SHAIEX: Adaptive Hypermedia System for the Teaching of Languages at Early Ages

Considering the suitability of learning foreign languages at early ages, both from a psycho-pedagogic perspective and from the point of view of the educational policy regarding the introduction of the English language in pre-school curricula, research on the suitability of the models and teaching approaches applied in order to obtain effective learning results at this educational level prove necessary, specially on the role played by the integration of the computer and educational technologies within the learning process.

Proyecto SHAIEX


The creation of SHAIEX, an Adaptive Hypermedia System for second language learning built in Linex, enables us to design and adapt multimedia language material so as to individualize the learning process to learners characteristics (pre-schools learners), to research on the role played by educational technologies in such a process and to present effective methodological proposals. In this sense, the observation and analysis of the online learning strategies by means of quantitative and computational models enable us to build a firm foundation regarding virtual learning models.