My-eClass: Portfolio, rubrics and content manager for the creation of teaching adaptation tasks and the evaluation of competency-based learning.




The new definition of the Curriculum set by the Organic Law of Education (LOE, 2006) incorporates, among other novelties, the concept of "Basic Competencies" with the objective of responding to the need, perceived years ago in other educational systems, to articulate the lessons from a survey of training improvements and greater efficiency and homogenization in the future of European education systems. The purpose of this project arises, therefore, with the general objective of creating a Web platform with which knowledge can be managed and trained in Basic Competencies through integrative tasks, evaluated and adapted to different profiles and user models.

In this sense, the creation of an eportfolio, a Web / multimedia platform in which an adaptive manager will be integrated for the generation of tasks evaluated through a system of rubrics, designed to measure the capacity of students in these Competitions, is based on the following points: (1) the theoretical / practical change of learning processes; (2) the new training needs based on the development of a series of competences and (3) an educational legislation that focuses on an in-depth study of the entire learning process and of the actors and participants in it.

In this sense, the formulation of the project is based on three fundamental pillars:

(1) The analysis of the concretions of the new Primary Education Curriculum and the development and evaluation of Basic Skills in this educational stage. We are faced with an individualized evaluation based on the specification of rubrics, evaluation measures that take into account previous learning, final training in competencies and the intervention of all actors in the educational process: students, teachers, parents and educational institutions.

(2) Designed as a generic Web tool for the entire elementary stage, the creation of the electronic portfolio will include, in addition to its potential for the management and evaluation of learning, a didactic unit belonging to the training of foreign language skills (English ) in the first cycle of this educational stage.

(3) Likewise, the introduction of technologies in learning will govern the development of a content manager (will allow teachers to incorporate and manage digital content) and an adaptive manager to student characteristics, collaborative activities and different devices technological (PDAs, computer, digital whiteboard, etc.), training resources that may be applicable to the different curricular and transversal areas of primary school.



In view of the above, the overall objective of the project would be channeled through the following sub-objectives:


  • Analysis of the Primary curriculum: identification of competences and rubrics.


  • Diseño de una plataforma Web/multimedia (eportfolio) para la enseñanza, evaluación y gestión de contenido y competencias en E. primaria


  • Design of a Web / multimedia platform (eportfolio) for the teaching, evaluation and management of content and skills in primary E.


  • Development of a content manager that allows incorporating data from other applications through the SCORM standard.


  • Creation of a didactic unit belonging to the teaching of skills in foreign languages in the first cycle of primary. Global evaluation of the system in the classroom.


For this project we have created two tools: one for Moodle and one for Android Tablet.