THE OTHER ICT: The integration of mobile devices for language teaching in Primary Education

Discussion surrounding ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for Education tends to single out the computer as the only available device used for accessing information and communicating. However, there are currently a number of new options which enable mobility in addition to innovative forms of interaction (PDAs, TabletPC, OLPC, Nintendo DS, whiteboards, robots y mascots, etc.). Thus, we encounter technological resources that if incorporated into the teaching syllabus, can enrich the learning process by providing original opportunity for both teachers and students at all educational levels, as well as allowing for temporal and spatial communication and exchange without borders.

These new tools allow us to develop formative and cognitive skills and abilities in the use of technology through games and teaching-learning tasks, objectives established in many educational programmes. Given the aforementioned, the study we propose is framed within a specific educational context: the potential of mobile devices in language learning in Primary School, a stage in which both language and technological acquisition make up two fundamental building blocks.

Therefore the goals set forth in the present project may be summarized as follows:

  • (1) to research and analyze currently available mobile devices;
  • (2) to describe their educational possibilities and evaluate their implementation potential in the classroom;
  • (3) to create activity prototypes adequate for each of the devices selected;
  • (4) to establish a system of student evaluation for the respective devices selected;
  • (5) to analyze the results obtained through actual classroom research.

Keywords: ICTs, mobile devices, m-learning, games