. In this sense, technology becomes the second major focus of the project herein, specifically with the creation of courses in CD multimedia and the Moodle platform. Nonetheless, and although Moodle offers the adequate environment for language-learning programme development on the Web, the features of the courses and the levels covered in our proposal call for the compulsory design and integration of new tools that allow for acquiring communicative skills (oral and written expression), in addition to course management on behalf of the teachers and administrators. Directly linked to the two aforementioned core objectives are a series of six aims that we summarize as follows:

Elaboration of online /Multimedia foreign language courses for occupational purposes for official recognition and European certification based on the formative needs in languages in professional environs:

  • O.1.1 Creation and design of English courses (Levels B1 and B2) for language learning for the business sectors of commerce and tourism /accommodations.
  • O.1.2 Creation and design of Spanish language courses for integration of foreigners/immigrants into the world of work (Levels A1/A2).
  • O.1.3 Creation of an aptitude test for English Language certification for competence levels A1, A2, B1 and B2, and aptitude tests for language competence certification in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese (levels A1 and A2), in professional sectors.

Elaboration of an interactive platform and the development of tools for the teaching and certification of languages for specific professional sectors:

  • O.2.1. Creation of a management platform for e-learning centres for language learning through Moodle.
  • O.2.2. Creation of tools and learning objects for teaching languages online according to level designations and European guidelines.
  • O.2.3 Design of virtual spaces and social networking for collaborative learning (communication, community and cooperation).