MY-eCLASS: PORTFOLIO, Rubrics and Content Manager for the creation of adaptive tasks for the teaching and evaluation of competence- based learning

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The definition of the guidelines stipulated in the new Primary Education curriculum (Royal Decree 1513/2006), introduces the concept “Basic Competences “ with the purpose of answering the need, arisen and foreseen in other educational systems, for the establishment of new teaching procedures and improving the European educational system as a whole. The rise of this project is consequently motivated to create a platform which works and assesses the aforementioned Competences by means of integrating tasks adapted to different user models and profiles.

In this context, the creation of an electronic portfolio, a multimedia/web platform, in which an adaptive manager is built to integrate tasks evaluated through rubrics which measure the students proficiency to accomplish such competences is based on: (1) a change in the theoretical/practical processes of learning; (2) new learning needs based on the development of academic/professional competencies, and, (3) educational legislation which vies for an in-depth study of the complete learning process and the agents and participants involved.

In this sense, the elaboration of the Project rests on three fundamental pillars:

(1) The analysis of the specifics of the Primary Education curriculum and the development and evaluation of the competencies at this learning stage. We are thus faced with rubrics and an individualized evaluation which accounts for prior learning experience and requires the intervention of all the agents participating in the process: students, teachers, parents and educational institutions.

(2) Designed as a generic web tool for the entire Primary school level, the creation of an electronic portfolio, by way of example, will include a teaching unit from the educational competence in English language for the early cycle of this learning level.

(3) Likewise, learning technologies will dominate the development of the content manager (in order to incorporate and administrate digital content and learning with regards to the portfolio), and a manager adapted to the characteristics of the students, collaborative activities and different technological devices (PDAs, computer, whiteboard, etc.), educational resources applicable to the various cross-curricular areas in Primary Education.


In light of the aforementioned, the general objective of the Project is channelled through the following sub-objectives:


  • Analysis of Primary School curricula: identification of rubrics and competences


  • E-portfolio design for teaching, evaluation and content management in Primary School


  • The creation of an adaptive manager, allowing for the use of various technological devices and other collaborative tools for Primary Education.


  • Development of a content manger that allows for the incorporation of data from other applications through standard SCORM


  • Elaboration of a teaching unit on English language learning for the first cycle of Primary Education. A global evaluation of the system in the classroom.


For this project, we have created two tools: one for Moodle and another for Android Tablet.